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Michele Korpos at Mar 17, 2024

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Paul - I felt completely welcome in his home (also enjoyed meeting his wife, Michelle); he is methodical in his teaching; and he reiterates import concepts to ensure each person understands processes. I found some of the energy shifts to be quite subtle, and after a week of practice, I'm finding the energies building. I'm so happy to have had this experience and look forward to learning more.

Thank you Paul and MIchelle for opening your home for this important work. I look forward to seeing the two of you again.

Be well,


Marta del Pozo Ortea at Mar 08, 2024

The 4 days spent being part of The Illuminated Heart Workshop with Paul Reimers have been of the utmost spiritual significance for me, a true rebirth. I arrived at Joshua Tree in a state of inner disarray after personal tragic circumstances. I left reconnected with myself and the All, feeling at home in the world again.

Paul’s teachings, accompanied by innumerable sources of enlightened information, analogies and examples, have all given a much-needed context for my spiritual evolution. The guided meditations, the Merkaba activation and the most powerful healing session I have ever experienced, have all managed to open my heart and my mind to the experience of Unity and remembrance, one to which I am still able to return thanks to the tools provided during the workshop. Reverberation is still strong and heartfelt...

This would have not happened under any other circumstances that the ones experienced with this most devoted teacher, his loving partner, and the amazing group of souls with whom I had the blessing to share this time with. Thank you, Paul, for helping us create our reality again. Thank you, Michelle, for nurturing us with you generosity and culinary gifts, and thank you, Jane, for mothering us all.

May you all continue to dispense experiences of UNITY.

Love and light,


James Aitken at Feb 21, 2024

This workshop with Paul is a life-changing experience. From the moment I arrived, I felt genuinely supported and cared for. Paul guides us through the process and mediations with clarity and grace. I felt so comfortable diving into the depths of my heart, knowing Paul was there to help me process any emotions or questions that arose. I learned so much about myself and the world. The workshop environment is heart-opening with the gorgeous landscape of Joshua Tree. By the end of the four days, I felt so connected with my fellow attendees. My heart is activated and I feel my light shining through!

Diana Malone at Oct 18, 2023


The workshop was super amazing. Paul is very generous with his knowledge, time, heart and spirit. My husband and I are very grateful for the experience and the heartfelt welcome given to us by Paul and his lovely wife. We both feel the shift.

I am recommending this workshop with Paul to my family and friends. Much gratitude to Paul, Michelle, and Drunvalo for this amazing information and experience:)

Paula Goodspeed at Oct 17, 2023

It was a great workshop! I loved it. I recommend to anyone that is interested in this subject. Awakening the Illuminated Heart

Richard Jacques at Aug 18, 2023

Paul was an incredibly generous teacher. He was very patient and clearly passionate about the work. I would highly recommend him.

Joshua John Hodson at Aug 16, 2023

Paul was a great host, considering the depth of the subject and how much there is to cover in such a short time and all via zoom was incredible. The first 3 days there is alot to take in, lots of separate topics that need to be covered and the 4th brings everything together and makes it all make sense. I thoroughly enjoyed the process and physically feel the benefits. Thank you everyone involved for your service. You have brought me back to my heart and journey

Karina Rodriguez at Mar 20, 2023

Paul was amazing!!! He was very detailed and all of us were able to understand the material. I have continued with the teachings and I do want to say that 4 days after the class I wanted extra cash to take another class so I practiced the creation process. 4 days later my mom gifted me $800, I had been trying to manifest $400. I did notice that I feel happier every day, I don't have problems sleeping or need to take supplements to sleep. My moods are lighter, and at times I have felt my vibration to be higher than when I did a cacao opening of the heart ceremony. This can be done in a few minutes, does not alter the mind in the way that I cant drive. Things in my life are flowing. I will continue to take Paul's other classes because spirit told me It had to be him the one I took the class from, but not only that he's truly passionate about teaching, about Drunvalo's teachings; remaining true to them. His heart is full of light! I did take the class via zoom and it was great!!!

Matthew Webster at Jan 17, 2023

Great workshop, only thing would be reinforcing the connection to guardian angel as that connection seems key to time after. Helping the continued rise in vibration

Helena Sprafke at Oct 21, 2022

Paul has a wonderful way of explaining things. He spares no effort in pointing out the most diverse perspectives in order to really make it clear what is at stake or how one can understand something. Many thanks for the great workshop - I highly appreciate it!

