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Silva Sarkissian

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Silva Sarkissian



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I am a Lebanese Armenian, my spiritual journey has been so exiting!! And led me to the School of Remembering of Drunavalo, to become a teacher of Awakening the Illuminated Heart workshops,my first language is Armenian & my second language is Arabic, Drunvalo said to me putting his right hand on his heart, "I have always wanted this knowledge to reach the Mediterranean area & the Arab world, they are my sisters and brothers, and if you are the one to take it to them so be it, you have my blessings."

I am willing with great pleasure and love to pass that knowledge on to those who wish it. what motivates me is the dream to see and help with the change in the world; and remind you of who you truly are, and help you remember the love in your hearts, and activate your Merkaba permanently through Pure Love

Do You feel it's time to remember who you are?
I am very humbled and honored to be able to assist you in your journey to remember.

.Spoken Languages: Armenian, Arabic, English

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أ?ا ?ستعذ?ة أ? أشار? ?أساعد ??? ا?باحث?? ع? ?ذ? ا?ع??? ا?ج???ة? ?ب??? سر?ر ??حب?ة. ??ا ?دفع?? ?? ح??? أ? أر? ?أساعد بخ?? د??ا ج???ة ?ا? أر? ا??حب?ة ??تشرة ف? ا?عا??!!! ?ا? أساعد? ع?? تذ??ر ?? أ?ت? ?أ? أذ??ر? با??حب?ة ا??ائ?ة ف? ??ب?. ???ف ?شغ?? ا???ر?ابا بش?? طب?ع? ?دائ? ?? خ?ا? ا???ب ?ا??حب?ة ا??????ة

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ا???غات : ا?آر????ة? ?ا?عرب??ة? ?ا?ا????ز??ة


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Rima Majdalani at Mar 02, 2020

I highly recommend Silva Sarkissian as a speaker and facilitator of \"Awakening The Illuminated Heart\". She has a unique approach in presenting the information with sense of humor and seriousness at the same time. She has full presence!!! I enjoyed the course and it is one of a kind.

Ghada Assem Mohamed at Jan 22, 2020

Thank you 🙏🏻🥰❤️

Heba Ahmed at Jan 22, 2020

Thanks a lot Master Silva 😍

Dalia Salaheldin at Jan 22, 2020

A unique Divine gift. Thank you. I am very appreciative. Looking for more.

Marwa Fathalla Kenawy at Jan 22, 2020

thank you so much for the course

Hania Kabban at Sep 30, 2019

This workshop experience made me more connected to divine or galactic energy and helped me to find ways to get personal answers from the ❤️. With gratitude 🙏🏼 Hania

Ebtisam Ebrahim Abdulla at Jul 17, 2019

Just Perfect!

Khaled Ahmed at Apr 18, 2019

A very special type of knowledge, very well delivered by Silva. The location was very good, and the group of students was amazing. Love and Light :)

Mustafa El Garhy at Apr 17, 2019

I am grateful to Silva and the team of Serenity center in Cairo for everything.

Aisha Farag Abo Hafsa at Feb 02, 2019

سيلفا الجميله بشكرك من عمق عمق القلب اجتزت معاكى مراحل متعدده فى وقت وجيز هو وقت الدوره سعيده بارتفاع الوعى والوصول لقلبى المحبوانتظر منك المزيد من المعرفه والوعى والحب