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Membership Levels

Currently the SOR is supporting three types of Membership.

This is a brief explanation of each Membership type:

*General Membership: (Attending a workshop is not required)

This is the one-time $14.99 U.S. registration fee and allows everyone the ability to search and enroll for all listed Global SOR Training Workshops (Workshop fees are separate). General Membership is a lifetime registration with no limit to the number of events or locations you attend.

*Tuition Membership: (Attending a workshop is not required)

This is an optional active participant monthly recurring $6.99 Tuition fee and provides Members with a greatly EXPANDED library of training topics and videos, special access and first release information from the leaders in the School of Remembering and a 10% discount for products from our Partner the Spirit of Maa’t Magazine & Store.

*Certified Tuition Membership: (Attending a workshop is required)

Certified Tuition Membership is only available for Students who have attended a live SOR Awakening the Illuminated Heart Global Training Workshop, retrieved the Online Certificate of Completion and have opted in for the monthly Tuition Membership. This modified system Education tools contains discussions only understood if you have attended an event an is designed to support your Workshop Experience and continue providing new information.


School of Remembering (SOR)

Awakening the Illuminated Heart (ATIH)

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