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Elaine Noyes at Mar 14, 2024

Practicing the heart meditations and the merkaba activations. , well all of it, has brought unexpected joy and clarity into my life !

Brooke Hall Allen at Feb 28, 2024

Viola Rose is an incredible teacher who I admire very much. The whole experience was a blessing and a gift. Thank you.

Urangua Chuluun at Feb 19, 2024

Training was really good and something which i never experienced before. Powerful experience.

One comments: Training may need a students book which contained basic knowledge.

Chi Chen Chen at Feb 18, 2024

It was a beautiful experience to be in Viola’s workshop. She is a masterful teacher. I am grateful to have learn via Viola to Drunvalo vast wisdom and love! ❤️

Janine Laux at Jan 26, 2024

The workshop was way beyond my expectations and Viola is a wonderful teacher, I'm really happy I decided to do it with her and highly recommend it.

Nicole Marquis at Nov 14, 2023

great workshop, clarified a lot of things for me,gave me still more to work on,the heart healing was great,

Christina Muth at Sep 13, 2023

This was such an intimate and powerful class. The members and the instruction was top notch, there was high energy the whole time. great company, excellent setting, and just a group of beautiful souls to share with.

alfred cano at Aug 22, 2023

best workshop ever and life changing information I'm coming back again!!!

Alya Suter at Jul 22, 2023

If you are to take this class - remove any expectations and then you will be amazed with the results. I found workshop extremely helpful in my spiritual journey, groups small enough to connect with everyone on a different level of help and mutual support and found Viola very good as a teacher. Short, sweet, supportive and straight to the point. Very inclusive, non-judgemental and very spiritual!

Loved my 4 days of enlightenment! Thank you.

Kathleen Moniz at Jul 18, 2023

Viola Rose was very informative, supportive and very insightful. I am profoundly grateful and appreciate this wonderful workshop and recommend it to everyone.

Myrna Dotti at May 22, 2023

The workshop was PROFOUND!

It is difficult for me to put into words the feelings I have right now after finishing this life-changing experience.

I realized I even started getting the teachings since I sign in the workshop... prior starting it and reading the books.

Getting into the space of my heart, specially the first time was a Unique experience I will always remember, just a basic learning but at the same time so advanced.

Viola is an incredible person... she is very kind, has always answered to our questions, listened to us, being at the same time in a neutral position to give us the teachings directly as Drunvalo has taught them. It's more than highly recommended! I did the Online workshop with Viola :)

Pamela Bilodeau at Mar 02, 2023

Our facilitator, Viola Rose, created a sacred space that was welcoming and safe. It was a joy to arrive there each day. She exudes warmth and has a generous and engaging approach to teaching this material that is often dense and complex. As a practitioner, Viola teaches from a place of knowing and experience. As she is also a sound healer, parts of the workshop included her live use of instruments that augmented recordings to the level of magical. I learned many new skills and gained so many new insights to apply going forward.

Lane Spradlin at Mar 01, 2023

Viola's beautiful home and the space she held was so conducive to the meditations. It was very cozy there. Her live music performance to conclude the healing ceremony was beautiful I get tingles in my scalp thinking about it. She leads you into the meditations at the perfect pace to really feel the energies before you move on to the next step. I'd recommend her to anybody she's amazing

Pamela Rubio at Feb 23, 2023

The class was very informative by an amazing teacher and all classmates were wonderful.

Shelle Crow at Jan 20, 2023

such a great course and dramatic changes immediately

Donna Wolf at Jan 19, 2023

BRILLIANT … Both the teachings and Viola!

I’ve enjoyed meditation and spiritual exercises for decades. UNIFYing Everything IN my physical Body’s Heart is astounding and ltransformative

Liliya Gumerova at Jan 17, 2023


I just finished a magical workshop with Voila. It was one of the best experiences in my life. She is very welcome and kind person. My native language is Russian so I was worry if I can understand everything. But after Introduction class with her, I realized that I would definitely do the workshop with her. Big thank you to Drunvalo, who made this workshop so powerful. It’s an incredible workshop. I definitely recommend this workshop to everyone.

With Love, Liliya❤️

Jeanne Inamuco at Jan 01, 2023

As expected, the experience was and is life-changing. It will be an intrinsic and ongoing part of my life Many thanks to Drunvalo and ViolaRose for offering these teachings.

Frederick E (Fred) Harris at Dec 20, 2022

I feel especially blessed to have participated in this online workshop facilitated by Viola Rose. Her inner presence, vast experience and delightfully generous yet focused teaching style made it easy to become familiar with the course's content. I most appreciate and am very grateful to have been provided this opportunity to explore and begin to master this information and subtle technologies. Thank you.

Lisa Morrissey at Dec 20, 2022

This course was by far the most important information I have ever received and it makes so much sense to me, really resonated. I greatly appreciate the value for money and that the course is made so affordable. Viola, my guide and teacher through the event really made it, she is so knowledgeable and clear in her teaching while being a bundle of joy all the way. I'm hugely grateful for the experience and the very valuable knowledge. It was information I had been seeking and even entering the course never in my wildest dreams imagined the course would be so full. Thank you.

Edith Margaret Gruber at Oct 08, 2022

I really appreciated the personal attention from Violet. She created a great space for our small online group to experience and share throughout the workshop. Highly recommended!

Therese Dietiker at Sep 26, 2022

Thanks a lot it was amazing!!

Charlotte Ela at Aug 23, 2022

An inspiring and energy activating workshop! So much information and methodology is packed into 4 days. I am looking forward to integrating it all. It's wonderful to have some new tools to work with. Thank you, Viola.

