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Advanced Healing

Iryna Eysmont


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This Advanced Healing workshop was designed for those Awakening of the Illuminated Heart students who desire to swim more freely in the ocean of Creation, to make joy and excitement your State of Being in the process of Creating your dream-life.
During the workshop we will address your specific situations in relation to:

• Getting in alignment with purpose of this particular life through Remembering who you really are and what you are doing on Earth and in entire Creation.

• Identify, rename and integrate blockages, emotional trauma, beliefs that are not allowing you to move through your fears to the other side to your bliss Love life.

• Somatic release through parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems.

• Understand real value of yourself and what is really important for you in general and in this particular life.

• Figure out what it is that you Love doing and begin to invest your energy towards what you Love, to make your life work for you in connection with Great Spirit.

• Set up the structure of your life and get into the Flow of your purpose.

• Remember that change is the only constant and begin your journey as a Conscious Explorer to make the unknown known.

• Remember your way of natural, joyful expansion and choose it before forced evolution in harmony with Inner Trinity: Inner Child - knowing, Inner Women – feeling/being and Inner Man – action/doing.

• Use your creativity to stop arguing for your limitations and identify what is necessary for you to do to solidify your lifestyle that is your life purpose.

• Get out of your way by acting on received pieces of the map to the life you desire.

• Begin to live your self-defined life making your investments of time and money work for you.

• Reconnect with your inner knowingness/intuition/Higher Self and go through life events staying connected.

• Understand the difference between expectations and intuitive knowingness that is your Higher Self connection.

• Use your life purpose as a feedback for the choices that you make.

• Becoming lucid in the dream/life and being able to read all signs of life purpose around you.

• Change slave mentality into Joy and Creativity, making Happiness the State of Being of your life purpose.

• Get out of poverty consciousness mind-set and begin to value your goals and investments allowing return on investment to happen.

• Recognize obstacles and begin to co-Create with Great Spirit each moment of your life, each breath synchronized with your attitudes and values.

• You don’t want “to be an extra in the movie of your life”. Be the Star in your life.

We are going to use meditations and practices from the ATIH workshop to dive deeper into root causes of your blockages to find and transform the energetic charges that still hold you in limitations of duality.

These groups will have a small number of participants for you to receive a personal result that you are ready to achieve today.

You will receive tools and assistance to completely anchor the ATIH Teachings into your daily life, to be in harmony with Mother Earth and entire Universe, to keep the fire of happiness in your eyes and Hearts strong and bright.

You have already experienced my style when I invite you to feel what you know and assist you in making adjustments in real life and day-to-day situations. So you can integrate into the Now any unresolved memories not based on Love.

It has been, and continues to be, a lifetime of research and Remembering, which have become my life style. It is my big joy to see the fire of happiness in your eyes and your Hearts. This is a sign of the quality of our lives and the quality of our transition as individuals and as entire Humanity to higher consciousness.

This workshop will be presented by certified ATIH teacher Iryna Eysmont. It will be my joy and honor to share with you my gifts.

The completion of ATIH workshop is required to register for the Advanced Healing ATIH workshop.

Three-day Advanced Healing ATIH workshop Tuition: $444.

I’m planning to keep tuition affordable so that you are able to come to Sedona and experience the support of this magical land while you go through your personal Remembering of human experience of Reality.

A non-refundable deposit of $111 is required before the workshop scheduled date to put your intention to Remember for this event to take place. (The deposit can be used for another scheduled workshop in case you are unable to attend this one.)
You can send your check to
Iryna Eysmont
PO Box 54
Sedona, AZ
or use PayPal option if you have account with PayPal. My PayPal address is [email protected] Please choose option send money to Friends and Family to avoid additional fees.
There are tuition payment plan options which we can discuss through e-mail or phone call.
Please call or e-mail me if you have any questions about information or payment. I’m looking forward to assisting you.

Thank you for your desire to come and Remember together to keep your fire of excitement strong and bright knowing that Love is all there is..