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Awakening The Illuminated Heart

Camellia Val


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Sep 17th - Sep 20th, 2020
This workshop is the final confirmation, that you mastered your physical life on the third dimensional level and you are ready to experience the next 4th and so on level of existence.

We will discuss topics like, Flower of Life, MerKaBa, Archangels, connecting with Higher Self, dimensions, Duality – Oneness, Love – Fear, Forgiveness, Healing, Releasing emotional traumas, Crystals, Third Eye opening, Heart and Brain relation, Creating and living life from the Sacred Heart and much more…

Drunvalo designed this course for you to:
1. Awaken the memory within, who you really are.
2. To remember your part of how all things in creation came into existence.
3. Exactly to remember how to enter into higher consciousness and Ascension.

For day by day highlights please see https://www.heartascension.com/atih-workshop

Using simple exercises and meditations you will be guided how to:
- Connect with your Angel and Higher Self.
- Heal emotional trauma through unconditional love, rebirthing Ceremony.
- See Divine Light in everyone with Sufi Blessing Dance.
- Experience Mother Earth and Father Sky/Heaven love - feeling the vibration in your body.
- Activate your Beams of Light and recreating your halo.
- Open the Third Eye and Pineal Gland, activate psychic abilities.
- Dance in the Dark to assist in the practice of entering the Heart.
- Enter into the Sacred Space and the Tiny Space of the Heart and connect with the source of all Creation.

- Activate MerKaBa from the Heart, from the field of Unity and Love. This is very important step in the evolution of human consciousness - MerKabBa to become living Light field of love.
- Remember how to create and live your life from the Unity Consciousness of the Heart.

Your heart and soul will sing with the joy and bliss of finding your deep roots and purpose.It is time to came back to your origin, where you belong!

💜 It is my true honour to guide you how for first time to be in your Sacred and Tiny Heart!💜

Experience Universal Love, connecting all Life everywhere in Great Oneness!

DATE: 17th Sep, 2020 - 20th Sep, 20
TIMES: 4pm -11pm, with break for dinner.
VENUE: ON LINE, for Singapore and Asia

A deposit of $200 SGD is required to hold a place for you in this workshop.
For EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION BY 17 Aug. 20, please, email to request Registration Form.


Camellia Val camelliatatchev@hotmail.com What's Up +1 905 617-5123
Locally - Omsira Barry Tan, barry@alternativestoresg.com ph: 65 9635-6353

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Here is what students share after they complete the workshop.♥

EldoRa Rose at May 28, 2020
Camelia is pure LOVE. She radiated love throughout the event and made us feel so welcome. She held space for all of our questions and did not rush us at all. Camelia's access to higher teachings was very valuable during the Course, and I loved how she answered everyone's questions based on these higher teachings. I loved Camelia's loving voice during the meditations. I felt a heart expansion after the workshop and have felt more IN MY HEART since then. This has been consistent and has shifted me deeply. I will definitely be attending more workshops with Camelia and the School of Remembering.

Mary Elizabeth Ashton at Jan 20, 2020
WOW!!!! Camillia is an excellent teacher. This is the third time attending the atih workshop. The feminine energy is sooooo..... much stronger , smoother, and complete. You can feel the change since 2012. I wish to thank all the participants for the love, light and laughter thru my tears of happiness. My heart is singing!! I would highly recommend Camillia as a guiding light in this ascension process. You are all, forever, in my heart. In love and light, Mary E. Ashton

Gail Eastmond at Apr 26, 2019
My experience with Camellia and the group is unforgettable. Camellia aura is angelic and so healing I just had to ask her for a hug from the first day. I am forever changed by discovering my tiny space in the heart, a whole world of possibilities is at my fingertips. The space she created allowed me to surrender and feel loved enough to share with the others what was unfolding inside of me. Through her Drunvalo’ s teachings leapt off the page and were brought to life. Much blessings on her and her work with Drunvalo. Namaste Gail

Peter Bulliard at Feb 24, 2015
Camellia is an EXCELLENT instructor!! Words fall short. She was born to do this work! Passion, professional, and caring for all in her training...she makes sure that her students have a full understanding of Drunvalo's material. She is detailed oriented and transmits details to her students. She teaches directly from Drunvalo's agenda and delineates her experience from Drunvalo's. I would highly recommend taking a training with Camellia. This is the second training that I take as I will become an ATIH trainer myself so my focus was keen, to say the least, during the training! As I stated prior; Passion, Professionalism, Gentleness, Animated, and Caring are simply a few characteristics that Camellia exudes!!

Cam Johnston at Sep, 2014
"Camellia is a truly gifted teacher. We all know gifted spiritual people who try as they might do not completely live their teachings. Camilla is not one of these people. Camilla lives and breathes what she teaches. She lives in heart and teaches from it. This is evident in all that she does. Her ability to create and hold space is amazing ensuring comfort for all. Her personal insights and coaching through the workshop allowed all participants to fully optimize their experience."

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💜 💜 💜 Let's walk on our path of Light together, creating the New World, where everyone is loved and respected! 💜 💜 💜