Carla Wilson at Jul 27, 2022

Viola had a magnetic presence. She was energetic, joyfully fun, and very knowledgeable. Her expertise in tthe genre of sound healing was an effective addition to some of the practices. I often needed clarification, and she was always patient with me and willing to rephrase and explain a different way. She was very skilled at holding the group space and in guiding us towards our own inward journey. I personally found the practices to be impactful and I look forward to continuing with her aftercare suggestions and offerings.

astrid Jorgensen at Jul 22, 2022

Most wonderful experience, filled with love.

Ediith Perry at Jul 19, 2022

Viola is an excellent teacher.

LUYAN GE at Jul 18, 2022

I experienced another kind of Merkaba teaching in 2019. Now 3 years passed, this one help me to look from a new angle. I felt the energy of the instructor is both pure and kind. Cosmos family is everywhere : )

Ada Tourtsakis Tourtsakis at Jun 28, 2022

I had a wonderful experience. It was quite a sacred activation - I was not expecting that! But I could feel the presence of many high level ascended masters and angels supervising our activations during the training... and they remained with me for about a week afterwards.

John Angeles at Jun 12, 2022

Great workshop and nice group of attendees.

Steven Taylor at May 07, 2022

I found Viola to be an excellent communicator and dynamic in her presentation. She knew the information and conveyed it well.

richard rynaski at Mar 24, 2022

You checked all the boxes I was going to check! :)

Chreanne McLean-Jacobs McLean-Jacobs at Mar 07, 2022

This was one of the very best classes I have ever attended

Kim Carmichael at Feb 22, 2022

If you're in any way drawn to this teaching, I recommend you go ahead and do it. This is paramount stuff everybody should know but doesn't. All the best!

Mikaela K. Jones Jones at Jan 31, 2022

Taking the ATIH workshop with Viola was fantastic. Even online, it was super engaging from the start. It's so rich with information and deep with wisdom that I'm sure I'll be using moving forward. Viola is a great facilitator and I would definitely recommend her and attending one of her online ATIH workshops to anyone, if you can't get to one in person with her. You'll be so glad you did!

Susan Krieg at Jan 30, 2022

Viola Rose is personable, knowledgeable and inspiring!. I am so glad to have her guide me through this course.

Ekaterina Solovieva at Oct 01, 2021

Just wanted to express my gratitude for all the gifts we received. I feel so grateful and fortunate to have access to such amazing tools which took a lifetime of work and practice. Thank you so much , with deepest response, love, light and gratitude 🙏🏻💞✨

Pauline deHoog at Sep 18, 2021

Beautiful offering by Viola Rose,

I would love to have retained more of the vibe created in class to have carried over in my daily life, feel there could be more emphasis on daily practice to master the living in the heart in this life time.

much love,


Dominique Khab at Sep 13, 2021

Viola lovingly created a space that connected all of us deeply even through the virtual environment. The class was held with integrity and the deepest wisdom was shared with all of us. I am so grateful for this experience!

James Dillon at Sep 13, 2021

Viola Rose is a warm, caring teacher who explained the concepts of the workshop with clarity and precision. She invited us to provide our experiences, ask questions, and guide the class. This workshop is a capstone for all spiritual classes I have taken up to this point. I feel that I have a better idea why I incarnated at this time period. I am so grateful for this workshop and expert guidance that Viola provided us. Thank you. James Dillon, Las Vegas, Nevada

Adrian Zamora at Aug 16, 2021

Life changer 100%

JEANINE DIMARIA at Jul 13, 2021

I found this course amazing. I have been studying energy/frequencies for several years and feel this course wrapped everything nicely together for me. Will probably take this again with Viola. Thank you for making this available.

Amaya Kalki at Jul 10, 2021

These teachings draw a line in the sand of your life, there will be living before this way and then living after. This is the way to Peace, Joy, Harmony and the Unity of Humankind with the Earth, Cosmos, and our Divine Nature.

Tracy Myets at Jun 14, 2021

Viola taught with passion and clarity. One of the best teachers I have had when it comes to esoteric material. She was also very comprehensive and answered ALL questions realistically and grounded. If you take this workshop I highly recommend Viola Rose.


I am looking forward to retaking the class with my family so they may also learn and grow. Mahalo

Danielle Richardson at Apr 29, 2021

Most valuable information I have ever come across.period.

Zachary Lyles at Apr 27, 2021

What an amazing activation experience! Everyone involved was so full of Loving kindness. I am so grateful to have been blessed with the opportunity to participate in the workshop. Namaste

cody andrews at Mar 19, 2021

I AM very grateful for drunvalo and the workshop that was presented by Viola Rose, it was an incredible experience, sending my infinite love to you all, God bless your divinity

Tamara Pheiffer at Mar 17, 2021

Thank you so much for an incredible experience. I feel like for the first time all of the pieces to the puzzle were given. So often we are taught only half truths and thus are unable to achieve the desired outcomes.

I would have loved access to some notes and some of the images for my reference and further learning after completion. Being able to complete this online was a dream come true, we are very isolated in Africa and having this opportunity to take part in this movement was an honour

Shubha Hegde at Jan 13, 2021

The workshop was very informative.

Merit Ma at Jan 11, 2021

Viola is an excellent teacher. Great job!


Christine Perala Gardiner at Jan 01, 2021

I sent Viola Rose a page of reflections on my workshop experience. Please see those notes for more details.

I continue to benefit from this meditation retreat, and plan to attend the online event Viola Rose will hold in Jan 2021.


