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Bjorn Ahlberg at Feb 03, 2024

I was a little familiar of what the MerKaBa was and looked like, but it not close of understanding what it is really is. Of course, I still don’t comprehend the full capacity and will need a lot more knowledge and practice. The host made the whole event joyful and surprising with the information showed and the exercises we did. Overall, the event extended my expectations by far and got me into a new path to explore in my life and is most thankful to the host who made it happened. Thank you!

Jacob Holst Lid at Sep 07, 2023

This was a highly energetic training..

Kristina Strombeck at Jan 22, 2021

This was a life changing workshop for me. It did take time for me to digest, and actually start going into the heart to heal things. I havn t used it to the fullest yet, but what I do use is still so precious. Monica is such a present, heartfelt and skillful teacher. She really reflects what the course is about!

Very grateful for being part of this mystery school.

With love


Pia Bierich Lfstedt at Nov 01, 2020

I have attended many different courses but Monica is the most proffessional of them all. Very pedagogic and clear in her teaching. I did lack handouts though, that is NOT Monicas fault, she is not allowed to because of the Copyright. That is the only negative about the course. It would have been nice to have a compendium to go back to with important text and pictures. It is an intensive course and it is hard to focus and write at the same time. It is also easy to get things wrong and even having problems to decode your own notes when you get home. Monica is always there for us so we can contact her but the burden would be easier on her if we had it right from the beginning ;).

This was a wonderful course! Thank you Monica!

Kjersti Hjertaas at Nov 01, 2019

This course far exceeded my expactations. Monica is a very knowledgable teacher and carry with her much wisdom. She facilitates this class perfectly, and the inner knowledge gained or recolloected for each of us was unsurpassed. Through her guidence you are able to acces the sacred spaces in your heart , and can feel and move the energy connected with it at will, among other things. I also successfully manage to activate my merkaba, which has been a lifealtering experiance for me. I could not recommend this teacher higher, and will precede to take further classes with her.

Trude Dybendahl at Oct 06, 2019

I huge thanks to Monika for her splendid teaching, guiding and facilitation of these four days. They were fare beyond my expectation -thanks to both the content and Monika´s way of leading this course. Forever thankful - and warmly recommended!

Lena Roskvist at May 05, 2019

I Will only say thank you from the bottom of my heart

With love, Lena

Maria Hellquist at May 01, 2019

I would like to express my gratitude a million times to the School of Remembering,

Flower of Life course with Monica Ljungberg-Öhrn as my teacher.

I attended the 4 Day Spiritual Workshop in

April 2019 at Spiragården, Undersaeker in Sweden.

Thank you, Monica for bringing out the good qualities in me and to remind me of all of me.

Monica is very, helpful, kind, loving and extremely generous in sharing her spiritual knowledge.

Love Maria

Camille Maria Bonfils at Mar 22, 2019

I can highly recommend Monica's "Awakening The Illuminated Heart" Workshop - it was done in a loving and caring way and I felt in safe hands through out the workshop.

Kim Achen at Feb 15, 2019

Monica is a great teacher there have an fine tuned intuition when she guide us through the different exercises. She have an awareness on what she is doing and greate a fine space with trust. I can really recommend her

Lotte Lundsgaard Lundsgaard at Feb 13, 2019

Monica is an amazing teacher!!! Her voice is full of love and her energy is so warm and welcoming. She was very thorough with the material and facilitated great, spiritual experiences and healing. I'm very much in awe with her abilities.

peter kristiansson at Jan 22, 2019

incredible course all i can say cant put much words on the experienses they were astonishing wonerful

Anne-Li Mossvall at Sep 19, 2018

Amazing! <3

Elsa Lyng at Sep 11, 2018

Fantastisk - I love ATIH

isac orselius at Apr 17, 2018

Got things explained in a way that I could understan. In a way that felt natural.

David Appelgren at Jan 15, 2018

A fantastic workshop and the most valuable investment you can ever do is to take this workshop.

Isabella Lindblad at Nov 14, 2017

Monica is the best!

Simon Beck at Nov 06, 2017

For a course called Awakening the Illuminated Heart there was a disproportionately large amount of time spent speaking to the mind. Theory is fine and to some extent necessary but the problem with theory is just that, that it is theory. Having no way to verify the claims made in class meant that, for me, most of it remains as information with little relevance to my life or path or happiness. A lot of effort was made to back-up claims as scientifically proven or fact based, but if anything that kind of approach only serves to awaken more skepticism. Scientific facts of today may tomorrow be deemed false, and there are a lot of scientific articles out there that are poorly carried out, contain bias, are not rigorously peer-reviewed, or simply have not been repeated elsewhere so cannot technically be claimed as fact.

