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Natalia Kolontayevskaya



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We each had our own way, but when we met, we went together and further our roads weren’t already apart.
When we shared with each other, there was a lot of in common: each of us heard voices and saw Angels in the childhood, but we couldn’t tell this to anybody, at that time few could understand it. We heard music that nobody heard, heard thoughts and secret wishes of people, traveled in another dimensions, not even understanding what it is. But now we could speak about it and people who were experiencing the same things visited us.

In this life we met about 25 years ago, but our joint journey started long ago, infinitely long ago, before we came to this planet. In search of the essence, we got acquainted with the practice of Reiki, become acquainted with the different currents, and after a while we understood that all religions speak different languages, but the essence is the same. We traveled in India, visited ashrams of Sai Baba, Osho, Ramana Maharshi, Devraha Baba and other sacral places. Each place, meeting spoke in our Souls and raised memories. Every person has behind a very long way, but not everybody remembers it, because there are events, situations which our mind, our concepts can’t pass through. And that not to change the picture of the world, mind pushes these memories in a corner and they lie in the closet waiting for that moment, when we decide to turn to them.

Sacral points of Mother Earth like our acupuncture points are filled with the resonance energy of a certain frequency, and when we visit this places, we help ourselves to expand our consciousness and restore our Way.
First, we restored the Egyptian part of our journey and memory about the participation in creation of sacred places in Europe.

Then we met Drunvalo Melchizedek in 1997 and our journey became more vivid and purposeful. In 1999, we were on his seminar "Earth and Heaven" in Moscow and took part in the meditation of "Unity" aimed to support the consciousness of the people of the Earth. During the meditation, people broke into many groups and groups have been collected in a single cluster, each working in its algorithm, but in the same direction. It was like a song in which the voices apart and then gather in one voice. And since 2004 our Ways with Drunvalo came closer and we began to take part in the restoration of the lattice of Christ Consciousness. About this work Drunvalo writes in his book “Serpent of Light”. People from all over the world gathered in large groups and activated the point of the Earth connected with the lattice of the Christ Consciousness, renewed energy links. It was an amazing work, it was full of mystery and celebration. The space was filled with Light and Music of the Spheres. To complete the recovery and activation of the lattice occurred in the “women's place” of the planet - on the island of Moorea in February 2008. About this event Drunvalo writes in great details in the book, but we want to say only one thing, that the last sunset of the old cycle and glowing wheel of healing were forever bright recorded in our memory.

In addition to working in the sacral places of the Earth, we make different types of seminars required for this time.
“Connection to the Higher self”, “ Your place in the general orchestra of Life”, “ Tune in to yours frequency”, seminar “ The healing. Cleansing.”, and another seminars, also popular at this time.

And we also hold seminar “Awakening the Illuminated Heart” of Drunvalo Melchizedek, being a certified teachers of "School Remembering" of Drunvalo Melchizedek.

It is difficult to describe all the Way and even a small part of it, our trip continues, and it changes us. This is a very large and interesting work, and we are happy to help people recall who they are, and what is their task in this incarnation, and not only this…

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