George Fujimoto at Oct 05, 2020

Viola Rose is the real deal. From opening ceremony to closing ceremony we were truly enveloped in heart-based love. She managed delivery of course material very well. Her caring and nurturing dialog elicited across-the-board dialog from every participant enriching the experience for all involved. She is a true master at what she does to the benefit of all who seek this path. I recommend Viola Rose as YOUR ATIH instructor. On the rise, George Fujimoto, Hawaii

George Fujimoto at Oct 04, 2020

Viola Rose is the real deal. Her instruction was clear regardless of detail. She allowed the participants to absorb the material as suited our needs and attended to all queries we may have had. Her heart-based love opened the path to priceless interaction across the board from Day 1. Her encouragement and compassion came with a healthy serving of positive energy. I recommend Viola's workshop for anyone who feels the spiritual call for personal improvement on the way to ascension. George Fujimoto, Hawaii

Ayla Woodruff at Oct 01, 2020

Viola was such a wonderful instructor to have for the delivery of this deep material. She had an answer for any question and I was never left feeling confused. I’d leave each class every day with a sustained curiosity and vigor for this subtle and beautiful world that we’ve so long overlooked—the journey back home! I am so excited to sail on this ship alongside my higher self, who I was able to re-connect with, thanks to this workshop. Viola, thank you for your brilliant spirit and inspiration!

George Fujimoto at Sep 30, 2020

Viola Rose is the real deal. She creates a cocoon of love and adventure into the realm of personal awakening for all involved. She is a great communicator, distributing empowering information while allowing workshop participants the freedom to individually integrate subject matter in a style most suited for each soul. Her guidance is both amazing and apropos. I am humbly grateful to have shared space and I now know I am on the right path, the only path for me; forward with love. With deep appreciation, George Fujimoto, Hawaii

Noor Merza at Sep 11, 2020

The best experience with the best teacher 🦋💚🙏🏽

Meredith Hancock at Sep 10, 2020

Excellent class, a lot of knowledge through personal instruction. For an online workshop, you could feel a strong connection and it was very engaging. Viola was amazing and answered all of our questions. She upholds the upmost integrity of the teachings being presented in this workshop.

Meredith Hancock at Sep 10, 2020

Excellent class, a lot of knowledge through personal instruction. For an online workshop, you could feel a strong connection and it was very engaging. Viola was amazing and answered all of our questions. She upholds the upmost integrity of the teachings being presented in this workshop.

Dalia Izzeldin Awad Ali Suliman Alkanzy at Sep 08, 2020

She is one of the top best teachers I have ever seen in my life .. she has such a spirit which touches your heart and keeps it in peace ..

I just adore her .. God bless you my Gardian Angel Viola Rose ..

Love you endlessly.

Dr. Dalia Alkanzy

Lisa Kostova at Jun 26, 2020

Viola is an absolutely amazing teacher!

Susan Stedman at Jun 19, 2020

This workshop was priceless and I believe was one of the most important things I have ever done in my life. I really appreciated that Viola was willing to do a workshop in person, since both Danielle and I felt we needed that version of it, even in the pandemic. And Brian was a lovely person to be there also. Viola was wonderful, clear, loving and an inspiration in her own right just by how she lives her life! What a tremendous blessing!!

Sisillia Stefanie Scheller at May 25, 2020

Thank you , it is an amzong journey and I will keep practicing the immuminated heart meditaion and the merkaba activation, kindest regards

Desiree Lawn Lawn at May 20, 2020

It was a wonderful opportunity to take Viola's workshop online via Zoom. It was great to be in the privacy of home for the exercises, and to not have to travel. Highly recommend taking her workshop. Amazing experience!

Catherine Klunk at May 20, 2020

Thank you so much for all this information, I feel really to receive it.

Wil Christe at May 19, 2020

Viola Rose creates a warm, inviting space that is excellent for learning new information.

DANA BARNETT at May 11, 2020

This class was very insightful and informative. There was so much new information to process. The facilitator was pleasant and well spoken. I thoroughly enjoyed the class even though it was online due to the current circumstances. I plan to take the class again hopefully in person.

Molly Piekut at Apr 22, 2020

This experience was life changing for me! I am so grateful for the role that this workshop has taken along my journey! I am excited to see what else I can find on this website! I have already recommended the workshop to several people!


Loved the zoom meeting format. I would recommend keeping this type of class small 6-8 people. We had 6 and it was perfect. Too many more it could have been more chaos. Viola was a great instructor and I will take more classes from her and recommend her. The school of remembering needs someone to take it on and update it and make it viable again. Waste of money to spend the money on it as I do not find much value to old info.

Jeff Duff at Apr 21, 2020

Great experience!

Jorge Campos Arce at Apr 20, 2020

Excellent teacher. Definitively a big heart, very talented and intelligent. She transmits the love and passion she has for these teachings. I felt so welcomed and excited about all the things she had to share including her experiences and materials. I really recommend her as a teacher, I would take the workshop again with her.

Ofer Niv at Apr 20, 2020

I loved the class and Viola's open heart. An experience to remember.

Kory Johnson at Apr 01, 2020

I was extremely satisfied with every aspect of the course. I attended the class online and would not have been able to attend if it were only held at a physical location. Viola and everyone in attendance maybe me feel welcome and loved.

cason johnson at Apr 01, 2020

Thank you

Kiran Rhoades at Sep 21, 2019

That Viola lives the work was shown as she opened her home to us and stayed centered and open and interactive with 8 people in her space. Group cohesion and spiritual connection were built. She contained and presented this invaluable material with and fun and integrity.

Jan Lake at Sep 18, 2019

The ATIH Class with Viola Rose was Amazing! It was immediately apparent that Viola was genuinely interested in helping us understand each meditation, the related material and helping us reach ou potential. It was a great learning experience and I feel I am on the path Living From the Inner Space of the Heart.

Bryan was also wonderful in hosting the event at his home - what a Loving Spirit.

Thanks and Love to You All. Jan Lake

Harold Moniz Moniz at Sep 16, 2019

Viola is a gifted teacher and knows how to hold the space for everyone's highest good. Viola knows the material very well and her explanations were very helpful. Viola's beautiful sound healing abilities contributed to our workshop. What an amazing experience and workshop!!!