Karin Lammer at Oct 18, 2022

Beeing grateful for this lifechanging workshop

I can highly recommend!

Pauls teachings are on point and clear, he does an

amazing, passionated teaching work!

Thank You! Love and Light! Karin

Laylah Zayin Semanoff at Aug 29, 2022

I highly recommend this workshop and Paul Reimers as a teacher. Both the workshop and Paul as a teacher exceeded expectations. He taught clearly and patiently and the workshop material was deep and powerful. I am really grateful for this experience and the things that I learned.

Tiffany Joseph at Aug 24, 2022

I highly recommend Paul Reimers as a teacher of the ATIH workshop; he's a natural teacher and has the ability to create a great learning environment where everyone participates - he is caring, patient and no question is left unanswered.

Kenton N Mann Mann at Aug 18, 2022

Put simply, Paul rocks! If you're on the fence about attending the workshop with Paul, don't hesitate and just go for it! You'll receive so much value it'll blow your mind! I can' speak highly enough of Paul and his teaching style, 5 stars all the way!

Lisa Pham at Jun 28, 2022

I had an amazing time attending the workshop with Paul Reimers. He is very informative and always backs up the information with real examples that helps you understand the content even better. If you are just starting your journey towards more insight and guidance, this workshop definitely hits the nail on the head. I came in with little expectations and came out a whole new being. I recommend this workshop to anyone who is open to growth and betterment or one’s soul. Love and light!

Rebecca Hejma at Jun 27, 2022

Wonderful, enlightening and very informative class! Thanks Paul Blessings, Rebecca

Diana Boatti at Mar 22, 2022

It was an online event Paul was fantastic told useful tips and was very friendly

Yoshie Marshall at Mar 21, 2022

Paul is a fabulously fun and engaging teacher. His playful enthusiasm is met by his extraordinary breadth of experience in many teachings and disciplines. He offers encyclopedic points of reference and resources and constantly draws from the conversations and dynamics of the group to spark new relationships between concepts and forms with excited fluidity. Both a technician and one who knows how to let it flow he understands how to listen to what is being said or asked by the participants and then offers appropriate support or observe and let things unfold with keen sensitivity. Throughout the course he remained reiterative of his open availability to make sure everyone's needs are met. It's quite a sensitive balance to achieve all this online with such finesse and intimacy accommodating disparate personalities and modes of expression, and perhaps it's his musicianship which comes into play here (pun intended), but whatever it is, Paul achieves it with virtuosity. If you are looking for a class which will bullet point you through the material, concisely, on time and by the books, this is not the class for you. If you want to enjoy the ride, laugh, memorably connect and float around in the stories and anecdotes before you check all the boxes (which he also delivers), then by all means, sign up with Paul. Know you will be welcomed to learn with ease where ever you are along your path, and just take in the views and marvel at his alchemy with his wide eyed search for treasures, his sweet respect and attention and the subtle care he takes in crafting an outstanding experience together. Paul is Love and Light

Hunter Colton Swart at Jan 16, 2022

A week ago the activity which for many years I'd longed to participate in concluded. Without having accomplished the task which I'd initially set out to complete (Given the inability to "get out of my own way", as one may remark), I found myself in a place of there being confirmation of the dormancy of the light-body given, of course, the pestering inability to enter a non-dual state of awareness by physically moving my center of consciousness into the tiny space of the heart. The value was more so in the confirmation of the innate capacity there is in the soul to become fully alive and self-aware with the advent of harmony brought about by way of the creation process. Having an aware, heart-conscious facilitator rooting for me and others encouraging me throughout the four-day experience was definitely helpful and in the long run whenever it is that I wake up from this dream of separateness, Paul's dedication to the sharing of spiritual knowledge will be acknowledged as virtuous.

Saraha Michelle Black at Dec 08, 2021

Paul is a highly recommended teacher. His compassion & heart centered approach was comforting. It was a profound workshop and Paul leads with a depth of knowledge, humor, sincerity that was a testament to his skill and passion for the work. Thank you Paul!!!

Lindy Lumbert at Nov 16, 2021

The event was powerful. I guess I didn't understand what it was going to be like though. I wanted to get my merkaba activated and through dowsing I learned that mine was.

Now that the event is over< I feel more lost than powerful. That surprises me.

