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Awakening The Illuminated Heart Workshop

Manifesting A New Reality

Evelyn Viviana Guerra



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The workshop "Awakening the Illuminated Heart" takes us through various exercises and steps, which gives us the tools to change our brain consciousness, where most reside, and trascending it to the purity and unity of our hearts. Now we are ready and we are able to activate our ancient Merkaba light body in a new way from the heart, which is a permanent, natural, complete, and connects us directly to the infinite love and unity within. We work through the steps necessary to create our existence from the pure unity within our hearts instead of the complex and polarized way of our brain. Once these steps are taken our lives changed forever.

At the end of this workshop you had experienced the following:

• Healing Ceremony with Archangel Michael
• Meditations of The Blue School of Claudette Melchizedek
• The Sufi Blessing Dance
• The Unity Breath Meditation
• Activating the Light Beams
• Activating the third eye
• Entering the Sacred Space of the Heart and Tiny Space
• Activating the Merkaba (light body )
• Meditation creating from the heart

· Connecting with your Angels

· Connecting with your Higher Self

· Connecting with the child within

The lessons presented in the workshop include information on the history and teachings necessary to advance to the next dimension. Learning the difference between creating your life from the duality/ polarity of the brain versus the purity and unity of the heart. These teachings are simple and direct, the graphics used are clear and precise.

By participating in this workshop the meaning of life begins to develop in a way that probably had not even been dreamed of, much less experienced. The perception and understanding of the world is dramatically different.

The law of life and the creation of our center has been kept alive in many of our indigenous people and ancient cultures and only now is being remembered in all modern societies.

It is suggested that you read , "The Ancient Secret of The Flower Of Life, Volume I and II" and " Living in the heart" and "Serpent of Light" . These readings builds a base knowledge, so that it is easier to absorb the volume of information presented in the workshop. However,these readings are not mandatory.

If you feel drawn to this work, it would be an honor for me to have the opportunity to share with you this teachings.

With Love, From My Heart to Yours.

Evelyn Viviana
[email protected]