Kurt Ahrens at May 27, 2019

The ATIH work shop was an amazing experience. Viola presented clear instructions and the content was excellent. I would recommend this everyone that is searching for more spiritual understanding. Thank you Viola!

Krissy Lee Brunner at May 25, 2019

Viola was a phenomenal facilitator - she was very knowledgeable of the material and also held the sacred space for us to be vulnerable. It was a life changing experience that I am so grateful to have had. Thank you to everyone involved!

Joseph Topete at May 15, 2019

Thanks again Viola! :)

Jade Keys at Aug 07, 2017

Viola is very knowledgable in the teachings of Drunvalo. I really enjoyed how she energetically brought him into the space by presenting some of his videos and audio recordings. Love is the most important aspect of this workshop and Viola was able to channel that well and answer questions in a great way that was easy to understand. The sacred space that was created felt safe and high vibrational. So eternally grateful for this experience.

Carina Terra at Jul 22, 2017

Amazing, life-changing workshop. Viola is a very knowledgeable teacher who knows how to hold sacred space and make everyone feel safe, welcome and cared for.

Joseph Topete at Jul 21, 2017

Thank you so much Viola for your wonderful dedicated work.

It was an honor being in your last workshop.

I will never forget the wonderful experiences we all had shared.

Until our paths cross again, take care. :)

Carol Howe at Apr 04, 2017

I truly loved this workshop. It was highly engaging as well as fascinating. I am using the new skills I learned daily and am feeling the benefits. I am so grateful that I was able to have this experience.

Leslie West at Mar 19, 2017

This was a deeply profound experience for me. Definitely one of the best workshops I have ever attended. Viola is an amazing teacher. She guided us through the process with love and grace. I am in awe of everything I learned and truly grateful for the precious gifts of Awakening the Illumined Heart. My heart is filled with love and gratitude. Thank you!

Larry Bradley at Nov 04, 2016

Out of all of My searching and researching this was the most wonderful experience I have ever had. Thank You Viola for facilitating the workshop, and Thank You Drunvalo for your life`s work that made this workshop available. With love from my now illuminated heart, Larry Bradley

kathryn sweas at Nov 03, 2016

This ATIH workshop with Viola Rose delivered all that it promised and more. Viola especially honored the work by her devotion in presenting and offering the teachings sincerely according to the unfolding of it as Drunvalo had offered her over the years. Viola held the space for me and the rest of the group to grasp and experience this most sacred work to our fullest extent in the 4 days, making us all feel welcome, heard, seen and moved. My personal experience was life-changing, giving me access to my own divinely-given inner resources and tools, geometries and spaces, in a way I had not fully engaged with before. I recognize the immense importance and total practicality of doing so and am awesomely grateful to Drunvalo, Viola, and the Divine for all that is offered to us in this way. I HIGHLY recommend everyone to come to an Awakening the Illuminated Heart workshop...especially with Viola....her kindness, clarity, devotion and empowered presence is rich and highly engaging!

Joseph Topete at Nov 01, 2016

This is my 11th time doing the workshop, and it keeps unlocking more internal experiences that helps me understand more of who I am. Always a pleasure coming back to this workshop. Thanks again Viola for taking this path as part of your overall life teachings.


Joseph Topete at Jul 19, 2016

Thanks again Viola and all those who participated, it was another incredible experience, different every time :).


Joseph Topete at May 16, 2016

Well, this is my 9th time taking the workshop. It never gets old and new things are constantly opening up as I immerse deeper into the work. Thank you Viola for facilitating this awesome workshop. And thank you Drunvalo for manifesting and allowing this workshop to be taught to the world where it needs the most love in the most turbulent times. My deepest gratitude and appreciation,


David Thompson at Apr 09, 2016

I would like to thank you for helping me to dig deep within and assist me in finding, identifying and healing a sore spot within and accepting the emotional turbulence needed to process the information. I also would like to acknowledge your ability to switch gears dependent upon the emotional needs of the students who certainly are going to experience individual emotional responses to the experience.

John Engbeck John Engbeck at Apr 08, 2016

This is the critical path to true freedom and reality in Service. This learner can't imagine what could be better than this! Thank you. Namaste. ~

Cory Aginiga at Mar 26, 2016

Thank you all who have dedicated your selfs to helping us Remember in this time here on earth. As my heart opens and my tears of joy flow, more and more I'm remembering who I am. This workshop helped me with confidence to be my self fully and to follow my synchronized excitement. I love you all. Be here now! What a time to be alive! May the little child awaken in you!

Cory Aginiga

Joseph Topete at Mar 23, 2016

This is my 8th time taking the workshop, AND IT NEVER GETS OLD. :)

Always looking forward to the next one with more heart opening experiences along my spiritual path.

Thank you Viola, and thank you Drunvalo and the rest of the School of Remembering staff, your work is incredibly inspiring.


Joseph Topete at Jan 20, 2016

This is my 7th time doing this workshop, probably the most intense workshop that I have ever been a part of. A lot of healing took place, and at the same time, a lot of openings to other venues of healing have also taken place. I had no idea what this had in store for me until I returned for the 7th time. Every time I come to these workshops, something new always unfolds, whether it's remembering how to heal or how to connect with other people or ideas. This is the safest place to let all of that go and just be who you really are. Thank you Viola for taking this task as your life's mission! :) With gratitude in the absolute, -Joseph

Angela Sparks at Jan 19, 2016

This is an important resource for spiritual evolution. The techniques and exercises are appropriate for many spiritual paths; I felt that all were honored. The teaching was incredible and invaluable. Thank you for sharing it!

