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Wanda Palinkas at Jun 20, 2021

Karuna led a fabulous workshop. We were all so charged with wonderful energy. I could do it again and again and again and ...... :)

Frank Palinkas at Jun 20, 2021

Karuna transcends the goals of enlightened teaching. She is a virtual wonder to us all, and taught us in the most friendly, learned, and professional way possible. Thank you so much my lady!

Amy Mckenzie at Oct 02, 2019

Wonderful! Life changing!

Tim Wise at Nov 15, 2018

I would highly recommend this workshop by Karuna for those interested in remembering and awakening.

Thanks Tim, having you in the workshop was a gift.

Karuna Chapman at Feb 26, 2019

Hilda Franco at Oct 23, 2018

It was one of the most In enlightening classes I have completed. I feel complete.

Ms.Karuna Chapman is an Earth Angel. She is inspiring and her teachings are one with the Great Spirit. Forever grateful.

Thank you Hilda! Your presence was a huge to benefit to all of us. Stay tuned!

Karuna Chapman at Oct 28, 2018

Eunice Lam at Jul 31, 2018

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you Karuna! You are amazing, you are an angel <3 This workshop has changed my life <3 to feel the world through my heart, so much love, thank you!

Yes! I love the new you. All the best in NY. Stay in touch if you can.

Karuna Chapman at Aug 13, 2018

Elaine Lam at Jul 30, 2018

It was such a beautiful and amazing experience. So beautiful that I cannot put into words. Thank you all.

Karuna is a great teacher, she is amazing.

Thank you! Elaine I love you and I am so glad we hung in to share the experience.

Karuna Chapman at Aug 13, 2018

Janet Ozasa at Jul 30, 2018

Amazing experience and learning.

Activation Complete! Such an honor.

Karuna Chapman at Aug 13, 2018

Gabriela Meneghetti at Apr 30, 2018

What a wonderful time and learning I got. This is truly a blessing to be able to spend couple of days with incredible open hearted human beings. I felt loved, connected and peaceful like never before. I wish there was an easier way to stay connected with all the illuminated hearts across the planet, like a living global map that shows each awakened heart, so we can connect with them as we travel around Earth : )

Thanks Gabi! I am so glad your presence was a wonderful enhancement. Thanks for the photo! love Karuna

Karuna Chapman at Jun 02, 2018

Darren Starwynn at Feb 26, 2018

I loved that workshop and was grateful to Karuna for guiding us so compassionately and clearly. I received more than I expected and found it literally life-changing. Thank you to Drunvalo for creating and releasing this workshop.

Thanks Darren, you brought such richness to our experience. Many Blessings. Karuna

Karuna Chapman at Mar 09, 2018

Dianne Kennedy at Nov 29, 2017

Totally fabulous!!

thank you Dianne! I am so glad to know you and look forward to our continued friendship

Karuna Chapman at Dec 06, 2017

Pete Lewis at Mar 30, 2017

Karuna was an awesome instructor who truly instilled confidence in all her students. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to join her and our group in the ATIH Workshop. She made everyone feel welcome and supported.

Thank you PJ! I am so happy you joined us for the workshop and for our connection in the tiny space.

Karuna Chapman at Apr 19, 2017

Glory-a McCray at Jan 17, 2017

Thank you very much for this experience

You are welcome Glory, it is such an honor to know you and experience the beauty of your Center.

Karuna Chapman at Apr 19, 2017

Pernell Ponce at Jan 02, 2017

karuna is amazing.

Thanks Pernell! How is the music?? It was an honor to meet you.

Karuna Chapman at Jan 13, 2017

Joanne Paipona at Nov 10, 2015

Karuna radiates a welcoming glow with the warmth of an angel. She thoroughly teaches from the heart. Held in a comfortable setting, the workshop is awesome.

Namaste ~

Thank you Joanne, it was an honor to have you in the workshop.

Karuna Chapman at Nov 23, 2015

James Latham at Oct 02, 2015

Would like to have seen some more follow-up from the School of Remembering about next steps, what those next steps would look like and why. For example, I was able to finally see out of my third eye, but only twice and not able to replicate the experience. Could use more support around getting this to work again. Also, could use more support around trying to at least sense my MerKaBa which I was told I activated but can't feel it. Maybe this info is covered in video tutorials on the SOR website? Also, I would like to have seen more visual aids during the 4 day class. Thank you!

Hi Todd, I hope you have found the support you were looking for in our after gatherings. Thank you for bringing so much to our workshop. Blessings and gratitued.

Karuna Chapman at Nov 23, 2015

donald splain at Mar 30, 2015

this is by far the most profound experience of my life and Karuna is an absolute angel.....thank you so very much...mike

Juliet Lyndle at Feb 03, 2015

Karuna and Bj made a wonderful team. All of the information was presented clearly and I felt both of them went the extra mile for us to make the workshop really special and to make sure everyone got it. Thank you both, it was a joy to experience the ATIH workshop with you.

Robert Stover at Dec 11, 2014

Karuna was great! I was presented with what felt like lifetimes worth of information yet I was able to understand it all instantly. I gained so much experience in my mediation and finally entered the sacred space of my heart, something I have needed in my life for a long time. She was able to answer all questions extremely well and gave us all a great understanding of everything covered. We were like a family by the end of the workshop and were able to create our lightbodies together as one. This was arguably the greatest and most important thing I have done in this life. Thank you, Karuna!