The only thing that will convince others is their own experience and unfortunately there was too little focus on experiencing the most important parts of the course, namely acessing and meditating on the sacred space of the heart, and getting to know and working with the merkaba. In comparison, most of the other exercises felt trivial and at times plain silly. The course is obviously pedagogically thought through with simple, easy exercises in the beginning, slowly building up to more complex exercises later on. But another way of learning is by jumping in at the deep end and filling in the blanks as you go. This, I feel, would have been more satisfying and would have given more time to the more important exercises. A lot of the basic exercises could have been dispersed with, as well as parts of the theory that are not directly relevant to the crux of the course. As it was, the first two and a half days were frustratingly slow, especially considering the course was said to be advanced.

I would have also personally preferred a more personal approach to the teaching rather than following a manual which felt too formal and lacked spontaniety. The teachings came to life more when the teacher could relate personal experiences but did so all too seldom. Hearing third-hand stories about Drunvalo or some master or scientist wasn't as inspiring as intended. Again, they were just stories that did not translate to enhancing my own personal experience.

Finally, some of the language and imagery used in the exercises and talking about heart and love was particularly normative. An example of this is the repeated referencing of male and female aspects in various contexts, such as mother earth and father in heaven making love in one's heart to give birth to Christ, male and female tetrahedrons, sexual communion of heart and mind through tongue (penis) stimulation of hard palate (clitoris). That kind of imagery might appeal to some people but to me it feels quite outdated, like it doesn't really fit in anymore with the evolving consciousness on the planet. The earth is not really a women just as the universe or the sun is not really a man, and they're not really making love in one's heart. So why not try explaining it more realistically? Such as, there are earth energies and galactic or solar energies and we as humans can attract both, and when we do they give rise to a more sublime Christlike energy or love. Another example where a normative, almost stereotypical, idea of love and heart came to the fore was in the exercises that seemed to want to deliver the message that living from the heart means wanting to hug and touch strangers, stare into their eyes, and to sing and dance with them. Which is fine for those inclined that way, but it's not the only expression of love. There is also love for example in respecting another's space, in not imposing oneself, or in a simple glance of recognition of another's humanity. A broader and more accepting view of what living from the heart could look like would have been appreciated.

Johan Keemss at Oct 25, 2017

Life changing workshop where so many spiritual pieces fell in place.

Sanna Wallin at Oct 23, 2017

I am so happy that I finally took the ATIH. And I am so grateful to Monica. She is a wonderful teacher, loving and caring and she knows what she talks about, and can present it in an easy and understandable way. So thanks a lot for giving me this opportunity to grow.

Cosmin Munteanu at Apr 04, 2017

I really like the work of the teacher and the preparation for this course.

Oscar Genc at Apr 03, 2017

Thank you for delivering this powerful and vital information in such a way so that anyone can understand it with a little bit of practice. This really is a great service and resource to any soul walking this World, no matter what Place they have in the great Cosmic play of Life. Again, thank you for doing this.

In love and light, Oscar

Stellan Tonring at Jan 17, 2017

I remembered, and saw the unlimited love and godliness in the other course memberes eyes. That is the best evaluation a course can get :)

Sara Gille at Jan 16, 2017

I 'd like to have material to take with me home so i can remember easy.

Kim Berge-Hansen at Nov 29, 2016

Wonderful experience!

Monica is wonderful and she always make everybody feel welcome and special.

Love you Monica

See you next time


Kim Berge-Hansen at Nov 29, 2016

Wonderful experience!

Monica is wonderful and she always make everybody feel welcome and special.

Love you Monica

See you next time


Kim Berge-Hansen at Nov 29, 2016

Wonderful experience!

Monica is wonderful and she always make everybody feel welcome and special.

Love you Monica

See you next time


Merete Aanes at Nov 11, 2016

Takk til Monica for en vidunderlig helg med sterke og gode opplevelser.