Stella Lightheart at Oct 22, 2021

Paul is an incredible teacher. I'm so grateful for the materials presented - and already feel the ripple effects in my daily life. Thank you.

Camila Almeida at Oct 08, 2021

It was a life changing experience! And the fact it was online make it possible to attend this wonderful workshop from Brazil.

Shizuko Itsukaichi at Oct 01, 2021

Paul is a natural teacher. He truly enjoys teaching, learning and sharing. It comes through in this workshop. In addition to learning new techniques and practices, his perspective brought clarity and depth to my existing practices. Above all, I learned to see myself in a very different light. For that I am very grateful. I highly recommend his workshop.

Junko Goto at Sep 27, 2021

I am so happy that I took Paul's online class. before the class, I wasn't sure if I could understand and follow everything but following Paul's guidance opened a new feeling for me. This new feeling through my heart is more calm, safe and happy than thinking and seeing my life through my brain. Thank you Paul! The meaning of my life has a value now.

Meredith Lego at Aug 25, 2021

Paul was GREAT. He created a great learning process. Online for 8 hours per day, 4 days in a row is tough. In person, I am sure, is better.

Isidora Zdravkovic at Aug 22, 2021

Thank you Paul for this adventure! With the online format you realize, that we are all connected even being on the other side of the world. Paul explains everything in great detail and shares a lot of his knowledge . I would recommend this course to everyone, because everyone deserves to feel this feeling with which you leave after the course. It was life-changing. Love and Light

Zachary Miller-Lee at Jul 19, 2021

My experience of Paul the entire workshop is: neutral, welcoming, and open. I felt that he did a great job of allowing the participants to have whatever experience they were meant to, and he didn't add or detract anything from the space. He also explains everything in great detail, and checks in to ensure everyone is tracking. No chance of feeling left behind, or confused with him leading!

Paul also has created many resources for the processes in addition to what the workshop entails - so there are many bonuses with Paul as your instructor.

I particularly enjoyed the online format of this workshop, given what he described as the differences to in-person.

Max Jablow at Jul 18, 2021

Paul was an incredible teacher. You can tell he is truly invested in your growth within the workshop, and he always knows the right thing to say to get you to look at things in a new light that unlocks the process in a way you never thought of before. I was finally able to access things like my heart spaces and MerKaBa. My spiritual work and the way I go through my meditations have been forever changed for the better by this workshop

Rose Smith at Jun 30, 2021

I am so grateful for the online class that was offered. No stress with traveling, rental car and hotel. Waking up fresh so I can concentrate on the workshop in my own home. Paul is AMAZING!!! at teaching the ATLH class. Thank you Paul. Grate explanations and he made it very easy to understand. I truly enjoy his workshop and recommend this to anyone who are interested. I'd learn so much from him and finding myself waking up to a new life. Thank you Paul for teaching us and helping me Remember my purpose.

Benevolently Grateful,

Rose Smith :)

Tobi Liston at Jun 28, 2021

This course was absolutely beautiful, healing, and profound.

Paul explained everything so well, with intention, and is so well versed in many different avenues of expanding and exploring consciousness.

He was extremely patient, present, encouraging, and uplifting.

I left the course feeling like i got everything and much more than I was expecting from taking it!

I am so so so glad i took the course with him!

I HIGHLY recommend taking a course led by Paul!

Lori Kotkas at Jun 12, 2021

I felt we could have spent more time having the students share. He talked quite a bit about his own life and experiences, which is good, but I thought it would have been more beneficial to allow the students to share and really connect during such an important step.

Daria Shipilina at Mar 04, 2021

I am absolutely happy to have taken this workshop. My teacher, Paul Reimers, is marvellous. One of his strongest features is that he deeply studies any subject he deals with and then shares the acquired knowledge with his students. It is extremely valuable and important, especially for the beginners. He is very compassionate and attentive to all of his students, gives the time to share experience and provides detailed explanations. Moreover, he says that the ONLINE form of the workshop offers some additional opportunities, saying nothing about the comfort of taking it from home and still being within one's own life schedule. So, do not hesitate to take an online workshop. The only thing I feel sorry for is that I haven't met in person the nice participants and teacher of the event, but hope to somewhen!!!

mailyn gonzalez orellana at Feb 25, 2021

Paul was very approachable to answer our questions, he explained very well the exercises, guided meditations, and offered support during and after the workshop. I highly recommend him as your mentor for this workshop, he brought his expertise and knowledge from different disciplines as an extra to use in combination with the original workshop. His knowledge and approach make me feel supported, calm and positive in relation to use this information in my life. Thanks Paul, I loved the workshop!

