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A follow up to the Awakening the Illuminated Heart workshop...
A recap on the Tiny Space + Creation Process meditations covered in the ATIH,

And an introduction / meditation for The 90 degree turn AKA...The 18th breath.

A Merkaba meditation ( breathing and meditating within the Merkaba - The merkaba as its taught to you on the ATIH)

An introduction to Cosmic Grace, Drunvalo's new Work.
Discussing the new work, how it progresses on after the ATIH work and the original goal of the 90 degree turn / 18th breath and the difference of the new goal of the cosmic grace where we connect to all life everywhere.

Information and discussions on the The Bio Magnetic field.
merging of the fields with others / Mother Earth / and connections with the Christ Consciousness grid.
The 3 spheres and the Extended merkaba.
Birkeland Currents
Vortex Maths / The Rodin Coil and how it relates to the New work.
An Introduction to the Ankh Meditation Technique.
A recap on everything covered in the ATIH, a chance to meet fellow students of the work and to practice the meditations and ask any questions that you may have?

A great opportunity to get together with fellow students, like minded friends and colleagues, expand your knowledge and compare experiences.