Drunvalo Melchizedek presents The School of Remembering®

Awakening the Illuminated Heart, Utah

Salt Lake City, Utah

Dmitry Glukhov



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To attend any Workshop or Event, all participants must enroll with the School of Remembering first, watch this video for instructions.

During the four days of the workshop you will receive both information and have direct experience of which in the past would take 20-40 years of study, meditation, and practice.
You will remember and experience your connection to the Mother-Earth and Father-Sky through The Unity Breath Meditation; open your heart and enter the Sacred Space and the Tiny Space of the Heart; remember your connection to your Higher Self and be able to receive all answers directly from this connection.
You will also experience unconditional love sound healing; and the feminine aspect of this knowledge through the Sufi blessing dance meditation, dancing in the dark meditation and The Blue School of Claudette Melchizedek meditations.
You will then remember and see the difference between living from Love versus from fear, creating from the heart versus from the brain. Then through the specific steps you will activate the Beams of Light that together with opening of 3rd eye and connecting brain to the heart will activate the halo around your head and naturally activate your light body the Mer-Ka-Ba which will become permanent.
You will then know and clearly understand how to create anything you desire from the Tiny Space of the Heart. You will remember that key point to the ascension is your Illuminated Heart.

To register for the 4 days ATIH workshop please complete following steps:
Step 1: Register with the School of Remembering® Use the blue button in the right column on this page. (Note: There is a onetime School of Remembering® registration fee of $14.99 for a lifetime membership)
Step 2: Once registered and logged in you can then register for these workshops by going to Events/Certificates tab near the top of screen.
Choose the Global ATIH Teachers Workshops Calendar, and find my name (Dmitry Glukhov) in the search by teacher drop down menu. Once on my page you will click on the Workshop date that you’d like to attend and register for those dates.
Four days ATIH workshop Tuition: $444
A non-refundable deposit of $111 is required before the workshop scheduled date to put your intention to remember for this event to take place. (The deposit can be used for another scheduled workshop in the event you are unable to attend this one.)
You can send check to:
Dmitry Glukhov
2460 Main
Salt Lake City, UT 84115

There are tuition payment options which we can discuss through e-mail or call. Please call or e-mail me if you have any question about information or payment. I’m looking forward to assist you in any way I can.
Thank you for choosing to come and remember this profound knowledge. When we all awaken to our illuminated heart, we live once again in the state of unconditional love and know that Love is all there is.