Anaiss Sebastian at Feb 22, 2021

My teacher Paul Reimers is by far the kindest most patient teacher I have seen. He made sure everyone understood every step very clearly. He made it very easy to enter the sacred space and tiny space of the heart by repeatedly taking us there. It was a breeze to activate the Merkabah through his teachings. If I knew how easy it was with Paul's teachings I would have taken this course years ago. I feel complete, more alive. Thank you Paul Reimers

Cameron McHarg at Jan 11, 2021

Paul is an extremely patient and committed teacher.

Oksana Savchenko at Dec 15, 2020

It was a very enlightening class for me, with interesting and ew information. I enjoyed greatly the healing and creation meditations. I highly recommend Paul Reimers as an instructor and guide for this class.

Igor Oliveira Oliveira at Dec 14, 2020

Paul is such a sweet being! Very sensitive, energetic, funny, compassionate and it was a delighful experience to build this knowledge together with him and 3 other participants over zoom.

I thank life, the source of all there is, Melchizedek conciousness and Drunvalo for bringging such a beautiful knowledge to the world.

Cant wait to meet Drunvalo!

Ive been studying, going to workshops and giving workshops forever and I found out that the ATIH was one of the strongest workshops ive done and I recommend to everybody!

Thank you!

Carla Guerrero at Nov 18, 2020

Paul Reimers was an incredible teacher. He was articulate, patient, and very thorough. I had many breakthroughs and Aha moments in his workshop and I will forever be grateful. Thank you, Paul!

Patti O'Toole at Aug 25, 2020

Paul was a wonderful teacher. He is educated on a wide variety of topics and is generous in his sharing. I highly recommend taking this course with him.

Julie Sherwood at Aug 12, 2020

My answer to question 5 is based solely on my own comfort level in being fluent with the processes learned. I know over time, through continued practice, this will increase. And question 13 is only due to world events disallowing for in-person teaching. Given the circumstances in using the online platform, Paul did a beautiful job of trying to convey the necessary energy and positivity to make the learning effective. Unfortunately, when streaming connections are disrupted, that does make getting into the flow a bit more difficult, but it is the nature of the situation and not much can be done about that. I would love, someday, to experience this or another similar opportunity in person where that exchange of energy and connection is that much richer. Thank you!!

Stephen Zeitler at Aug 03, 2020

This was my first class using the Zoom program. I was impressed with the ability to feel the energy with the instructor and the other participants.

I miss the in person contact with the teacher and other participants. The instructor (Paul Reimers) was very good at bridging the gap between in-person instruction and on-line instruction. He is very talented and pulled from a vast set of personal and professional resources to make this an incredible class. Thank you Paul for your efforts.

JB Outrider at Jul 13, 2020

this class is without a doubt one of the most meaningful experiences of my life here on planet earth. from day one the teacher had my attention and he never failed to

answer clearly all of my many question about the material. i would recommend this

teacher to any and all who are looking for real answers about what is happening

outside of plato's cave. j.b. outrider

Lynne Hambleton at Jul 13, 2020

The content on the afternoon of Day 2 was painful remotely, and dragged on too long. The core content that I wanted to get was in Days 3 & 4 - and those days felt rushed to me... I would have rather moved Day 2 content to the end (at least the afternoon content).

Paul's extra write-ups, the mask (an aid I thought I'd never use, but love), and the pendulum were all critically important to helping me with the course content. However, it also would have been nice to receive a PDF of the facilitator's slides as they were tough to see remotely, and watch him in the Zoom tool.

Drunvalo's books were excellent, but not sure how much they should be required as a pre-read (per Drunvalo's video introduction) as the MerKaBa activation in FOL-II is different from what we learn in the workshop, and can cause confusion in some.

(Looking forward to a refreshed / updated FOL series from Drunvalo - as they are over 20 years old.)

Paul was excellent. His teaching style is a good balance of humor and compassion; he uses lots of appropriate real-life experiences, and is quite knowledgeable (even in tangential content). I was very impressed by his depth of knowledge , experience, and skill. He resonnated with all of us diverse participants. He listened well to us...and had a lot to cover. His 2 extra sessions were fabulous, and should be incorporated in the standard agenda of topics. He did an excellent job as our facilitator. I would definitely take another class from him, and recommend him highly.

