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Mebbie Jackson

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Mebbie Jackson



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Mebbie Jackson is pleased to be a teacher for the Awakening The Illuminated Heart workshops. She works to bring joy and knowledge into her life through her healing practices. She is a massage therapist, a yoga therapist and teacher, and an Acutonics practitioner. She has studied Drunvalo's work for five years and believes that his teachings add a richness and depth to her life. She wants to help new students gain the wonderful insights and experiences that the workshop provides.

Mebbie brings a life of heart centered practices and the curiosity of a seeker to her teaching. She is always looking for ways to incorporate the metaphysical into the physical and bring the life of dreams into reality. She owns a property on a lake in East Tennessee that she named Still Point. This sacred space is where she will teach her workshops. It is surrounded by oak trees and has years of love and teachings infused into its boundaries.

Come join Mebbie on the wonderful journey into your heart in the sacred space of the Still Point.

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Diane Andrews at Apr 18, 2014

I went through a complete transformation during and after the class. My joy level was higher than it had been in a while. I will continue to study and learn as much as possible to both attain higher consciousness for myself, humanity, and the planet. Mebbie was a very good teacher and love prevailed st STill Point where she had the classes. Thank you Mebbie for such a wonderful experience

Robert Schipper at Mar 02, 2014

Please keep in mind that this was Mebbie's first workshop and she had a head cold. The first three days were great and going into the fourth day i was totally energized. The fourth day didn't go nearly as well and only lasted about 3 hours. We received no handouts. I feel that whatever was to happen on the fourth day didn't happen for me.

Anne Schipper at Mar 02, 2014

I felt that parts of the workshop may have been missing. There were lots of good activities and good feelings, but I didn't see anyone with a newly activated mekaba. Perhaps my expectations were too high. Having said this, I did feel that the experience did help deepen my meditations somewhat.