Joseph Topete at Nov 17, 2015

This is my sixth time attending these workshops, and I will never get tired of it. There is always new experiences and deeper revelations to material you already know, this workshop continues to unfold in my life. Great instructor, great people, I highly recommend this class to everyone on earth, we as a human race need this to advance forward. Thank you Viola, and thank you Drunvalo. -Joseph

Randall Hold at Oct 13, 2015

Thank you so much for the wonderful workshop!

I know people go to Drunvalo's workshops for the honor and experience of learning from him. You have actually done a better job at conveying the technique and reasons better than he because you stayed focused. Your personal experiences getting to the tiny space of your heart were particularly valuable to me.

Such a wonderful example of how to live from the heart you give.

Locke McCorkle at Jun 24, 2015

This is a great course! It overflows with profound and unusual information. I loved it.

James Rubino at Jun 17, 2015

It's been two years, since I became aware of the ATIH Workshop, and Viola Rose, and developed an immediate interest in being a participant/benefactor of the material content to be covered. I have, previously, since 1994, had vague exposure to the work of Drunvalo Melchizedek, while hearing of him through a Reiki Master (Betsy) in Albuquerque, NM, who had been enrolled in his programs with very positive remarks, as to the benefits and enlightenment available in the works, which brought me to value and appreciation, associated towards Drunvalo, and this ATIH. In my preparations to feel myself deemed "ready", Viola was very proactive in maintaining contact via invitations to attend the workshop, until I was finally ready, at which point, she fostered my interest and sense of belonging as a valued participant. Her descriptions and explanations, coupled with her own personal energies towards experience and knowledge of the course subject were always met with my ease of understanding, precisely, what I had hoped to glean from our dialogues, so that I was perfectly clear of the personal benefits and growth, which I stood to gain, but further, she exuded a spirit of truth, wisdom, dignity, and exceptional personal integrity in both her character, and her behaviors, while we remained in contact, upto and inclusive of the commencement and completion of this critically important Ascension Key to the personal evolution of individual and collective consciousness, for the progressive elevation of preparedness, which I hold as the quintessential awareness, that we are to unlock, within humanity, and in support of Mother Earth & Father Sky, for immeasurable worth and values, to be treasured for all the ages, and most certainly, during these momentous times, in which we live. It is my estimation, as both, a healer, seeker of truth and wisdom, as well, as a mindful citizen of the universe, that Viola Rose, and the ATIH workshop, through the valiant efforts and, undoubtedly, tireless love of Drunvalo Melchizedek, we are to be guided along our myriad paths toward unity, and empowerment, which shall quite possibly be the hallmark of future generations to rejoin the collective soul-love, from which, I believe we've all become Star-Seed Children, and shall know the finer points of LIGHT within, and without, above, and below, and to every direction about the expanse of interdimensional space within our grasps. I AM YOU & YOU ARE I. Take care to see your way to this fantastic journey, as you shall find it worthy to share with with all, whom you have, and shall ever know. Namaste. In Lak'ech. James Mark Rubino

Alan Falconer at Jun 17, 2015

Viola Rose is the most amazing teacher I have ever had the pleasure of learning from. I would recommend her workshop to anyone who would be interested; in fact I have already made recommendation to some who are aware and interested in their life's destiny.

Jessica Nolte at May 28, 2015

I had an wonderful experience, Viola is so knowledgeable and amazing at teaching all there is to learn within the time provided. It was fun getting to know everyone, especially myself in a new way that is very life changing.

Thank you so much Viola you are wonderful!

Doug Milholland at May 25, 2015

Viola Rose is a dynamic teacher with a warm interactive personality. The workshop covers a lot of ground, and introduced me to a fascinating body of information in a hands-on way. Well worth the money, changed me into a meditator for months.

Joan Ryan Estay at May 14, 2015

Very intense workshop and a lot of information, I am really thankful that this knowledge is coming back.

Vicki Linn at Apr 30, 2015

Viola is an amazing teacher. She is very articulate and capable of answering whatever questions that came up. She holds the space with clear intention, non judgement and grace. This workshop is THE most important work we can be doing for ourselves, our fellow humans and Mother Earth. I feel so blessed to have been guided to become a participant. I'm deeply grateful for Drunvalo, his knowledge and his joyful willingness to help us expand and grow as we, in turn, connect to the All and remember our True Selves. What a beautiful journey.

Joshua Carriere at Apr 30, 2015

I have a lot of Gratitude for the Way the information was presented. The Beauty in which instructions and understanding for all those involved was warm and opening.


marty dixon at Apr 29, 2015

My experience with Viola Rose at the April, 2015 A.T.I.H. workshop was life-changing. It was not easy for me to go through such intense practices, but it was just what I needed.

I'm speechless. The group became ONE HEART under the watchful tutelage of our instructor, and I feel that I'm finally on my true path.

I'm grateful to find a way to proceed with my true purpose!

Berto Pugliese at Apr 14, 2015

There is one piece of advice I'd like to share with anyone wanting to attend the workshop (especially very young people, like myself, aged anywhere from 18 to perhaps 25 years old. I am, myself, a very nearly 21-year-old young man, at the time of this writing):

But first, some background on myself:

I have not had many spiritual experiences, mild, moderate or major, during my (albeit, relatively short) lifetime.

I haven't been very psychic, if at all, in my life; I haven't had any contact with my Higher Self ever in my life; and I haven't been very intuitive, either.

I also have not been in Nature a whole lot in my life, one reason being that ever since I was little, I have always been very closed off of trying anything outside of my comfort zone.

In short, I haven't been Awakening very much during my time spent here on Earth.

I think, because of my lack of spiritual experience, plus not being out in Nature enough to be able to connect with Mother Earth and Father Sky, that this is why I had great difficulty (and still do) having success with any of the actual meditations while at the workshop.

If you are my age or any age and come from a similar life story to mine of not having much spiritual progress, you want to attend the workshop and you have the same difficulties I did when you are there, my advice is don't give up hope.

