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Awakening Heart Egypt Journey - November 2024

Lu Ka


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This will be our 14th AWAKENING HEART JOURNEY to EGYPT! We’ll be discovering the ancient sites from the South to the North, and we’ve booked many temples and pyramids privately just for us. Our journey will include Sacred space of the Heart meditations, ceremonial work, Sacred Geometry and Mystery School knowledge, all presented by Lu Ka. Besides the standard program we decided to include the following:


- 4 hours of private time inside of GREAT PYRAMID of THOTH (Giza) with access to King’s Chamber, Queen’s Chamber and the Well (the last two otherwise closed for public)
- SPECIAL ACCESS to the TUNNEL UNDER THE PYRAMID (the tunnel of the 4th dimension that Drunvalo Melchizedek talks about)
- 2 hours of private MEDITATION time at the paws of the SPHYNX
- 2 hours of private MEDITATION time at SAQQARA
- 2 hours of private time and special access to OSIRION temple in ABYDOS with the FLOWER OF LIFE
- Special access in DENDERA temple (Underground chambers and the famous Dendera battery)
- Special access in the TEMPLE OF ISIS
- Special access in KARNAK temple (Sekhmet Shrine)
- We will visit many other sacred places, such as: KOM OMBO (temple of Light and Dark), EDFU (Temple of Higher Self, the Horus), ABU SIMBEL, DAHSHUR (access inside the RED PYRAMID and BENT PYRAMID), LUXOR TEMPLE, KARNAK Temple Complex, GRAND NEW EGYPTIAN CAIRO MUSEUM, KHAN EL KHALILI …

Full description and registration: https://www.awakening-heart.org/events/awakening-heart-sacred-egypt-tour-nov-2024/