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Awakening the Illuminated Heart

Awakening the Illuminated Heart

Irene Viglia Atton


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What the workshop includes

You will be part of a 4 day journey that will guide you through reconnecting to your true self and remembering who you truly are and why you are on this Planet at this point in time
The Course includes all studies by Drunvalo 
throughout his lifetime 

- Journey to the Sacred space of the heart

- Entering the tiny space and connecting with the source of all creation

- Opening the third eye

- Creating from the heart a new world

- Activating your Merkaba field from your sacred space

Day 1 will include theory so that your mind can understand what the workshop is all about and the theories and feelings around the heart energy
We will run through exercises to help start moving into an aware space of heart and love vs being in fear and brain as we normally are used to in life
Then you will be introduced to Imagery, an ancient practise from Israel that can help us access the heart space in the female way (through images and how we use them)

Day 2 is a specific day dedicated to healing. In this workshop it is very important to recognise and let go of old baggages and traumas that can keep us stuck in life and do not let us move forward. This specific day of healing is to ensure you let go of any heaviness that might be in the way for your to freely journey into your heart

Day 3. Now that you finally let go of 'the old that does not serve you any longer' through the healing, on day 3 expect to finally enter the sacred space, and the tiny space f your heart. In this processes you will be given time to connect to the energy and familiarise with what that space is all about. You will be guided through exercises in there to connect to your higher self and to beloved ones in your life to communicate and get guidance
Finally on day 3 will will activate the beams of light about the pineal chakra. A powerful activation to actually help boost and decalcify the pineal gland

Day 4 will bring you to connecting the heart to the brain and you will be taught how to create consciously from the heart, where you can now start dreaming a new dream
Finally you will be guided through the activation of the Merkaba field (light body) from the tiny space of your heart

Who can attend this workshop?

Everybody who feels called to evolve and connect to life from a different space (the heart space) is very welcome.
It does not matter what background you have, religion or upbringing
Whether you have experience or not in meditation or spirituality you are welcome to join.
The heart call is for everybody who is ready to evolve and start living a much brighter and fun life.

How to attend/register for a workshop with Irene?
There are few simple steps to take in order to join the ATIH workshop

1 – Please do get in touch with Irene for registration
2 - Pay the fee through deposit first and then rest of price closer to the time of the workshop

All information for preparation to the workshop will be sent to you a few weeks before attending

Venue information
Online via zoom app

9 am to 6pm, 
lunch 1 and half hour, two 30
minutes breaks

GBP 400

Recommended readings (but not compulsory) 

The ancient secret of the flower of life
volume 1 and 2
The Serpent of Light

Living in the Heart

For information and booking please contact

Irene Viglia Atton
[email protected]