It might take a while after the workshop to really experience anything truly profound that other people might have had no trouble having.

Viola told me that this can happen from time to time with some students, and she told me when I was having trouble to do these meditations on your own time, at your own pace.

Maybe, for example, if you are having trouble connecting to Mother Earth and Father Sky, like I did, you might need to spend some time reflecting on why this is so.

You may need to go through healing, through therapy or otherwise, to open your Self up to new things, and/or to release any emotional trauma or old belief patterns that might be holding you back.

Even though on Day Two of the workshop there is an all-afternoon healing ceremony, it's only to crack open a hole in whatever blockage is keeping you from experiencing the Sacred and Tiny Spaces of your Heart.

You might need more help to clear yourself of the rest of it through sources beyond your time at the workshop, if doing so, of course, is in alignment with your Higher Purpose.

Thank you to whomever is reading this for doing so and thank you, Viola, so very much in being such a great Passionate, yet Patient teacher of this class!


-Berto Pugliese, Oregon

WPeter Clark at Feb 17, 2015

Viola Rose is a really wonderful teacher/facilitator. She was present, heartfull, clear, fun, humorous, organized and on track, inspired and inspiring, committed to see that each of us received what we needed to do the processes. I was very pleased with what was offered within the course, I left feeling full. Like everything we want to become good at, we need to practice.

Fiona Black at Feb 15, 2015

My experience at the ATIH workshop has been life changing. The workshop itself is a masterpiece, combing just the right amount of knowledge, wisdom and experiential practise of the techniques needed to raise awareness to higher levels of consciousness. Viola Rose was the perfect teacher to present this information. Viola's loving presence, along with her amazing knowledge of the content of the workshop as well as her passion for teaching and learning, made for an outstanding experience. This is by far the most amazing workshop I have had the honour of attending. I would highly recommend this workshop and I can not wait to experience it again! Thank you Viola Rose!

Joseph Topete at Feb 10, 2015

Thanks again Viola. Thank you for your commitment and dedication to teaching this workshop full time. This is my 5th time attending the workshop and I still can't get enough of it. This will be my last though (unless I get the calling of doing it again out of necessity) because of a cycle I already completed within this school of teaching, but I will never forget the incredible experiences I had with this material. May anyone who feels lost in life find their way through you if they accept the choice. Bless you and anyone who wishes to attend. From my heart to all,

Joseph Topete

Lloyd Leiderman at Feb 10, 2015

Viola is a wonderful, loving soul and a teacher who is truly concerned that each of her students receive the greatest expression of their inner Being that they can. She is a radiant example of using practical spirituality to grow and to expand the facets of the One in Great Service.

josef dockal at Jan 17, 2015


Viola Rose is great instructor, she created a perfect atmosphere allowing us to dove into AIH process. Her passion, knowledge and encouragement for sharing AIH techniques was amazing. We highly recommend her.

Thank you

Josef & Jane Dockal

Ed Pytel at Jan 13, 2015

My understanding of the heart (both cognitively and spiritually) definitely grew as a result of this workshop. In the past, I would have spiritual experiences but i didn't understand that they were rooted in the heart. I now feel I have both the understand and the practical methods for spiritual growth rooted in the heart. A profound THANK YOU!

Mallory Pickrell at Dec 13, 2014

This workshop was an incredible and life changing experience! Thank you so much for the beautiful wisdom!

Ramona Webb at Nov 21, 2014

So totally awesome!!! A completely excellent experience!!!

Ramona Webb at Nov 21, 2014

This workshop was life changing in so many ways....one of the most beautiful experiences in this lifetime!!! Thank you, Viola!!! And everyone else!!!

Elizabeth Lawry Kristie at Nov 19, 2014

Attending the ATIH was a magnificent experience. The workshop was far better than I even imagined; the information was unique and inspiring; and, Viola Rose knew the content, communicated with clarity, made our days interesting and fun, and guided us to an incredibly amazing result - WOW! Don't wait to do this, now is the time!

michele tafuri at Oct 12, 2014

Viola (our ATIH teacher) was very comfortable with the material she covered. She did a very thorough and professional job. She came from her heart and it was a moving and heartfelt class. Thank you Viola and Drunvalo.

Sean Mandelbaum at Oct 07, 2014

Viola led a lovely workshop. It was a fantastic experience for me, and one that is helping me make improvements in my daily life.

Andrew Nelson at Oct 03, 2014

Viola was an excellent teacher

Joseph Topete at Sep 24, 2014

This is my 4th time doing the workshop, and I have to say that the material gets better every time. I could not ask for a better instructor to come to Oregon, so thank you school of remembering and thank you Viola! :)

Betty Franklin at Aug 17, 2014

This was a life changing event, one of the best gifts I have ever given myself.

sheila steele at Aug 14, 2014

The experience and group energy was wonderful. Viola was confident and clear in her instructions. I wish that I could have experienced the Merkaba during that time, but didn't get past entering the heart. Grateful for the knowledge and will continue to practice.

Katherine Shariq at Jul 15, 2014

I appreciated our instructor, Viola, calling in the light and assistance from the Angels and the four corners of the earth. Our venue was beautiful and the days flew by. We had so much information to take in and our instructor did a great job of explaining the steps and the process. I look forward to communing with my high selves in this sacred, sacred space. Thank you so much for sharing this information. Blessings, Katherine

Elaine Freeman at Jul 01, 2014

The class was outstanding. I was able to go into the tiny space of my heart and activate my MerKaBa. Viola was a great instructor. I highly recommend this class.

Joseph Topete at May 22, 2014

3rd time taking it, 3 times the fun. Love it!

Zdenka Sharp at May 17, 2014

Knowledgable,well run class, powerful experience with instruction very clear.

