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Sarah Yokokawa

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Sarah Yokokawa


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Hi, my name is Sarah.
I was born in Miyazaki the southern part of Japan close to Takachiho Gorge where Amaterasu allegedly descended.
I have been always with music since I was very little and it naturally became my profession.

Throughout my life I had one little question;
"What is the Glue? What is connecting us, connecting the world? "
This little question was always with me... even when I was passionately playing music in studios and on stages, and even when I was spending wonderful times with my loved ones... until I met Drunvalo and his teachings.

I think i have found the answer to my log-held question.

It is rather difficult to explain what it is in words but I am pretty sure you will find the answer just like me when you experience Drunvalo's works.

That "something" is so tiny but infinitely vast, and precious.
When you find it you will remember it has been always in your heart.

Through the ATIH workshop that Drunvalo created and offered to the world it is possible to remember who we really are and what we are doing here on this beautiful blue planet.
We will remember our true connection with the Creator and the universe.

I am offering the ATIH workshops mostly in Japanese language in Tokyo and other districts in Japan.

Please feel free to inquire if your antennas of intuition vibrate.

Love and Happiness,
Sarah Yokokawa

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Maki Iguchi at Jul 31, 2023


Mitsuko Taniguchi at May 07, 2023




Chikako Maeda at Feb 07, 2023

I had a wonderful time during the 4days of the workshop. I felt that I really needed this teaching and experience. Even after the workshop, I ‘ve been filled with love. Thank you for creating such a wonderful workshop.

Masako Nakatani at Feb 05, 2023




Miya Shimoda at Nov 10, 2022


Takahiko Kawai at Oct 27, 2022

thanks a lot.

Fumiko Shimada at Jul 25, 2022




Kimiyo Matsumura at May 21, 2022



Yasuhiro Iida at Mar 18, 2021

Thank you !

Yasuhiro Iida at Mar 18, 2021

Thank you !