Thank you!

Su Bin Yeap at Jun 19, 2020

The training provided by Paul was excellent. He went through all the material systematically, step by step, checked in with us regularly before proceeding to the next topic. He was very generous with his time and took to to answer all questions that we had.

Beth Bidwell at Jun 10, 2020

I was a bit hesitant to take this course online. However after a couple of activities, my concerns were allayed. Despite the fact that the workshop participants were spread coast-to-coast, the connection within the group was palpable. Paul is a wonderful, patient, and thorough teacher. He has so much experience to share and he is very generous with his time and knowledge. The workshop material is life changing and the experience of activating my Merkaba was extremely powerful. I would not hesitate to recommend Paul, this workshop, or the online platform to others looking to take the next step in their evolution. ❤

Beatrice Ungard Ungard at Feb 01, 2020

I did not realize how powerfully immersed we were into loving and caring energy until I arrived back in Los Angeles. This workshop opened me to a deeper connection to my Self and all the possibilities that creates. I'm grateful to Paul for holding us through this process knowledgeably and with humor.

Kevin Hastings at Jan 30, 2020

This course has changed my life in some incredible ways. I can’t recommend it enough. Paul was a wonderful teacher that explained every detail with patience and clarity. Drunvalo’s teachings are profound and life-changing, and this course delivers them perfectly.

Helen Eng at Jan 25, 2020

I can't say enough about the lovingness, compassion and out and out kindness shown by Paul and wife Michelle. If you are deciding whether or not to come out to the Joshua Tree desert environment to attend this workshop, then just close your eyes and ask to feel the pure high pristine vibrations of their space.

I don't want to say anymore to give away the whole life changing, surprisingly delightful experiences in this surreal dream landscape- only to say check in within yourself and take yourself into this beautiful beautiful adventure within the safety and comfort of the love nest that you will be enfolded and engulfed in. Enough said.

Thank you Paul and Michelle from my heart to yours.

Carolina Freitas at Jan 23, 2020

This workshop was a gazillion times more amazing than I even imagined, and I already had high expectations for it!

Hands down the deepest, most intimate, most real, tangible, miraculous, experience of my life. AND I got to deeply fall in love with myself, and 8 other people!!!

Paul and his amazing wife Michelle are the most generous human beings I have ever met! No reservations, pure love!

My life is forever changed

Marino Pallotta at Jan 23, 2020

Attending the ATIH was one of the best decision I've ever made. It was the most profound experience. I was able to connect with myself and with everyone else who attended the workshop in ways I couldn't even imagine. There was so much love and compassion that was shared during that time. A big thank you to the teacher, Paul Reimers, for taking us on this journey and making this experience magical and unforgettable. I'm reborn!!

Tracie Winstrom at Nov 19, 2019

Paul and Michelle created the most welcoming and comfortable environment. Everything from the food to the learning space, to the material covered was so thoughtfully done. The small size of the group attending was also ideal. LOVED this workshop!!!

Mike Critelli at Nov 17, 2019

Paul is a spectacular teacher! He walks you through each exercise step by step, so anyone can do it, and in such a way that you learn it permanently. As a bonus, Paul has an impressively vast knowledge of complementary resources that can enhance your experience and provide new avenues for personal growth. Life-changing.

Sara Coleman at Nov 14, 2019

Paul is a wonderful teacher. He is patient, and kind.

Aleksandra Heichel at Nov 11, 2019

Paul is a nice man with a velvet voice who wants to listen. He is thorough with his explanation of the course material. He's very clear, and extraordinary patient. Absolutely brilliant teacher and instruction. I had a good experience at the Awakening the Illuminated Heart workshop. It was fun and I highly recommend this for anyone seeking to achieve a fuller, better life.

MARK SOUDERS at Mar 14, 2019

The workshop was amazing! So much better than trying to do it in person. I would highly recommend this class and specifically Paul! He was so detailed in delivering the information that everyone in the class was had success! It was life changing!

Sarah Ehrlich at Jan 02, 2019

Paul and his wife Michelle went above and beyond. The environment, the love, the food (haha), absolutely everything about the four days was perfect. Thank you Paul and Michelle and thank you Drunvalo for this technology.



Molly Johnson at Feb 27, 2017

Paul was terrific! He was very thorough in his explanations and teachings and a delight to be with for four days!

