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Jenni Annanolli

Certified Teacher approved by Drunvalo Melchizedek

Jenni Annanolli



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When I first found the Awakening the Illuminated Heart workshop, this work of Drunvalo instantly felt close to me and familiar in a beautiful way; I was remembering something I already knew inside my heart and soul. I had the honor of participating in a teacher training with Drunvalo in Mexico and finished my training in 2013. 

I feel this is the most profound work and is always relevant for human ascension. This work has made me ready for so many things in life and given me the tools I needed for the next steps in my journey. It is my pleasure to share the work of Drunvalo Melchizedek with love and integrity. 

I give workshops in Finnish and in English. 

With love, Jenni

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Anna Backlund at Dec 21, 2015

Great workshop!

Dennis Wilen at Oct 05, 2015

The workshop was wonderful! Thank you Jenni! :)

Much Love, Dennis

Gunilla stedt at Aug 07, 2014

I am so happy I chose this workshop! It is a big step forward to understand the importance of being in the heart. Thank you!

Eetu Karioja at Feb 06, 2014

The most important teaching for me during this course was trust. Trusting myself and trusting the gentle sensations, feelings and connections I made with myself, mother earth and father sky. Facing myself and letting go of the mind was and is the biggest challenge before and after the class for me. I still try to control too much and I trust too little. However the energy during the course was amazing and it really helped me to understand and feel the things that I already knew, helped me to remember.

Afterwards I felt that I had touched something that I have to keep working with in order to understand it and myself better. It was a very positive experience.

Thank you!

Krista Aidak at Nov 19, 2013

Thank You for this great workshop!

Inga Priedite at Nov 17, 2013

thank you :)

Marja Hukkataival at Oct 02, 2013

I have already recommended this course to 10 friends, and and 4-5 of them are seriously interested. Jenni was very dedicated and created a relaxed and safe spiritual space for us.

Marjo Teivonen at Oct 02, 2013

Jenni is a good and inspiring teacher. She is so filled with light and love and she remarked everyone equally. I think Jenni really lives as she is teaching and that is important and ispires us too. Love and hugs for Jenni.