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Awakening The Illuminated Heart® workshop is presented by Michelle Pacheco, a senior teacher and mentor through the School of Remembering®

This workshop is the result of Drunvalo’s entire life understands of the nature of human consciousness. It is a return to the manner in which this information was taught in ancient times, for the first time in the modern world.

This is a workshop of awakening to the real YOU, of personal development, and spiritual understanding. An opportunity to change our life, understand how we can create a new reality, and remember the wisdom, the strength, and power of our spirit to concrete a new life. Remember how to bring to life your deepest desires of the heart, how to love and cherish every moment of your existence.

We are powerful beings who forgot who we are. This is the time to remember and stop allowing others to control the desires of your heart. Remember who you are, what you want and just BE that

I encourage you to take the time and join us. Rediscover the ability to create from your heart, using the power of visualization through meditation and heart imagery techniques.
This 4-day workshop will assist you in regaining control of your life and healing at all levels. Understand unconditional love, fear, faith, belief systems and how this all contributes to shaping who we are and more precisely who we can be.

Understand and activate your MerKaBa field (body of light) and activate your third eye, reconnect and understand the energy that you are and your connection with everything in existence.

During the 4 – DAY intensive workshop we cover the following topics

• Drunvalo Melchizedek’s The School of Remembering
• Understanding of how Creation Process Works
• Difference in Creating from the Brain and Creating from the Heart
• The Difference between creating from Love or in and Fear
• Exercises of The Blue School - Claudette Melchizedek
• Unity Breath Meditation and Heart Meditations
• The Blessing Dance Meditation
• Beams of Light Activation - connected to the pineal chakra
• Opening the Third Eye Meditation
• Programming the Mer-Ka-Ba and Creating an external Mer-Ka-Ba
• Activation of the New Mer-Ka-Ba Meditation
• Creation Process (from the Tiny Space of the Heart) Meditation

Understand how 20-30 minutes meditation a day can keep you balanced, without anxiety, centered, and how it can help you achieve everything you ever dreamed …

In these times of incredible changes, it is important that we all start understanding what is happening with us and all around us. Give yourself this gift.

In service to you, from My Heart to Yours,
Michelle Pacheco.

Michelle Pacheco
Email - michellepacheco8888@gmail.com

Interview with Drunvalo Melchizedek about the workshop.

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