Joseph Cashman at Dec 25, 2016

I enjoyed the workshop, and felt the experience was worthwhile. I meditate more often and anticipate doing so. Paul was such a gentle giant and I enjoyed his company and patience. Equally my fellow particants were wonderful and felt we connected during our brief time together.

Gene Foster at Apr 28, 2016

Paul was the most awesome instructor! We all loved him, he was extremely informative and always listened and had an answer for most everything. The interaction he brought to the class was super! I'd recommend Paul to anyone wanting to expand their awareness and understanding of Drunvalos work.

Niina Bagdasar at Feb 20, 2016

Paul is a wonderful, knowledgeable and enthusiastic teacher.

It was a joy to learn with him. I highly recommend this course, and Paul as a teacher.

Shirley Bunnell at Feb 19, 2016

Paul is amazing! From our first phone with him to set up this event in our home to our good-bye's. He stayed with us in our home and we loved getting to know him. Paul's openness and knowledge in presenting this workshop really made it the tremendous experience that it was! New friendships and bonds were created over this event! Our heartfelt thanks to Paul for brining this experience to all of us!

Mark Guerrero at Feb 10, 2016

If you are lucky enough to find a workshop from Paul, you should sign up! My workshop was one of the best 4 days of my life. Thank you Paul!

Love and Light,


Anne Rice at Feb 05, 2016

Paul was an amazing facilitator and I would highly recommend others to attend one of his workshops. He is such a clear pure heart that he cannot help but be a conduit for Spirit and for the most benevolent outcome for all who participate. This is a life transforming experience! There is a reason he is called the "gentle giant"...

Chinako Wakasa at Jun 02, 2015

It was absolutely wonderful to take part in this workshop. I highly recommend taking this workshop with him. He is very caring, positive and instructive. The extra classes that he offers in the workshop was also helpful, too. Overall, I had a great experience. Thank you!

Christopher Williamson at Apr 30, 2015

Paul is an exceptionally warm and engaging teacher. I had questions prior to the class and he was very responsive and helpful. The time and care he took to reply helped me to feel that taking the class was the best decision at that point in tie. I could tell he seriously considered what I shared and replied in a way that enabled me to feel that he was truly concerned for my learning and my experience. Meeting him in person and proceeding with the class was no different. He is very thorough in his teaching approach, his teaching aids were relevant and helpful and he always made time for questions. Each person learns at a different pace and he made sure we had time to share our experiences after meditations. He wanted us to be able to interact with and learn from one another's experiences. Paul is also good at putting it all in context and perspective, as well as offering other resources that enhance the topics at hand. I walked away with a nice reading list to further my knowledge and experience... and I almost forgot, Paul has a huge sense of humor! The workshop was a LOT of fun with him as teacher and the specific group. I felt that we really bonded together as a group through the shared experience that Paul facilitated. One of my intentions for the workshop was to release, relax and allow as I like to understand what coming so I can control it - expectation tends to thwart some of my experiences. Paul provided more than enough structure and organization, so I didn't have to stress about missing out because I didn't "understand" enough. Beyond that, he made it so easy to just BE there and focus on the experience. By the end, I found that I received far more than I anticipated. Not only had he explained the concepts, provided a context to learn and practice, but he also provided a document afterward with steps, directions for the meditations and practices as well as outlines of the topics we covered. With a grateful heart, I extend my highest recommend for Paul as an instructor for the ATIH workshop. I wouldn't hesitate to take another workshop from him!

Jane Bliss at Apr 30, 2015

Paul is so knowledgeable on the course information & gave me so much more to explore! 5 stars

frank zhu at Apr 26, 2015

Paul is awesome! I am so honored to have Paul as my teacher in this life changing workshop! He took great care and attention for his students; our entire group was able to activate the natural merkaba and get into the creation process!

Valerie Aprahamian at Apr 10, 2015

Paul taught this class with excellence and authenticity. It was a profound experience for me and I have taken the ATIH meditation into my daily practice. I look forward to taking Cosmic Grace and going even deeper into my heart space.

Rodolfo Diaz at Feb 19, 2015

Thank you from my heart.

Jennifer Sun at Feb 19, 2015

Paul was great. Very intelligent and well read. You can tell that this is his passion in life. The entire workshop was a healing experience and done in a way I never experienced before. He creates a space of joy and that's exactly how it went. Plus he's hilarious.

