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* You do not need to attend an event to become part of our growing Global Community*

First Time Members Follow this 2 Part Process

Step 1: Enroll for life time membership & access to the School of Remembering


Step 2: Log-in to your new membership system & select “Workshops & Certificates” & then Complete The Registration

When you complete the process correctly, view your Scheduled Workshops and a copy of the workshop will show in your records. If not, repeat step 2.

Enrollment is a one time only, lifetime initial fee of $14.99 (U.S.) and provides:

* The opportunity to register for all School Programs & Workshops (Workshop fees are separate)

* Access the Library of Videos and watch DVD released videos online

* Receive an authorized School of Remembering “Certificate of Completion” for completed course work

* Promote your account to Tuition Membership (optional)

Welcome to the School of Remembering

 ***Important Note***

The system will only accept one $14.99 Registration per payment method, (PayPal or Credit Card). Purchasing a second time for other people may disable your first account.