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Jason Hunt

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Jason Hunt


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Jason Hunt received his ATIH teacher certification on May 11, 2012 after finishing the required training set by the School of Remembering® and Drunvalo Melchizedek. Jason is one of just over 250 people certified world-wide in the School of Remembering® to teach the Awakening the Illuminated Heart® meditation. He was trained and selected by the School of Remembering® Council and Drunvalo Melchizedek. The ATIH workshop is the culmination of Drunvalo's life work and includes his newest teachings. The ATIH workshop is being given to assist all of Humanity in our ascension.

Jason came to Drunvalo's work in 1994 and was led to the Flower of Life and Right Eye of Horus Mystery Schools directly afterward in Jan. of 1995. From there he came to Drunvalo's direct teaching in the Earth/Sky and Living in the Heart workshops in 1997-2000. He has trained with Ken Page, who is Drunvalo's nephew, being certified in the Heart and Soul Healing method in 1998. Jason is a long time practitioner of Ashtanga yoga, Kriya yoga initiate, Sufi Order initiate, and third degree Reiki practitioner and teacher in the Usui tradition.

Jason makes his home in the beautiful mountains of Asheville, North Carolina. He is offering workshops worldwide, having taught people from 19 countries besides the US. If you are ready to begin this work, and receive the tools you need for ascension, it is his privilege, honor and great joy to assist you in this time.

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4 day Advanced ATIH Workshop

2021-09-09 / Private residence

This advanced workshop is about living and embodying the ideas and energies we present in the ATIH workshop. We will share a good bit of the information Drunvalo put forth in the Cosmic Grace workshops, and also more of my personal path, and practices to make this teaching real, and apply it in our ...


Nicholas Lappa at Mar 23, 2021

It was a tremendous honor to have the opportunity to take Jason’s ATIH workshop. Over the course of four days, I experienced a previously-unfathomable amount of spiritual growth, and my life has been forever changed in the most positive way. His immense knowledge of spirituality, the course material, Sufism, Taoism, Qigong, and the nature of our reality made this class extremely powerful. I cannot imagine a better teacher to have studied with. Jason, thank you from the depth of my soul for opening my heart and allowing me to experience pure, unconditional love. I now know what it is like to live free from polarity consciousness, and I cannot wait to attend another ATIH workshop. Life is great!

Mary Julia Walker at Jan 14, 2021

This workshop with Jason gave me more than I could have ever imagined. I learned, felt, experienced, and created miracles throughout the entire weekend. Literally could not get enough (We already have a second workshop on the calendar)! Highly recommended.

Donna Wesley at Nov 26, 2020

Jason is a wonderful teacher. I have taken several workshops with Jason and it is always an amazing experience, I will continue to take future classes with him. He is a gifted sage. His wealth of knowledge and experience is wonderful and it makes the class more enjoyable. I have grown as a result of the training. I would highly recommend this teacher.

Ana Costa at Nov 26, 2020

Jason is an amazing teacher! He created an environment of love and trust. All participants connected at a deep level. The workshop is amazing! The only suggestion I would offer is to start earlier in the morning, have a regular lunch break and end the day in the early evening.

Marcia Pryce at Nov 25, 2020

Jason did an excellent job relating the course training information to us. He is very patient and professional. Jason's spiritual depth and insightful approach made it a fantastic experience. I enjoyed this training immensely and learned a great deal. Thanks Jason.

Elena Stair at Nov 19, 2020

A very supportive and supported experience.

Claudia Pinchassow Pinchassow at Nov 18, 2020

Jason is an amazing human being and teacher. He has extensive knowledge, universal wisdom and immense love and respect for mother earth and father sky that made this class out of this world. He explained the teachings in a way that no matter where we were in our journeys, it was easy to comprehend and keep our group together. I am beyond happy to have been in this class with him.

Daniel Ellis at Aug 29, 2020

Jason is an incredible facilitator. I will be taking his ATIH course again at my home in a few days. He is a clear conduit for this consciousness to unfold in people. He held space for the group and addressed all questions and needs. I highly recommend taking the course from him if I find anyone ready for this workshop.

Eric Heiss at Nov 26, 2019

This was a fantastic workshop. The ATIH teachings have opened my eyes to so many new and different avenues for advancement. I felt that this information was of the highest caliber, and is presented in a way that is easy to understand, and beneficial for all. The Heart centered approach taught in this workshop is a sure fire way to improve oneself and do good in the world. Now I have a whole new set of tools with which to do \"The Work.\"

Kelli O'Neill O'Neill at Oct 15, 2019

This class was life changing. Jason was so patient and answered all of the questions presented during the class. He was available during the breaks when needed. I felt safe in the container that he provided for such deep healing and had profound experiences. I will be taking more classes with Jason as I integrate this material. I highly recommend Jason as a teacher and am so grateful that I found him.