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Hello shining souls,

What a great blessing it is to live my soul??s journey! I always knew that something very beautiful and significant will take place in this lifetime.
My path as a teacher for School of Remembering started long ago, I can say from the day I was born, because Great Spirit already knew what my mission will be and prepared me well for this moment.
Every turn of the road of life has brought me insights and precious gifts. In 2002 I went through major sickness and life changes, and it was then, when I awoke to the Light I am. I healed and transformed myself and my life. During that time I learned so much about myself, about principles of energy, intuitive healings, communications with crystals and the Higher Spiritual world.
I was deeply called to offer my services to those who were ready to change their life as well. Everything that I needed to know was shown to me ?? I just followed the guidance. It brought me to Korea??s Buddhist Temples, Sedona for Dhan Healing School, Peru to work with shamans, Yucatan to meet the Serpent of Light of the new Female Cycle of Times.
I was greatly inspired from the work of Zi Gang Sha, Osho, Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle, and all the wisdom coming from the native people.
For me, each journey was a confirmation that
Love is the one that heals,
Love is the one that inspire us with its power,
Love is the one that brings peace,
Love is the one that renews us,
Love is the one that makes us certain without a doubt,
Love is the one that harmonizes our differences
Love is coming only from the Heart.

Still something was missing ?? how do you create the New World of Love, Beauty and Harmony? How do you enter into ascension together and create the reality of One United Consciousness? I am deeply grateful that in that time of questioning Great Spirit presented Drunvalo Melchizedek and his teachings! In a brief time many doors opened ??impossible? become easy flow. Becoming a teacher for Awakening the Illuminated Heart fills my heart with so much joy, bliss and deep gratitude!
My dream has become true! I feel that this work offers a beautiful, profound and yet simple way to truly open the heart and connect with the energy of Ascension. If you are inspired to experience this heart opening workshop, you are welcome to come to Burlington Ontario, where I offer the workshop regularly.
I will also travel to other locations, anywhere I am invited to share these sacred teachings.

Let??s together share the Light we are, the Love we are! Let??s be together in all our differences, embrace them in harmony and create from our dreaming hearts the beautiful New World!
In Love Peace Harmony,


Awakening The Illuminated Heart

2020-02-27 / Elwood

??? This workshop is the final confirmation, that you mastered your physical life on the third dimensional level and you are ready to enter the higher dimensions. Once you remember your Light Body - Merkaba, it automatically speeds up your spiritual evolution.Open Heart is the gateway to higher con...


Awakening The Illuminated Heart

2020-04-02 / Ottawa

??? This workshop is the final confirmation, that you mastered your physical life on the third dimensional level and you are ready to enter the higher dimensions. Once you remember your Light Body - Merkaba, it automatically speeds up your spiritual evolution.Open Heart is the gateway to higher con...


Awakening The Illuminated Heart

2020-04-30 / Collingwood, ON

??? This workshop is the final confirmation, that you mastered your physical life on the third dimensional level and you are ready to enter the higher dimensions. Once you remember your Light Body - Merkaba, it automatically speeds up your spiritual evolution.Open Heart is the gateway to higher con...


YAN LING LUO at Feb 15, 2020

On the second day of workshop, when the teacher Ms. Camellia guide us to connect the energy which run to the left of body as representing the female energy, a beautiful woman gave me a gift on my hand is a sea shell and a word of \"LOVE\". When Egypt’s Thoth appeared in my right side when I meditate on male representation, he gave me a White Feather Pan and with a word of \"HEAL\". The energy was calm and natural, but when Ms. Camellia asked us to quickly switch the gifts what the female representative and the male representative gave to us with my left and right hands, I felt my body was shaken due to my energy instability, Thoth turned 180 degrees from my right to left side speed like lightning, he helped me to balance my energy. While a section for learning to heal each other, I was able to receive the energy as rainbow-colored from the universe to heal my classmates. When a classmate asked why she had received negative energy from others while helping them to heal then resulted a lump on her hand.I am so grateful, because I have a spontaneous method of being naturally to receive the cosmic energy from my head as rainbow lights into my body then split it into two stream: A stream that passes vertically from my arm to my hand then follow to my classmate, the body of my classmate is covered or scanned by a rainbow light, another stream was through the spine of my body then connected to earth, so this method may not absorb the energy of classmate. On the third day of workshop, February 1, 2020, Thoth and Jesus Christ appeared during a meditation session which we lay down together with our heads in a circle. I asked if two of them could be my guru together. They said OK. Later, while learning to enter the tiny space of my heart, my deep fear appeared when I was in the sacred space, which was originally golden color with bright view, but turned into darkness. I invited Jesus Christ and Thoth to help me, and they showed up. I rested on their shoulders or in their arms, when they checked with me whether we were ready, and then the three of us were holding hands and forming a heart shape, flew instantly into the galactic space and traveled to the sun. I ask the sun: are we all particles of the sun, and from love? the sun smiled and said yes. On the fourth and last day of workshop,a most special day, 2 February 2020, the absolute beauty of symmetry, 20200202, we learned to open the third eye and melcaba. When open the merkaba, Thoth and Jesus Christ appeared, When Ms. Camellia instructed us to hold and compress the golden ball three times, so that we start our merkaba, I saw very beautiful images: a seed of tree from the golden red light of merkaba field, then followed by the incredible background is all things live in harmony, plant, animal, human with Jesus Christ, and then two tree (tree of life, the tree of knowledge of good and evil) merge into a new tree, which this new tree is growing up from above-mentioned seed of tree. A new and perfect universe began. I'll never forget that those images like a movie. All things are one, praise the perfection and wisdom of the universe!

