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Silva Sarkissian

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Silva Sarkissian



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I am a Lebanese Armenian, my spiritual journey has been so exiting!! And led me to the School of Remembering of Drunavalo, to become a teacher of Awakening the Illuminated Heart workshops,my first language is Armenian & my second language is Arabic, Drunvalo said to me putting his right hand on his heart, "I have always wanted this knowledge to reach the Mediterranean area & the Arab world, they are my sisters and brothers, and if you are the one to take it to them so be it, you have my blessings."

I am willing with great pleasure and love to pass that knowledge on to those who wish it. what motivates me is the dream to see and help with the change in the world; and remind you of who you truly are, and help you remember the love in your hearts, and activate your Merkaba permanently through Pure Love

Do You feel it's time to remember who you are?
I am very humbled and honored to be able to assist you in your journey to remember.

.Spoken Languages: Armenian, Arabic, English 


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???? ??????? at Dec 30, 2022

I have an important note, the exercises are preferably recorded so that the person can refer to them whenever he wants and needs them

And Thanks for your efforts

WAFA Abuzeid at Jun 10, 2022

It was such amazing course and it’s a shifting of consciousness to me. Master Silva is full of love, so professional I do appreciate her support and giving. Thank you

Josphine Fayez at Jan 30, 2022

Ms Silva is a beautiful soul .. I am grateful for all her peace and light that I felt within her course all the time

I am so grateful to the light of Master Drunvalo and I hope one day I meet him

Love Light & Peace to all

Thinhinane Akilal at Apr 19, 2021

I am so thankful for all thé information i have goût with SIlva she il sooo soooo magnifique teacher

Thinhinane Akilal at Apr 12, 2021

It was amasing

Thinhinane Akilal at Apr 12, 2021

It was fabulous

Nadine Naeem at Nov 30, 2020

One of the greatest spiritual teachers in our world today .. She is humble, gentle and generous. thank you Silva for this journey .

Dalia Izzeldin Awad Ali Suliman Alkanzy at Nov 19, 2020

She is an amazing knowledgeable person with a real heart .. love her very much 🥰

Noor Merza at Nov 05, 2020

Thank you for all the love 🙏🏽💚

Linda Ghareeb at Oct 17, 2020

The teacher was perfect and the group was wonderfull