Sally Sanford at Feb 18, 2015

Paul is an outstanding teacher. Always cheerful and patient and accepting of each person's experience in the moment. He is very clear on the information and has many personal experiences he draws on to clarify specific points. His sensitivity and humor made the experience extraordinary for all of us who attended this workshop. If you have the opportunity to take the workshop with Paul, do it!

Elizabeth Savinovich at Feb 18, 2015

Paul Reimers was wonderful and was very understanding regarding my situation as it changed. He has been open and very helpful regarding all my concerns and questions. I was doubtful my merkaba would activate.

Initially, I thought Paul was going to work on us with his energy but then we had to do it for ourselves. I was in doubt until at the end so while it may have been uncomfortable not knowing until the last day, I just had to be patient and trust in him and the process. Great workshop and teacher!

Veronica Nieves at Dec 17, 2014

Paul was extremely knowledgable, patient and kind. He presented information in a way that was easy to understand. He was accommodating to everyone's needs and created a wonderful scared space for all of us to become a cohesive group. The experience was perfect.

paul parker at Dec 16, 2014

What an amazing experience! I'm so amazed at how much I have changed in 4 days. Paul, thank you so much for this wonderful experience, I will remember this forever. Thank you so much for all that you do, you are a very special person. I love you and everyone there that I was blessed enough to connect and share this life changing experience with. I can't thank you enough for all that you have done. Love and Light, Paul.

Rita Apicella at Nov 20, 2014

Such a wonderful experience! A lot of love, gratitude, positive energy and deep understanding how to be connected and live in my heart. Absolutely amazing workshop!

Rima Sirrieh at Oct 20, 2014

Paul is an amazing teacher, thank you very much

annie tran at Oct 06, 2014

I couldn't have asked for a better teacher - Paul Reimers is amazing! I had such a great experience learning about ATIH.

Rima Sirrieh at Sep 12, 2014

A life changing experience, I enjoyed every minute of the workshop, Paul is amazing, his knowledge, kindness and insight are great help and made this journey so rich and powerful. I cant wait for the next step. Thank you with all my heart

John Skorupa at Sep 05, 2014

Paul Reimers did a marvelous job. His knowledge of the course material was very extensive and he fielded questions with aplomb. I felt fortunate to have him as a teacher. I achieved everything I had hoped from the course. i would look forward to any future courses he might teach and I would recommend him to any of my friends.

Ramina Simon at May 24, 2014

Absolute best workshops I have attended - having spent years searching for reasons to my deep sadness, I finally got confirmation and resolution in this workshop. With Paul facilitating the "rebirthing" (I've dubbed: myofascial release on steroids) & all of the other facets (so, so many) within the 4 days, I truly don't feel that gripping ache in my soul ... As sappy & repetitious as it sounds, I am very grateful for being given the tools! In Lak'ech <3!

Mauricio Zeledon at May 13, 2014

The workshop was amazing. Personally, it helped me with clearing the mind of chattering thoughts. Paul was great and very accommodating and quick to answer questions and expanded with great illustrations and/or analogies, clearly showing dominion of the course. Great follow up too!!

Joseph Fagundes at Apr 29, 2014

I recommend this workshop and teacher Paul Reimers. This workshop was fun interesting, informative and made to be very understandable. I will recommend Paul Reimers as a very dynamic instructor that is interested in the subject matter and loves to pass the knowledge and information to who ever is willing to work with him...I can honestly sum up the event as, 3 day of foreplay and the fourth as Orgasmic OOOOOOmg.

jahmal: McQueen at Apr 28, 2014

Greetings, From my heart to yours, this I know and feel from my perspective is the most important point in my experience in my life as it allowed myself to really experience and release old trauma and connect to a deep place within that is so true. My teacher Paul Reimers is a very important person in this work and has the ability to do amazing things. It was a true blessings and honor to be in this moment with One Spirit. Mr. Melchizedek thank you for all your work and being true to who you are so others are able to remember who they truly are and help mother nature and every life form on the planet evolve. I give thanks and send love and light, Namaste.

Toros Shammas at Apr 15, 2014

I have been a student of mysticism for many years and I recommend this course with all my heart. If you want to be in touch with your heart and and the source of all creation and your higher self this is a must for you, I hope you enjoy it and get the maximum benefit as I have. Peace, love and light.