Shiraz Rehmani at Feb 10, 2020

The teacher, Camellia Tatchev is an incredibly warm and loving person who makes you feel comfortable and welcome from the moment you meet her. See went out of her way to help each and every student. The last days events were a little rushed and it was difficult to remember all that was done on that day due to the altered state of consciousness that one is in. I did NOT experience the humming tone either in the sacred space or the tiny space in the heart. However I did experience body vibrations as soon as I connected with mother earth and these continued to the end of the meditation. In my practice at home I have a hard time getting any light in the scene of the sacred space or tiny space even though I ask for it. Also the scenario that I come across in the meditation is in no way consistent from session to session. Overall I would say it was a very good experience and I hope it will get better with time.

Tess Woo at Feb 05, 2020

Thank you Camillia for the beautiful and profound experience! It was so exhilerating to have the beautiful sounds of chanting and singing surrounding us during the group healing session bringing us onto a whole new level of deeper healing and consciousness. It has been a life transformation experience how I perceive living in the heart! Where we trully find peace and love in the tiny space of your heart! - Tess❤❤❤

Shalyn Thong at Feb 04, 2020

I am so grateful to Camellia for showing me the way to my heart. This workshop has brought me a divine peace and wisdom that has changed my life for sure. I wish everyone could benefit from this change too, but please note that I put 8/10 for \"how inclined to reccommend course\" because I know that everyone has their own path, and some people might be turned off to the idea that love is the answer to everything. I am just hoping to be careful and mindful of how I share about this course, but I would like my actions to shine above all else, to be a testament to the wonders that this awakening has brought me. Thank you all once again <3

Phang Wu Lim at Feb 03, 2020

Camellia and our venue host created a safe environment for our event. She facilitated the growth and breakthroughs for each participant with love and patience. I would strongly recommend anyone on a spiritual journey to attend her workshop!

Sonia Ruiz at Jan 20, 2020

This workshop was one of my highest and most pro funded one I have ever done. I am extremely pleased with our instructor, Camellia who dedicated and gave all her love, understanding and knowledge to make me feel safe, and able to go deeper into my heart. Since the completion of the workshop my life has turned around and I feel more centered and at peace. There are no words to describe your wonderful work, Camellia and there is not enough words to express my gratitude. Only that I was one of many souls, who had the great fortune to have met you and believe in you and your teachings.


WOW!!!! Camillia is an excellent teacher. This is the third time attending the atih workshop. The feminine energy is sooooo..... much stronger , smoother, and complete. You can feel the change since 2012. I wish to thank all the participants for the love, light and laughter thru my tears of happiness. My heart is singing!! I would highly recommend Camillia as a guiding light in this ascension process. You are all, forever, in my heart. In love and light, Mary E. Ashton

Imke Wemken at Jan 15, 2020

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Carmellia who not only is an exceptional teacher but hosted our group for four days in her beautiful home. It surprised me how fast with specific rituals, exercises, teachings and resulting healings she enabled everyone to open their hearts and heighten their consciousness and compassion so much that the whole group could sense the oneness of the hearts. Thank you to Carmellia and to everyone in my new soul family for contributing your love to this amazing experience. I love you all!

Albert Rozsalyi at Jan 14, 2020

Camellia Val is a beautiful soul full of light.

Dmitri Sennikov at Sep 23, 2019

It was a wonderful experience with Camellia! Beautiful space, great instruction and amazing people! With the light beams activated, Merkaba back in rotation and utilizing the creation from the heart technique, I've noticed myself on an accelerated path where things, people, and projects are simply lining up right in front me. From the deepest (and tiniest) space of my heart, thank you Camellia and thank you Drunvalo for putting together such a life-changing workshop in just 4 days!