Maureen Freehill at Apr 24, 2014

Of the MANY trainings I have attended, this is an extremely rare workshop that went to a breadth and depth of experience, clarity and value beyond my wildest imagination. If you are considering attending, I highly recommend Viola as a fabulously clear, caring and thorough facilitator. She is a gem and a goddess of love + light who will help you see that you are ONE too!

Suzanne Garrison at Apr 21, 2014

I went into this workshop with a friend and she was able to activate her mercaba. I was not but will continue to work on this. I am not certain if I am in the sacred and tiny space of my heart and unsure of my beams. Viola is an outstanding teacher and I still am in contact with some of the graduates of my class. I am planning on retaking this class in the future.

Jordan Valenzona at Apr 19, 2014

From the opening ceremony to the last day of the workshop our space seemed to be lit up with love and excitement, for this work is truley one of remembering. I feel extremely blessed to have had a teacher who could hold the atmosphere, get us all the information we needed, and of course embodied living from your heart.

With love and light, Jordan V.

Heidi Grassi at Apr 06, 2014

This workshop has changed my life in profound ways. My spirit is light and free now to express love without fear. I now have a constant connection to all-that-is. I have truly remembered so much that was lost when I was born into this realm. I had a complete paradigm shift and now realize just how amazing we are as creators and beautiful beings. I can't begin to explain with words how this has transformed my life. I am constantly reaping new benefits everyday, one of which happens to be a constant connection and guidance from my higher-self and the universal mind. This constant connection touches all those I come into contact with throughout every day as my light shines on everyone. My joy is beyond words! I am forever grateful for Viola and her guidance and spiritual wisdom! She is clearly dedicated to our spiritual ascension through her compassionate lessons and vast knowledge. She facilitates each person's spiritual transcendence with the compassion and skills of a master educator. I can't even imagine the impact these teachings will have on the entire universe. We are so loved! Blessings!

Love, Heidi

Heather Smith at Mar 25, 2014

Thank you!

Adrienne Elise at Mar 15, 2014

For me, this workshop left me feeling like a horrible failure. I remember apologizing to the group, in tears, on the last day for whatever it was that I did wrong. It was a karmic group where we shared past life tragedy and I felt responsible.

I felt like I would never activate, I found inside deep shame and feelings of being not good enough. But now that I have been able to activate, there is a lot to realize. I have an acute understanding of what is preventing us from being able to get into our heart. I spent the last year working to get through the armor of shame at being an integral part of the orchestration of the 'Fall'. And as Rudolf Steiner says, inevitably as we go to raise our consciousness, we come across our 'Doppelganger' or Guardian of the Threshold'. I would call it 'Shadow'. For we have to see that we chose for ourselves all that darkness. That we need to take responsibility for what we have created. The workshop was ultimately successful because I have activated and arrived in the tiny space.

I know in my consciousness that that very act of the 'Fall', that experiment, has allowed us to have this most magnificent adventure of changing levels of consciousness IN a body. We are co-creating New Earth right here right now as we speak.

So what happened is that I had a major head injury skiing shortly after the new year and I have had a few head injuries and I think this had been a factor in my not being able to activate my beams of light. This has an interesting correlation to the sick participant who needed a healing and so we postponed the first part of the activation of the beams of light until the next day. That was when the Celtic drum came flying off the wall at me...right when I went to go activate my first beams. I obviously have a fear of my own creative power. Because of what has happened in past lives deep in duality consciousness, where the light that I continually tried to bring did nothing but also bring darkness. And creation brought destruction. My difficult process of working through this deep shame that is inherent in humanity and mucho with me has allowed me great insight to help others more gracefully move through these transitions.

I felt myself activate on the chairlift after the head injury. I've practiced so many times, I knew all the steps after I started seeing the spiral and felt like I had a glowing green space helmet on, I knew what to do. I look forward to the online workshop.

michael beeler at Mar 13, 2014

this was great time, it was better then i had antisapated. the mer ka ba is far greater then i ever expected. what a feeling. thank you with all my love

Joseph Topete at Mar 12, 2014

My second time attending the ATIH workshop, and I have to say, it becomes easier to access the heart every time there is a powerful gathering like this. It was clearer to me what I have to do and how to do it. Now I can enjoy what I do!

Joseph Topete at Mar 12, 2014

Great workshop, wonderful teacher, and the best classes anyone in the world can get. Loved the visuals, the background music, and the techniques provided. A real heart-opener

Em Sevol at Mar 08, 2014

It was wonderful overall. I got more than I expected from it. I also felt it could have gone deeper. The programming the merkaba day was a zero value. I would have been much happier exploring the tiny space, sacred space, anything we did would have been great to do again, I felt it was too much time spent on something irrelevant, rather than simply being in the space, learning to move in the space, live from the space.

HARLOW TODARO at Feb 12, 2014


Lauren Pomerantz at Jan 25, 2014

This was the first time I took a class from someone other than Drunvalo. Drunvalo had already presented the sacred space/tongue-heart practice in 2 earlier workshops which I attended and I believe I attended every single of one of Drunvalo's workshops that were the composite of this since April 1994. I can say that Viola Rose is an excellent representative of Drunvalo's work and heart based example.

Lauren Pomerantz at Jan 25, 2014

This was the first time I took a class from someone other than Drunvalo. Drunvalo had already presented the sacred space/tongue-heart practice in 2 earlier workshops which I attended and I believe I attended every single of one of Drunvalo's workshops that were the composite of this. I can say that Viola Rose is an excellent representative of Drunvalo's work and heart based example.

katie phillips at Jan 22, 2014

Truth revealing, heart opening WOW! The workshop with Viola Rose was pure joy, vibrating and building in love, culminating in a rich yet free feeling to walk in love with each step forward. I left behind polarity consciousness. The workshop experience made the connection of the heart's intelligence very clear to me. I am over flowing with love and happiness now that I feel in-tuned! I will be forever grateful for this pivotal experience that allows me to go to the deeper i was craving but missing, thinking it was all in the mind.

yanwei zhu at Jan 14, 2014

violarose taught me unconditional love...taught me the things i need to learn,,she is a wonderful person if you see her out of your ego you will find out...

