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Valerie Morozova Tarry

Certified Teacher approved by Drunvalo Melchizedek

Valerie Morozova Tarry


+34 665 408 656

http://www.valeriiyamorosova.com http://www.valeriiyamorosova.com


We invite you to a journey into the Depth of your own Heart so you may understand your True Essence and your Divine Nature.


??Enter the void to open the door of your heart,
discover an abundant world you have forgotten.?

We welcome you to an exploration journey of your own Heart. Discover the subtle energy of your inner world, heal and transform your trauma, rediscover your Inner Child, and set your heart free.


A 4-day Intensive workshop, designed to take you on a journey within, to bring you to a place of immense transformation.

We will explore parts of:
?Quantum field
?Sacred Ceremony
?Healing Circles
?Meditative techniques
?A Journey into a space, which is more ancient and primal to your being.

??Awaken Your Illuminated Heart" will teach you:
?How to enter into a trance
?How to access Your Heart
?Re-establish connection with your higher self
?How to anchor Unconditional love into your body
?How to Heal Trauma, fear and pain
?How to return your inner clarity, vitality and motivation
?How to create your reality from the Space of your Heart
?How to activate and program your Light body
?How to integrate what you have learned into your daily life
?To see your pure potential for the first time.�

Awaken Your Illuminated Heart is a Four day transformation catalyzing workshop full of insight and miracles.
Information presented here appeals both to the right and the left brain
hemispheres. Logic and Intuition merge into one being.

Here you will be guided, in a group, inside of your inner world.
Meditation and Visualization Techniques will be shared that are focused on reconnection with your heart, which is a portal to your soul.

The lightness in your step is regained, your faith is revived, your ego takes second stage and lets your soul shine through your eyes.

No one will leave empty hearted. We advise you to stay comfortable and prepare for a life changing experience.

Valeriiya Morosova

[email protected]
+34 665 408 656

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