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MIHAELA RADU at Sep 14, 2017

Great experience! Thank you for my new life!

MIREL FLORIN DELIA at Sep 12, 2017

A unique experience.

george dodu at Aug 31, 2017

awesome experience, i am interested in next level.


Our trainer, Adrian Constantinescu was very knowledgeable and patient. He guided us gently through the process, he found the perfect balance and included all his students in the course. I felt appreciated for my effort and I gave my best. I am a pragmatic person, so I don't expect a 4 day course to work wonders from day 1 and turn my life around. Still, I must admit the echoes of the course are still heard in my heart, and I feel more at peace. Congratulations to Adrian for a job excellently done. Keep up the great work!

Iuliana Durlut at May 08, 2014

For four days, myself and other explorers have entered a state of Communion together, transcending corporeal barriers and delving deep within the essence of our being. Going through the workshop is a healing experience that everyone can easily access from the very first trial, and that provides an invaluable tool applicable in everyday life.

We have learned that Accessing the Sacred Space of the heart, and the microcosm of the heart, is not a talent, but a quality of our fundamental Being.

Under Adrian's apt and warm guidance, we have journeyed into the soul and have ourselves become warmer at the end of the journey, having gained the trust to open ourselves up to each other.

Thank you, Adrian, I am looking forward to future experiences, alongside people that share the same thoughts and feelings as we do.