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Hello shining souls,

What a great blessing it is to live my soul??s journey! I always knew that something very beautiful and significant will take place in this lifetime.
My path as a teacher for School of Remembering started long ago, I can say from the day I was born, because Great Spirit already knew what my mission will be and prepared me well for this moment.
Every turn of the road of life has brought me insights and precious gifts. In 2002 I went through major sickness and life changes, and it was then, when I awoke to the Light I am. I healed and transformed myself and my life. During that time I learned so much about myself, about principles of energy, intuitive healings, communications with crystals and the Higher Spiritual world.
I was deeply called to offer my services to those who were ready to change their life as well. Everything that I needed to know was shown to me ?? I just followed the guidance. It brought me to Korea??s Buddhist Temples, Sedona for Dhan Healing School, Peru to work with shamans, Yucatan to meet the Serpent of Light of the new Female Cycle of Times.
I was greatly inspired from the work of Zi Gang Sha, Osho, Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle, and all the wisdom coming from the native people.
For me, each journey was a confirmation that
Love is the one that heals,
Love is the one that inspire us with its power,
Love is the one that brings peace,
Love is the one that renews us,
Love is the one that makes us certain without a doubt,
Love is the one that harmonizes our differences
Love is coming only from the Heart.

Still something was missing ?? how do you create the New World of Love, Beauty and Harmony? How do you enter into ascension together and create the reality of One United Consciousness? I am deeply grateful that in that time of questioning Great Spirit presented Drunvalo Melchizedek and his teachings! In a brief time many doors opened ??impossible? become easy flow. Becoming a teacher for Awakening the Illuminated Heart fills my heart with so much joy, bliss and deep gratitude!
My dream has become true! I feel that this work offers a beautiful, profound and yet simple way to truly open the heart and connect with the energy of Ascension. If you are inspired to experience this heart opening workshop, you are welcome to come to Burlington Ontario, where I offer the workshop regularly.
I will also travel to other locations, anywhere I am invited to share these sacred teachings.

Let??s together share the Light we are, the Love we are! Let??s be together in all our differences, embrace them in harmony and create from our dreaming hearts the beautiful New World!
In Love Peace Harmony,


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Awakening The Illuminated Heart

2019-08-30 / Sacred Space Studio

???Once you remember your Light Body - Merkaba, it automatically speeds up your spiritual evolution.Open Heart is the gateway to higher consciousness and dimensions. Rise above the duality way of seeing this world.This workshop is the final confirmation, that you mastered your physical life on the ...


Volodymyr Mandyuk at May 10, 2019

Thank You Camellia We have a amazing team

Gail Eastmond at Apr 26, 2019

My experience with Camellia and the group is unforgettable. Camellia aura is angelic and so healing I just had to ask her for a hug from the first day. I am forever changed by discovering my tiny space in the heart, a whole world of possibilities is at my fingertips. The space she created allowed me to surrender and feel loved enough to share with the others what was unfolding inside of me. Through her Drunvalo’ s teachings leapt off the page and were brought to life. Much blessings on her and her work with Drunvalo. Namaste Gail

Carla Valencia at Apr 23, 2019

Excellent experience!. The teacher was great so the group. I would recommend it to everybody , it will change your life. Thank you.

Pierre Perron at Apr 23, 2019

The event with Camillia was out of this world. During the four-days course, I felt like I was traveling at the speed of light to end up into another dimension; which of pure love.

Svetlana Novikova at Feb 10, 2019

This workshop was a life changing event. In my experience many layers of old emotional traumas and blocks were revealed, cleared, and healed. Camellia is an amazing person and a powerful healer. It was a blessing to spend four days in a close family-like atmosphere with a group of beautiful people and an honour to meet Camellia.

Michal Recka at Jan 18, 2019

Awesome, powerful and very well thought through workshop! Indeed good job setting this up. Also thank you Camellia so much for your love, truthfulness and joy that shines from you for miles. It was very contagious and I think the whole group felt very comfortable around you. At one moment during the \"rebirth\" after the sound healing, I really felt like you were my mother with all the love mothers have for their children. I am very happy I took this workshop with specifically you, even though I had no idea about who you are before :) I am looking forward to spend more time with you at some of the other events you organize. Bless you and sincere thank you from the bottom of my heart! I love you. Michal

Fabio Santos at Jan 14, 2019

Camellia is just a wonderful human being and such a nice teacher. Thank you for everything! She has it all figure it out till the details.

Paris Lim at Nov 12, 2018

Camillia is one of the most loving and humble being that I have met who radiates love. Her passion and enthusiasm is evident every moment. She is a natural healer and teacher who has imparted invaluable knowledge. I look forward to learning more from her.

Shawn Kiyotaka Fukuzaki at Nov 09, 2018

Beautiful workshop in the right time. Namaste!

Aneliya Atanasova at Oct 23, 2018

Camellia is a wonderful teacher, leader and person. She is extremely charming, peaceful and calm; always smiling and friendly welcoming her clients. Camellia is very competent and experienced about \"Awaening The Illuminated Heart\" topic. I am happy to use in my life and job everything she gave our group!