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Awakening the Illuminated Heart

Michael Margulis

Michael Margulis



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After 40 years of spiritual research, development and teaching sacred geometry, the Merkaba and Living in the Heart, Drunvalo Melchizedek has developed a new workshop; Awakening the Illuminated Heart (ATIH). It is the culmination of Drunvalo's life's work. This teaching is a beautiful and experiential process of healing, living in the heart, activating the 3rd Eye while connecting the Heart with the brain and culminating in the activation of the Heart-sourced Merkaba.

This teaching is not an attempt re-invent the wheel, it is designed to awaken dormant knowledge and functions that already lie deeply within our being, within our heart. The ATIH workshop is an experiential workshop designed to help shift our consciousness from polarity consciousness (the brain) and into Unity consciousness (the heart). This is done through exercises and meditations and guided imagery that promote our connection and Unity with Mother Earth and Father Sky. This engenders the vibration of Unity, that is needed in order to be able to access entry into the Sacred Space of the Heart (the I AM presence) and even further into the Tiny Space of the Heart - a deeper level within the Heart where we are One with Creation. There is profound sound healing work that heals emotional wounds through love and compassion. We then energetically reconnect the heart to brain and activate the Third Eye and the brain's Beams of Light so that the brain functions from a place of Unity instead of from duality. This is called the creation process from the Heart (as opposed to from the brain) and culminates in the activation our Heart-sourced Merkaba.

The Merkaba is the human Light body and consciousness vehicle that is intimately connected to sacred geometry and is a major key in our spiritual development and in our ascension.

The brain creates with thought and logic and expresses itself in duality and polarity.
The Heart creates with dreams and images and expresses itself in Unity.

The primary language of this ATIH workshop will be given in English, however translations, elaborations and explanations will be provided in French as needed.

Location: Barrie, Ontario

Dates: June 23 - 26 2022
-Thursday June 23: 4pm - 10pm
-Friday June 24: 10am - 7pm
-Saturday June 25: 10am - 7pm
-Monday June 26: 10am - 7pm

Exchange: $444

Registration and Information: https://wordpress.com/view/oneheartdotca.wordpress.com
Michael Margulis: compassion7@gmail.com

From my heart to your Heart,
Michael Margulis