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Hello shining souls,

What a great blessing it is to live my soul's journey! I always knew that something very beautiful and significant will take place in this lifetime.
My path as a teacher for School of Remembering started long ago, I can say from the day I was born, because Great Spirit already knew what my mission will be and prepared me well for this moment.
Every turn of the road of life has brought me insights and precious gifts. In 2002 I went through major sickness and life changes, and it was then, when I awoke to the Light I am. I healed and transformed myself and my life. During that time I learned so much about myself, about principles of energy, intuitive healings, communications with crystals and the Higher Spiritual world.
I was deeply called to offer my services to those who were ready to change their life as well. Everything that I needed to know was shown to me - I just followed the guidance. It brought me to Korea's Buddhist Temples, Sedona for Dhan Healing School, Peru to work with shamans, Yucatan to meet the Serpent of Light of the new Female Cycle of Times.
I was greatly inspired from the work of Zi Gang Sha, Osho, Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle, and all the wisdom coming from the native people.
For me, each journey was a confirmation that
Love is the one that heals,
Love is the one that inspire us with its power,
Love is the one that brings peace,
Love is the one that renews us,
Love is the one that makes us certain without a doubt,
Love is the one that harmonizes our differences
Love is coming only from the Heart. 

Still something was missing - how do we create the New World of Love, Beauty and Harmony? How do we enter into ascension together and create the reality of One United Consciousness? I am deeply grateful that in that time of questioning Great Spirit presented Drunvalo Melchizedek and his teachings! In a brief time, many doors opened and the "impossible" become easy flow. Becoming a Certified Teacher for Awakening the Illuminated Heart fulfills my heart with so much joy, bliss and deep gratitude!
My dream has become true! I feel that this work offers a beautiful, profound and yet simple way to truly open the heart and connect with the energy of Ascension. 


Since I became a Certified Teacher of Drunvalo's School of  Remembering , I hosted more than a hundred workshops internationally, touching the hearts of hundreds of people and igniting the spark of Melchizedek Consciousness of Light! The Light of Love, that naturally unite us in One Living Being and prepare us for Ascension.  

Let's together share the Light we are, the Love we are! Let's be together in all our differences, embrace them in harmony and create from our dreaming hearts the beautiful New World!

With deep gratitude to Spirit and all Creation!




Awakening The Illuminated Heart

2021-01-07 / In person with online option

­??? This workshop is the final confirmation, that you mastered your physical life on the third dimensional level and you are ready to enter the higher dimensions. Once you remember your Light Body - Merkaba, it automatically speeds up your spiritual evolution.Open Heart is the gateway to higher con...


Barry Tan at Nov 18, 2020

I am so full with appreciation and love in my heart for having Camellia be an instrumental part of my own heart ascension journey. Doing the sixth ATIH workshop with her has profoundly deepen my practice in integrating more and more of living from within my heart. The teachings experienced with her grace, presence and support is felt deeply even through a virtual setting. Camellia is a living embodiment of the Melchizedek consciousness and the pure joy, authencity and light of her divine child within shines through as she guides the meditations. Thank you beloved Drunvalo! With my heart singing, I highly recommend truly, the gem that is Camellia.

Jamie Goodwin Goodwin at Nov 18, 2020

Totally enjoyed learning from Camellia. A gifted teacher who is ever present with her child within, making the experience very fun and unique and authentic. Throughout the course she was very accommodating for every participant. My partner and I did the course together online. Because of the timezone difference our course times were 8pm till 1am. This is very late for us as we normally go to bed between 8.30 and 9pm, however Camellia is so engaging our attention remained very alert for the majority of the time. I'm sure you will also love her teaching style as we did

Ty Stevenson Stevenson at Nov 17, 2020

Camellia was an awesome teacher full of passion and love. She was very thoughtful, cheerful, and enthusiastic. Would highly recommend this course for anyone wanting to advance in spirituality.

Rosemary Wood at Nov 16, 2020

I gave the highest answer to all questions, except those few that have to do with my own integration and application of this material, only because the workshop stretched me and I feel I have yet to do some growing into it in my life. Otherwise, it was a wonderful, life changing workshop that went well beyond my expectations. I am deeply grateful for this experience. Camellia is an excellent teacher.

Holly Foy at Nov 11, 2020

Camellia is a wonderful teacher and so filled with love and wisdom which really comes through in the class. It was a wonderful experience!

William Martinez at Nov 03, 2020

Camellia Val is a truly wonderful teacher and I am very grateful to have been a part of her class. She is highly understanding, supportive, loving and kind to say the least. Love her accent as well! The class itself was profound beyond words. This has been exactly the information and confirmation that I have been seeking. If you too feel compelled to understand the wisdom offered by The School of Remembering, Drunvalo Melchizedek and the ATIH workshop; Look no further. Thank you again for everything, Camellia!! Peace profound, Light and Love to all. -William Victor Martinez

Geoff Link at Sep 09, 2020

It is impossible to overstate how fantastic an experience this course is and if you are thinking about it I would strongly recommend you just do it. To be around Camellia is to be loved unconditionally. Her knowledge and wisdom are empowering, and her steady, nurturing guidance creates an ideal space for coming to a fuller personal realization of this information. A profound thank you to my class, to Drunvalo and to Camellia! Namaste.

Veronique Bisaillon at Aug 19, 2020

It was very helpful for me to be able to ask questions about my recent meditation experiences and link Drunvalo's information to my experience. I really enjoy the exercises and meditations in a variety in team. I am very happy with the workshop and Camellia's expertise.

Johanne Mercier at Aug 17, 2020

Carmellia is a wonderful teacher. She is loving and giving. The information was clearly delivered. I read the books suggested prior the workshop so it was easy. I was able to access deep levels of meditation and my experience was fantastic. But, when I meditate alone at home, it is different. I think I would need more time with the group. I would sign up for a follow-up 2 days workshop or something like that to really feel comfortable with this beautiful process. The cost of the workshop was more than reasonable compared to other workshops I have done. All in all, it was fantastic.

Wistaria Jo at Aug 14, 2020

I was drawn to Camellia Val quite magically with no idea what I was signing up for. Obviously my spirit was not going to let me miss meeting such a beautiful group of beings for this profound soul connection. I loved the event immensely, my heart feels like home again.