Drunvalo Melchizedek presents The School of Remembering®


Pablo McCarte


00 44 7939 607186

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Along with the Angel Ceremony to start...
We will have a recap on everything covered in the ATIH, and cover the main aspects that students
forget / overlook and sometimes miss on the workshops.
We spend time meditating within the Merkaba along with practicing the creation Process

We Discuss Drunvalo's new work, how it progresses on after the ATIH work and the original goal of the 90 degree turn / 18th breath and the difference of the new goal of the cosmic grace where we connect to all life everywhere.

Its a great chance to meet fellow students of the work and to practice the meditations and ask any questions that you may have?

We will be Gathering in Avebury Henge and connecting with the Serpent Energies within this 3 mile long Sacred landscape and Mother Earth / Father Sky / the grids / connecting in our hearts and anchoring the new energies here on earth, for the benefit of all beings.

For Further info on Hotels / Timing / costs etc... please email welshpablo111@gmail.com