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Awakening The Illuminated Heart Workshop Online Live Event

Daniel Mitel



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An amazing workshop live online with Daniel Mitel (http://danielmitel.com/daniel-mitel-bio/) and Agathi Chris (http://agathi.net).

The workshop is going to be broadcasted live from Vancouver Island TSOTH Studio ONLINE LIVE EVENTS location!

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Some of the wonderful teachings that you are going to experience each day:

Day 1 – Introductory Day: Drunvalo Melchizedek and Remembering The Sacred Knowledge
♥ Opening Angel Ceremony – protect yourself and the space
♥ Importance of Creation from the Heart, Relationship between Unity and Polarity, Love and Fear.
♥ The power of The Flower of Life; the power of The Sacred Space of the Heart; The most important place in the Universe: Your Tiny Space of Heart.
♥ Ascension process and opening the heart
♥ Experiencing the heart space with White Tantra Tibetan practice.
♥ Special Imagery exercises from Kabbalah traditions in order to balance the feminine and masculine energies within, and preparing for healing.

Day 2 – Healing Day
♥ Emotional traumas and Belief patterns and how to deal with them.
♥ The Tibetan (and Egyptian) 13 Chakra System; The Lower Heart Chakra, Upper Heart Chakra and how they are related to Unity and polarity. Lower Heart Chakra is the key to healing.
♥ Sound Healing
♥ Very powerful healing using the universal OM sound.

Day 3 – Experiencing The Sacred Space of The Heart and The Tiny Space of the Heart
♥ Golden Pyramid healing meditation.
♥ Dancing in the darkness as a beautiful preparation for entering the heart.
♥ Unity Breath Meditation: connection through love with Mother Earth and Father Sun. Still used by indigenous people all over the world to establish the vibration of the Holy Trinity, it is your sacred key to entering the heart.
♥ You are now ready to enter the Sacred Space of the Heart. Your intention will lead you to find the reason of your life here on Earth as written in the Akashic Records.
♥ Entering the Tiny Space of your Heart, the most Holy space in existence, will allow you to experience the field of unity of all life!
♥ The difference between creating from the brain vs from the hear
♥ Beams of Light activation and the power of it; why do you need the beams of light.

Day 4 – Creation Day and Activation of the Heart MerKaBa
On the last day we will connect and use everything we have practiced and remembered so far.
♥ Connecting the Tiny Space of The Heart with the brain (pnieal gland, pineal chakra, pituitary chakra and the external chakra – “the single eye of the heart”).
♥ Activation of The Heart Merkaba.
♥ Creation from the Heart: How to create from nothing using the Creation Process meditation.
♥ Closing Ceremony. “

Couple of testimonials from the previous ATIH online workshop:

Oksana from Ukraine: big thanks to all the Masters, Great Master Daniel, Beings of the Light who were present at the healing and helped, the whole group of healers and “babies”. There was a release from the emotional blocks and traumas that were in me for a very long time. In the morning, I felt love absolutely for everything. The cleaning of the emotional blocks gives us love, being in the heart, and then we can produce the love of who we really are.🙏😄


It was very powerful online! amazing! the effects are still powerful all the time ! ❤❤❤🤗🥰🙏 thank you all with love!


Yesterday I experienced the unconditional Love of the heart and this morning I woke up feeling more in the Presence than I have been in last few weeks. I was yearning for getting back to this feeling. THANK YOU!!!!


I didn't want to leave, have never felt so safe


beautiful intense release THANK YOU


Thank you seems inadequate for the invaluable spiritual teachings offered in this four day class. When I read Living in the Heart, even though I had been on my spiritual path many years, I felt it showed me a whole new world. If that book showed me the door, this class was the key I needed to open that door. I had tried to do the meditations in the book but could not attain the results described in it.

Daniel generously, patiently, and amazingly explained everything in the book as well as many things not contained anywhere in writing continuing the famous oral traditions of the mystery schools.

I feel so blessed to have taken such an amazing life changing class. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Dear Agathi & Daniel,

I would like to thank you both from my heart for the amazing Awakening The Illuminated Heart Workshop.
It was indeed a wonderful and enlightening experience.
So lucky to have you in my life.
Warmest wishes and love.


This workshop, along with the tools provided herein, are truly transformative, and I recommend this body of work to all passionate seekers who cross my path. In my humble opinion, it contains the most authentic spiritual teachings that are widely available to humanity today. I have glimpsed little parts of these teachings in my readings and explorations thus far, but this work, in its entirety, is truly influential in providing the student with an unprecedented level of pure loving empowerment. Thank you so much.

I cannot wait to meet you in person someday, Daniel. I Love you!


I am one of the lucky ones who enjoyed the magnificent workshop that you held from Thursday to Sunday of last week, I thank you infinitely for your teachings, I liked it a lot and although I have already done this workshop with Enrique Guardiola on three occasions, new learning always appears and information.

Thank you thank you thank you.


Hi Daniel, it has been a pleasure to learn from you these past 4 days. Thank you for your wisdom and love.

If there's a need for a sign language in the future for a deaf participant, feel free to reach out to me. I would love to offer my services pro bono.

Thank you, much appreciate 💚 Craig

The ATIH workshop was amazing! The meditation, heart imagery, healing, and wisdom shared were so powerful, helpful and overall beautiful. It has definitely opened me up and has allowed me to journey deeper on my path. Thank you so much for all that you do. I have great admiration and respect for you as a master teacher of all this wisdom and knowledge- it's rare to find teachers who teach purely from the heart. I look forward to learning from you more and doing more of the other workshops you provide.

Sending so much love, light, harmony and blessings.
-Divine Grace


Hello everyone,
Thank you very much for the wonderful workshop that you have organized.
Thank you for sharing your heart and knowledge.
I hope we see each other soon.
A big hug.



Dear Daniel,

Firstly, there is so much love in this heart for you and what you bring to the world and how you do it. It is truly a spectacle to watch your performance and what you offer and how connected you are to this eternal now. You have helped to shape my young mind and heart as well as what I am attracting by living in the heart. I was deep in cannabis trying to find an escape from school and all the drama and brain antics that goes on there, and I gave it up because that’s what I knew was right all along. To live out of love is the only way that feels right to bring these people to a new understanding and light, and there is such a big difference in how people react to your energy.

Your teachings and insights they have truly changed my course of action and perspective on life. Right now I am on my final stages of grade 12 and trying to decide on a career that will help humanity and will work with the earth, and agronomy is a big calling I was introduced to over the past 3 days. I would be supplying food for the population (organic of course) as well as taking care of the earth and living in symbiosis with the big rock. It just feels right in so many ways, but I just want to be in service to an healthy source of action.

Thank you for being such a big catalyst. I have been so smelly the past 5 days and have been purging so much I didn’t even know was there.

I love you,

Mathew Aubie


Beloved Daniel,
My name is Maria Jose from Spain, Seville..
A lot of interesting information about de human beings.. I love it.. I have received messages from my guides, my angel.. I have to digest so much information and techniques.. I have found out some information about my mom, i have realized that i've never understood her, it has been so beautiful for me. I love her so much..
The most interesting for me: my angel, the pranic tube, and travel to the TSOTH.. By the moment i'm going to focus in these practices
Specially in these transforming days. I've loved it
Sorry for possible mistakes in this text. Love from Spain
Maria Jose