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To attend any Workshop or Event, all participants must enroll with the School of Remembering first, watch this video for instructions.

Polish organizer: Agnieszka Jurko, phone: ‪+48 501 625 528‬, [email protected]
5-8 March 2020 in Warsaw

19th workshop in Poland!

Merkaba - activation and programming

Flower of Life and Sacred Geometry

Activation of the 3rd eye and the Pineal Gland

Reconnection the Heart with the Pineal Gland

Heart meditations

Meditations of The Blue School of Claudette Melchizedek

Connecting with your Higher Self, Wisdom and Power

Unity breath - Mother Earth and Father Sky

Opening heart by sufi dance

Different healing techniques

Breathing tube

And much more…

Workshop is conducted in English and translated into Polish.

Polish organizer: Agnes Jurko

phone: (0048) 501 625 528

mail: [email protected]