Jan Magne Kjerstad at Nov 02, 2016

This workshop answered a lot of questions that I had after having read and studied several topics starting from the year I was spiritual awakened. That was in 2012. It was a especially wonderful experience to get to know the Christ energy and to be acquainted with Sananda. I feel very grateful and humble for being allowed this experience. It meant a lot to me as a lightworker. The speaker, Monica, did a very good job, she presented the topics in the workshop in a very concise, engaged and from her heart manner. She made sure that she had got the knowledge across before she moved on to the next topic. It was presented in a very understandable manner, and I will say that she comes highly recommended from my point of view. We had the most wonderful fours days and it was almost sad that it was over on Monday the 31st of October. The healing energies from the Angelic realm together with the energy from the guides and other light-beings that was present in our classroom created a wonderful atmosphere for the workshop. I felt that we all was taken very good care of, and explained in the best way possible what was going to happen next as the workshop progressed. I'm actually quite certain that this will be a turning point in my life. The reason I rated questions number 9 and 10 to be 9 and 9 is because this was a lot of information to absorb in a very short time. It has to do with myself as person, because the teacher did a wonderful job. It was lot of details to absorb energetically, and this is how I see it: The knowledge presented in the workshop needs to be "kept alive", if you understand what I'm saying. It must be practiced and used on a daily basis. I like to put it this way. The techniques must be used as often as possible and as I experience how it grows on me, and as my being absorbs the knowledge in a practical way it will expand in my awareness. In other words the content of the workshop needs to ripen and be acknowledged in a more complete way for it to have total effect. I believe that the energies I experienced during this course and the healing that I got are still working on my energy-system and will manifest itself in a more complete way when my etheric body is ready for this new knowledge and when all these wonderful energies has completed their mission. Thanks for this wonderful experience. My gratitude goes out to Monica Ljungberg-Ohrn and to you Drunvalo. Namaste.

susan peuschel at Sep 23, 2016

This is the ultimate workshop for anyyone interested in personal developement and/or understanding our inside and outside world better. Monica is a natural super talent in leading the group into this knowledge, and always succeeds in doing this in a very lovingly and warm athmosphere. Her meditations are truly outstanding! Love Susan

Tony Andersson at Sep 22, 2016

Top notch as always with Monica <3 Yes! Everyone should enter this crash course in open heart surgery! Changed my life to the fullest. Thank you Monica :D /Tony

Eric Amarillo at Sep 21, 2016

After years of personal spiritual soul searching, ending up being very confused and almost completely losing my mind (which I now know is a good thing) ;) I was recommended to do the workshop with Monica Ljungberg Ohrn.

Monica is absolutely fantastic with her unique sensibility and understanding for what each and every participant needs, her abilities goes beyond what is considered "normal" she is truly doing divine work for humanity in this special time. Thank you so much for your abundance of Love Monica!

Sveinung Fjalberg at Sep 20, 2016

Monica is an outstanding Good teacher and she is very Good pedagogic, I thank God for having Monica as my teacher./Sveinung

Have a Nice Day????

Daniel Strand at Sep 20, 2016

Monica is a warm, understanding and loving person. A bright star on this earth. Her teaching is really flawless and she made the whole group feel connected to the heart with, in my opinion, ease. I do not regret even one second taking this course.

LindaMarie Liljert at Sep 20, 2016

Awsome as always!

LindaMarie Liljert at Sep 20, 2016

Best I Ever Done!! Monica is so wonderful person ????

Eva Dahlberg at Sep 20, 2016

Fantastic course!

Malin Lindgren at Sep 20, 2016

Monica is The best

Tony Andersson at May 17, 2016

Im a new better me, I have a dialog with myself thats clear and honest in a way that I couldn't even imagen before... Im in love with myself, my true self, the world, the universe. This is what Im been waiting for my whole life. Thank you, Im 49 years old and I just discovered life / Tony Skate :)

Tony Andersson at Mar 15, 2016

Dude! This stuff was AWSOME! For real!! Im usually a skeptic but this is really something else for sure / Thank you Monica <3 :) Tony

Elsa Lyng at Mar 13, 2016

Fantastisk workshop <3

Paula Mello Hansson at Feb 29, 2016

I am very glad I took this course in Sweden with Monica. She is a very pure being full of light and wisdom. The course is a crucial step towards the truth of who we are and can become. I'm eternally greatful for Druvalo and all involved in this enterprise. Nevertheless I suggest you start printing some sort of folder with the content of the course. Having to take notes so often is old-fashioned and not so helpful since the course is experiencial and so profound. I understand we can always come back to our dear mentor or here for questions. But still, it would be great if you updated the presentation with some new interviews, pictures, the doughnut shaped vortexes besides the above comment. When is the next level available? =D

Bo Nilebrant at Feb 29, 2016

Monica is a wonderful teacher and can listen to the members of the event. Patient and medial.

