Drunvalo Melchizedek presents The School of Remembering®

Awakening The Illuminated Heart Workshop

Philip Laing



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This is the full workshop, imparted as originally taught by Drunvalo Melchizedek. To contact, register or read more information regarding this workshop please visit the ATIH tab at www.formlessandtrue.com. It is necessary to join the School of Remembering prior to attending this event.

To register for this 4 day ATIH workshop please complete following steps:
Step 1: Register with the School of Remembering® Use the blue button in the right column on this page. (Note: There is a onetime School of Remembering® registration fee of $14.99 for a lifetime membership)
Step 2: Once registered and logged in you can then register for my workshops by going to "Workshops" tab near the top of screen.
Choose the Global ATIH Teachers Workshops Calendar, and find my name (Phil Laing) in the 'search by teacher' drop down menu. Once on my page you will click on the Workshop date that you’d like to attend and register for those dates. You are now a member of the School of Remembering.

Tuition for the 4 days ATIH workshop: $444. It can be paid by PayPal with this address: PayPal.Me/donation2revphil If you would like to pay by credit card.
Please contact me to make other payment arrangements at p_laing@yahoo.com. Other possible options are Venmo, check or bank transfer.

NOTE: It is HIGHLY recommended to read Drunvalo Melchizedek's "The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life", Vols. 1 and 2 and his "Living in the Heart" before attending this event. These books used to be a prerequisite for attending. The deadline to sign up for this workshop is November 27, 2023. Please don't delay.

Brief Course Topics and Benefits:

Generating the permanent MerKaBa field from the heart
The practice for experiencing that you and God are One
Using dreams and imagery to manifest non-polarized creations
The process for opening the 3rd eye
Learn the powerful Unity Breath Meditation
The pineal beams of light and how to activate them
How to create the human halo
The process to move your Spirit to different parts of the body
How to bring the brain (ego) back in subservience to the heart (spirit)
A new approach to the MerKaBa

You Will Additionally Experience:

The necessity to connect with Mother Earth and Father Sky
The difference between Mind-based creation and Heart-based creation.
The experience of Divine Love and its ability to heal and forgive totally
Sacred geometry in our spiritual anatomy and its uses in ascension
The MerKaBa: it’s characteristics, programming and practical uses
The workshop methods and their signs of attainment
The nature of illusion and duality and how to transcend it
Consciousness and how Creation came out of the Void
Development of subtle energy perception
The role of voice, love and music to heal
Seeing life through the eyes of the heart in daily life
The healing of emotional pain and how to do it
The role of the tongue in higher consciousness
Generating alpha brain waves and using the internal chakras of the brain

Laguna Woods and surrounding areas has many hotels and motel options. The John Wayne Airport (SNA) is only 21 minutes from our workshop venue.