Aurora Grace at Jan 02, 2014

Participating in the Awakening the Illuminated Heart retreat realigned my spirit and soul with my physical life and body. The information in this workshop was the cap stone in my evolution that allowed all my studies and life experience to coalesce harmoniously in divine perfection. The essence of spiritualizing matter. I feel aligned with a whole new system of natural laws governing my functioning. I am incredibly grateful to continue to receive the anchoring of this new set of governing principals and deep foundational restructuring. Thank You.

Rebecca Osborne at Dec 22, 2013

Had an amazing time with Viola and all our classmates!

Nicolas Salazar at Dec 22, 2013

I think a written text handout complete with pictures would have been nice. I did take very complete notes with a lot pictures. But it would have been nice not to have had to take notes and do illustrations so furiously to get down all the information. Maybe it was better that way though because it forced me to pay a bit more attention. The pictures and bullet points on the power point presentation were really helpful. It would be nice to have all that information like in a packet to refer back to. Also, the healing day when we did a lot of chanting was quite challenging for most people, my self included. But I really think people could have given a bit more. I know everyone is going hoarse but I felt it really needed to be much louder. Perhaps when finding a venue one could find a place with really good acoustics so peoples' voices will carry more audibly. Also the students need to be encouraged to really open up their voices and really give when they are chanting the Ohms. I personally felt the Ohms needed to be much louder and much more powerful. The Hallelujahs were perfect. Much louder for some reason. My facilitator was great.

Leah Pratt at Dec 21, 2013

Viola was a wonderful and giving teacher! I would highly recommend her to anyone. The healing portion of the class was unexpected and profound. Love.

Kimberli Thompson at Nov 10, 2013

The workshop with Viola Rose was my first real foray into anything of this nature, so the impact has slowly infolded for me over the last several months. I have sought other teachings - Tom Kenyon, Thomas Hubl, etc. - and while I have thoroughly embraced them, I keep coming back to the work of Drunvalo. It speaks to my heart, so to speak! So, I'm back here, to retrieve my certificate and to continue my journey. Many thanks and blessings for all that you do!

jeff snodgrass at Oct 21, 2013

Violas' gracious and warm. Chelsea teacher in training also caring and compassionate woman. I miss my a.i.h. Family. Thanks for being in my life. I hope to experience drunvalo in my life personaly near in the future. I appreciated the discount on fees viola allowed. I do understand the exchange of energy and was well worth every manifested dollar. Compared to some instructors choosing to have much more expensive registration. All is perfect in the unfold.

Patrick Kenney at Sep 16, 2013

Viola Rose is an amazing Instructor and I learned more in that week than any other week of my life.

Lea deLight at Sep 12, 2013

This was my second class. Now I realize that for years, I sometimes awaken I the Sacred Space of the Heart. I am always in this space when I receive "Downloads" first thing in the morning. Feels so good, I never wondered what it might be called. I recognized it by the "vibration" I learned in class. We really are just remembering what we already know. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Lea

Teresa Kao at Sep 08, 2013

Workshop was wonderful but cost was quite high for my budget!

I still have trouble with the green light, which is why everyday use is difficult. I was for comfortable with the merkaba activated through FOL.

barbara gantt at Aug 29, 2013

I really enjoyed the workshop, and everything about it! Viola is a wonderful teacher, filled with Heart, Love and Light! I wish I lived closer to Viola so I could go to her refresher days! I have been watching the Earth Sky Heart workshop series, and it has been a good refresher, since I could not do it live again! Thanks for the teachings. I am grateful, and have been telling everyone to go to the workshops!

Asha Cheval at Aug 27, 2013

Viola is top-rate!! Perfect, actually!

I appreciate this workshop so very much!!!

love and thanks!

Linda Williams at Aug 27, 2013

This workshop was beyond my greatest expectations. I have gone to many workshops and this one was one of the best ever.

Lea deLight at Jul 30, 2013

I will attend Viola's Mt. Shasta workshop in Aug. There was so much information,

beautifully delivered, but my 73 year old brain and body couldn't take it all in by the 4th. day, so I will retake the class. Viola said my Mer-Ka-Ba activated very strongly, and some amazing events have occurred since class. Still trying to understand how all of this fits in with the concept that this is a holographic universe.

Angela Valdes at Jun 25, 2013

This workshop was the perfect next step for me in my spiritual journey. I was able to really understand deeply many of techniques I had been taught by previous spiritual mentors. This workshop gave me skills to practice which have really honed my skills immensely over the last two years. It was an incredible experience that has brought out self love, confidence and focus in me. I am manifesting such a beautiful life story now!

Jaya ( Jewels) Sarada at Jun 16, 2013

Being with Viola and receiving the teachings impacted my life so much that I had a true desire to take the course again with Drunvalo and maybe in the future attend a teacher traning workshop. Thank you from the depth of my heart.

Robert T Scheid at Jun 03, 2013

Viola taught this workshop lovingly & patiently, preparing and equipping me, for the amazingly fun & exciting journey, that I have been waiting many lives to take. Thanks as well to Drunvalo, Mother Earth, Father Sky, Holy Spirit and many many more. The experience deepens each day and the possibilities are infinite. Viola is a beautiful example of what living in the heart is all about. I look forward to creating, with all of us, from the one heart, a world of love and truth

austin brown at Jun 03, 2013

viola is an amzing teacher, she helped explain some very complicated ideas in very easy to digest ways. i am very grateful to her and the one lotus family for all that i learned and experienced during our workshop. thank you!