Solkarina Hammare at Feb 16, 2016

this was really a great workshop with a great teacher Monica. I loved it!

Tomas Blomgren at Feb 01, 2016

I would have liked to get some written material from the course as an aid to use after the course.

KARL GREEN at Jan 19, 2016

It might seem that I just went through the questions and left the boxes in their default position, but I truly feel that it is the rating this course and speaker (Monica) deserves. Thanks for everything!

Ann-Louise Hrsj at Oct 01, 2015

Great teacher Monika! Thank you!

Ann-Louise Hrsj at Oct 01, 2015

Fantastic teacher!!!

Kim Rasmussen at Jul 01, 2015

I can not wish for a better teacher

Anders Hglund at May 13, 2015

Thank you Monica! You are a fantastic teacher. Lots of love

Martin Diaz Nunez at May 11, 2015

Monica is the Best teatcher i have meet in my Life, Martin Diaz

Jan Zirk at May 11, 2015

Thank you Monica (and Drunvalo) for a wonderful coarse and experience. Thank you all members of the class. Together with you all it was possible to reach a higher level of love, life and existence. The coarse and the last five days will change my life forever - Thank You!


lena nihlzon at May 11, 2015

To Monica from my hart, thank you for "putting my pieces of understandings together" in an understandeble and amazing pattern of universal love. The greatest gift of all!!

Mattias Bohman at Apr 28, 2015

I wish everyone out there in the world could be in touch with their "tiny spot" in their heart and see that there is always a way of hope and love in their lives.

Kim Berge-Hansen at Apr 19, 2015

Monica is one of the best teachers I have come across. She have a great intuition, and have a special contact to her guide. At this event she had to blind people attending an it was a moving experience for us all. Thank you!

With Love Kim

Per Borjeson at Apr 11, 2015

I am so grateful for this workshop!

Ann-Christin Olofsson at Apr 06, 2015

The Best Ever! <3

Caisa Sahlqvist at Jan 25, 2015

It is inspiring and a privilege to meet such a true and loving person as Monica. Her way of teaching is both logical and loving. I have got more out of the course than I could have ever imagined. One of the best things I've ever done in my life.

Betina Huber at Jan 24, 2015

This is by far the BEST thing i have EVER done for myself, my entire life! Thank you Monica for EVERYTHING. You are truly a GREAT TEACHER. From my heart to yours - THANK YOU.

THANK YOU DRUNVALO, for making all this possible!

In love and light - Betina Huber

Bettina Frederiksen at Oct 29, 2014

I was missing something written to bring along.

I was not able to make a lots of notes because I concentrating on understanding an other language to. So I would have appreciated some of the most importance thing written on paper from my teacher.

Merete Andersen at Oct 28, 2014

Monica is a very pure, Loving and clear teacher. There is structure in such a good way. I felt safe all the way through, and she gave me the freedom to do it all in my own Unique way. It felt like comming home and I am forever grateful.

Jesper Bidstrup at Oct 27, 2014

It was very loving and peaceful process.

I think we need some handouts.

Some of the process in print or even better:

Some sound track of the meditations!! That could be very nice to have when I come home.

Thanks for some nice days......

Lisbeth Ejlertsen at Oct 27, 2014

Monica is a very clear and focused teacher with a warm, caring and loving heart. This combination is rare...! I feelt safe and supported in her class at all times - therefore I give her my highest recommendation...! :-) Love from Lisbeth

Majbritt Winkel Demant at Oct 27, 2014

Monica is an amazing teacher! I thank you from the tiny space of my heart!

Solveig Maria Radut at Oct 26, 2014

Monica is an angel full of love. This shines through her lessons and guided meditations. She is the best teacher you could wish for and I give my highest recommendation. Light and love Solveig Maria Radut

Jan Teuber at Oct 10, 2014

This teacher evaluation is from Marianne Teuber.

Jan and Marianne paid the reg fee from the same PayPal account.



Magnus Vrethammar at Aug 25, 2014

Monica is a wonderful ATIH teacher, helped by herr extra-sensory abilities and her deep love of her students. I warmly recommend her to anyone wanting to take the ATIH course,

Annelie Axelsson at May 29, 2014

I'm really overhwelmed and grateful for this course. It has given me possibilities for life. Thank you Monica and Drunvalo. From my heart to yours Annelie

Margaretha Tuneskog at May 29, 2014

To combine old knowledge with todays science in this clear teaching has given me a greater understanding for life ,for the entire universe and for myself ! i am very greatful . Thank you from the bottom of my heart !

