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Jacqueline de Rond

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Jacqueline de Rond


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I was born June 1952 in the south of the Netherlands, the firstborn in a roman catholic family of eight, five brothers.
In 1953 there was a flood in the southern part of the country and that is why in 1957 my father got a new farm on land made from sea in the north of the Netherlands.

I grew up being a 'good' girl. At twelve I went to boarding school with the nuns. After school my mother kept me home to help her in the household. I learned making clothes for my brothers and sisters. But: then I thought: what is happening to my life??

To make long story short: I left home, did not want money from my parents any more, started working in a shop, became shop manager and again thought: what is happening to my life??

Went to university at 27, studied psychology, became psychotherapist and manager, stumbled into the books of Drunvalo and again thought: what is happening to my life??

Quit management, started a private practice and went off...studying books, workshops, meditations, trips with Drunvalo

and suddenly in 2012 I found myself back being a teacher ATIH...

this is it, my passion, my path

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Awaken your Illuminated Heart and Activate your Eternal Merkaba

2021-05-21 / aan 't Zandpad

In this playful workshop you will get all you need to activate your 5th dimensional Light Body. You learn how to connect your Heart and your Brain, you open your third eye, activate your Halo and your Merkaba....


Jack Kluijtmans at Jun 24, 2019

I was impressed by the experience of the healing sessions on day 2.

David Nauta at Nov 01, 2017

Als wonderfull workshop. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get into the tiny space. But practice makes perfect!

Yvonne Brouwer at Jun 10, 2017

Wonderful workshop!

Ria Cnossen at Jun 07, 2017

Had a wonderful time with a wonderful teacher at a beautyful place.

Ineke Leemkuil at Dec 01, 2016

My experience with the tutor was a very pleasant one. She revealed a high level of comprehension and knowledge on the subject. So she was able to create a solid, comprehensible structure in her teachings. In short, a profound teacher. Best regards, Ineke Leemkuil

Helga van Stein Callenfels at Sep 08, 2016

After following the workshop the theory is developing in wonderfull reality in daily life.

Catherine Quaak at May 22, 2016

Jacqueline did a great job and the group was amazing. An amazing experience breaking the heart open. It is not possible to put in words what the effects are of this workshop. Although I rate now 10 my ability to positively change my behaviour, I am not sure about myself in the future. But as I feel now, there is no way to doubt anymore. The heart energy is amplifying. I am very grateful to Jacqueline. She is a great teacher. Catherine

Alice Otterman at May 22, 2016

It was a great event!

Marenka Bontekoning at May 22, 2016

Loving workshop,love love love.

Johan Woolderink at Aug 27, 2015

It was a fine workshop with Jacqueline and the hole group. It good to work with her in the future Johan