Dear Jamie Wow! what a joy to meet you. There is no doubt in my mind you are a bearer of Melchizidek Conscousness. I am honored to have played a small part in your beautiful life. And there's more!!!

Karuna Chapman at Jan 18, 2015

Chris Nguyen at Dec 04, 2014

I want to take this time to appreciate the work and time that Karuna has put forth, this workshop was a success for me and will be for anyone who spends the time with someone who is filled with love. Karuna has absolutely one of the most beautiful personality I have ever met, and for her to teach me this Workshop was truly a gift alone. thank you again Karuna for one of the most loving experience! One love and may peace be the journey

Chris it was an honor. I am filled with hope for our world when I meet men like you. You carry so much love and light. with love Karuna

Karuna Chapman at Jan 18, 2015

Jacqueline Hohman at Dec 03, 2014

Karuna was a warm, joyful, effective teacher, who brought us all together in a beautiful sacred space. I will never forget this class, and I feel I have some real

tools to use in meditation for entering the Sacred Heart and Tiny Space in my heart.

And most of all, I can visualize and feel my Merkaba! I completely feel I entered into a new frequency, that is seated deep within me, and will always have Gratitude and Love in my Heart for Karuna, Drunvalo, and my five companions I experienced this with.....Jacqueline

Dear Jacque, Thank you so much for all you brought to our wonderful group, the sound forks, special treats and best of all your willing and beautiful heart. it's not over!!

Karuna Chapman at Jan 18, 2015

Donna Payge at Sep 29, 2014

It was great to have Karuna teaching parts of the class too.

Hi Donna, you were all amazing and it an honor to be with you. with love Karuna

Karuna Chapman at Jan 18, 2015

S Amatt at Sep 23, 2014

Karuna is a gentle, supportive light. I valued her presence and contribution to the workshop.

I enjoyed every moment with my dear UK friends. Dance on!

Karuna Chapman at Jan 18, 2015

B Dhogga at Sep 17, 2014

The last four days have been amazing. BJ and Aruna are full of joy and wisdom and truely embody what they teach. I loved Aruna's energy and patience especially when i was having some difficulty with the beams of light exercise. Big thank you from my tiny space :XXXXX

Hi Bally, what an honor to meet and play with you. Beam on! with love Karuna

Karuna Chapman at Jan 18, 2015

Lesley Tierra at May 05, 2014

My only difficulty was directly registering with the School of Remembering and paying $288 on my credit card and then NOT getting the code to stream it from my home. I have sent several emails and made phone calls and have had no contact back about a refund! I would really prefer to pay Karuna, my teacher, instead since I did the workshop at her home and couldn't get it myself! Lesley Tierra

Hi Lesley, I hope this all worked out. It was wonderful to reconnect on the Path, your presence was a gift. with love Karuna

Karuna Chapman at May 15, 2014

Svargo Florian Schuller at Apr 29, 2014

I feel Drunvalo and Claudette are the reminding teacher couple for the growing process of the new 4-dimensional humanity on planet earth.

And I feel so much gratefulness to be part of this transformational journey.

Svargo F. Schuller

Thank you and Ahuti for bringing your loving selves to our shared experience. with love Karuna

Karuna Chapman at May 15, 2014

Lev Bakunin at Apr 13, 2014

Karuna and Tristan did a great job explaining things and notions to the students. Everyone there was grateful to them and highly appreciated their work.

Thanks for bringing your open and wise heart to the workshop Lev. Best wishes for your upcoming workshops, your students are very lucky. with love Karuna

Karuna Chapman at May 15, 2014

Elva Zimmerman at Apr 13, 2014

I felt welcomed into a very sacred space with a delicious frequency of unconditional love and joy and playfulness. What a relief to feel safe and seen and accepted as we individually explored our hearts and were awed and excited by the life changing possibilities of this gift. this is the world I want to live in.

It was an honor and a joy to have you in the workshop! Blessings and play galore Elva. with love Karuna

Karuna Chapman at May 15, 2014

Ursula O'Farrell at Jan 29, 2014

Karuna Chapman embraced each of us in her workshop as a Divine Child--and she the Divine Mother with Tristan Gutner as our Divine Father. For four days, I felt their unconditional love and support...every question I came with was answered. Multiple epiphanies!!! throughout the workshop and deep bonding with other students. My heart is full and ready to help others learn more about this life-changing experience of awakening our illuminated hearts, activating our merkabas, and feeling the full radiance of our beams on!!! Sat nam and much, much love!

Thank you Ursula, you are a guiding light. with love Karuna

Karuna Chapman at Jan 30, 2014

River McCaine at Jan 24, 2014

I honestly could not have asked for a better experience. My entire 19 years of living has finally made sense within the 4 days of the workshop. The second healing day gave me some of the most healing/closure giving experiences I have ever felt in my life. And being able to be lead into the sacred heart space, tiny heart space, activating my Merkaba, and every other step in between was seamless. Karuna and Tristen make a truly amazing set of teachers and they both bring their own invaluable experiences to the workshop. The experiences I received were more than I could ever put a price on. I'm truly thankful and blessed to have gone to the workshop. :)

Love and Light


Thank you River, it was an honor. with love Karuna

Karuna Chapman at Jan 28, 2014