Frida hrn at May 29, 2014

I had an amazing experience, I am so grateful.

Heidi Panni-Pauninen at May 29, 2014

I experienced a profound and deeply transformation during this training, Finally I found home and I'm deeply grateful for this!

My teacher teached us with lots of love and respect and I want to thank her from the bottom of My heart! And thank you Drunvalo for making this possible!

Birgitta Segerblom at Jan 30, 2014

I am so greatful to have this opportunity. All my love and thanks for making this possible.

Synnove Bakke at Jan 29, 2014

I can highly recommend Monica as teacher, and also her wonderful and peaceful venue in Koster, Sweden. Very well suited for this workshop. Thank you!

Marika Lagerstrm at Jan 27, 2014

I am very satisfied with the whole course !!!

It would have been nice to get some outprints on some info we got from the teacher. We took notes and my feeling is that I am missing something when I am taking notes.

Thank you!

Susanne Hasselberg at Jan 22, 2014

I loved every day of the workshop and I am happy beyond Words.

Ase Jolin Mellgard at Jan 22, 2014

There is a definite shift in my body/mind and heart. I feel more calm, alert and happy. The World seems a perfect Place to stay. The experience is one of "being held".

In the presence of Monica I felt great trust.

I am so grateful.

vilde thingstad at Jan 20, 2014

I feel that it is almost impossible to rate a experience like this. It Is today the biggest and most helpfull thing I've done in my life ( or second to my sons birth), and I am forever changed. Every day I grow, and I now have a connection with my higher self on a dayly basis. Monica is a great and empathic theacher and you can see that she is passionate and honest about wanting to bring this info out and teach in the best way she can-from her heart. Thank you, Drunvalo and Monica for changing my life and helping me and my family to a better way of living.

Soley Elisabeth Svensson at Dec 22, 2013


I give my teacher Monica Ljungberg-Ohrn the highest score in all she did, and the venue and the energies were absolutely amazing! I highly recommend her!

But unfortunately I can not do that when it comes to Drunvalo's content-details of the course!

My intention with this course was, first and foremost, to activate and to remember how to use the Merkaba, and after that, get information on what to do with it and what it means.

I'm not interested in what the science says. I'm not interested in how it was in the past or how it will be in the future, what happens now is the most important, what can be done now at this moment, it is the only thing that matters. I want to know which choices one have in this moment.

I have now realized that we all are Infinite Beings with Infinite possibilities and choices. So nothing is impossible.

I've also realized that you do not need to create or manifest anything, everything is already created, and there's enough for everyone. Of both the positive and negative, the only thing we need to do is choose.

We can all choose to do, have, and be whatever we want.

And no one need to be in any spesific place to choose.

My experience of the whole course is that there is way too much information, and far too little practicing!

I have done this course 2 times, and I have bought the DVD, but I still feel that I need to do it many more times before I can handle everything in Drunvalo's way of doing it.

It was much easier to practice in the group with my teacher, than to do it myself at home. The hardest part is with the tongue, I'm still unsure if I'm doing it right. Sometimes I do not see or feel anything, and it's hard for me to feel the beams with my right hand, I get to practice trusting my intention that they are activated.

I know I'm ready to make "The 90 Degree Turn", I have no family or anything else that keeps me here, it feels like I'm done here, but I do not feel that I am able, to make the the next step (jump), in the way that Drunvalo describing it.

The description sounds so complicated to do, there are so many steps to remember and do. I have started to to wonder if there's an easier way to do it.

I know and believe that Joy is the key to everything.

I have started to practice to find ways to feel good, and I have noticed that when I feel joy, it feels like I am in the tiny place, in the heart. Then it is all well in my life, I can then deal with whatever comes to me, everything is easy when I feel Joy. I also then feel that I am in alignment with The Source. Without Joy, everything becomes a struggle.

So I suppose, it is the Joy that is the easy way.

I know when I am ready, I will make the jump, in my own way, that is to say, with my feminine intention.

My dominant intention is to feel joy, have fun, and feeling good.

The male logical way, does not resonate with me, it is too much information and too many things to do.

I believe that the only thing I need to do, is to choose to do what makes me feel good! That is the right path for me!

However, I am grateful that I have done this course, it has helped me to realize that there is an easier way to do it.

I just have to continue to choose things to do that makes me feel good, and then all good things will come to me easyly.

Thank you very much, I really appreciate what I have learned through this course.

With Infinite Love, Soley Svensson

Kim Berge-Hansen at Dec 12, 2013

It was intensive days. with much love and sharing. I am doing this course again soon.

Sandra Nordin at Dec 03, 2013

Monica is a wonderful teacher, and beautiful person! So greatful I found this workshop. Top points to Monicas classes.

vilde thingstad at Nov 14, 2013

This workshop changed my life. It was the best and biggest thing I've ever done. And I get so humble just thinking about it, that words become of no use.

Thank you!

ulfhild envall at Nov 06, 2013

Thank you Monica, for a truly wonderful workshop! An incredible experience! Thank you!

Maria Hahlin at Nov 03, 2013

Monica, you are a wonderful angel on earth! Thank you, thank you, thank you <3

Monica Distler at Oct 21, 2013

I miss my teacher beside me to encourage me and help me continue the work I have started.

Robin Lagelius at Oct 19, 2013

I really love this information, it brings so much together for me. My experience was very positive but also kind of subtle. I would like to have a grander experience of the techniques and states of consciousness this work teaches, therefore I am dedicated to use it in any way I can.

On another note I must say that I am starting to get a little bit repulsed by the magnitude of structure that is developing around the SOR. I registered for this membership and payed an additional fee for nearly no new information at all, and now I am asked to pay more (and monthly) to access information I was told was to be available to me directly (and that you tell me is ESSENTIAL, even though the workshop clearly states that it contains everything I need; I am aware that this is so since my Higher Self will teach me everything I need to know on my path if I let myself, I just think it's really bad form the way this is being expressed by the SOR). I do not mean to be snotty or anything (this is all from my heart), but I am getting "monetary-corporate" feelings from the format this is growing into. I am inclined to recommend these teachings to anyone on a spiritual path or otherwise because of the value of the information. I will however always give the full truth in what I see. I am not so sure I can recommend this FORMAT of learning (always being asked to do "just one more thing", or pay "one more little fee") for anyone with a clear conscience. I don't know how I will feel if the "new body of information" that Drunvalo is going to present in 2014 will be presented as "essential" to learn and that you (again) cannot complete ascension without it.

With the deepest respect for the dedication to serve humanity and align with unity.

Robin Lagelius

20/10 2013

Delsbo, Sweden

Christer Winblad at Sep 23, 2013

There should be higher numbers as this was the best course ever. This is really school of remembering. Monica is a fantastic teacher with such a warm and wonderful teaching. Her place is total overwhelming with Love. I am so happy that I found this course and teacher. Thank you.

Soley Elisabeth Svensson at Aug 27, 2013

Hi! The reason I did not give the highest score on everything, is not because of my teacher Monica, (she was wonderful) or the information and materials, but because of my own insecurities and inability to understand, and lack of trust. Because of that, I feel am not yet ready to make the "Last 90 Degree Turn" Not even practicing, I'm afraid that if I do that, I will make the jump, even though I am not feel ready for that yet. The funny thing about this is that I knew about this a few months before I did the workshop. I got an offer to do it, but I said I was not ready yet and that I would think about it, and two weeks ago I got the offer again, but once again, I said I was not ready. But today I have started to wonder if I maybe is ready for it. I know that next time I will get the offer, will be on September 7th, then perhaps I say yes. Another funny thing I came to think of is that I have a greater part of my life prayed and search for it, and now when I've found it, I'm not then ready for it. Thank you for answered my prayer. I am excited to see what is going to happen next. I know what is meant to happen, will happen. Namaste

With Infinite Love Soley

Emma Cedergren at Aug 26, 2013

Again, thank you so much! Due to the fact that I had many enteties, I decided to participate in the workshop once more, to get the 2 healingdays, as well as a reminder of the entire course. But the experiece this second time I participated, was truly amazing, having activated my merkaba earlier, I now could see what took place, all the angels, the ET:s the colours, sounds, all the different beings standing outside our room, just watching, so interessted of what we were doing. My world fell into place, it's been a really fun and interesting ride from there! Love Emma from Sweden

Synnove Bakke at Jul 07, 2013

A great workshop With a great teacher!

Thanks, Monica

Jadranka Mitkovska at Jun 09, 2013

She is 100% Best!!

Ann-Sofie Andersson at Jun 06, 2013

It was like coming home