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Camellia Val


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Hello shining souls,

What a great blessing it is to live my soul’s journey! I always knew that something very beautiful and significant will take place in this lifetime.
My path as a teacher for School of Remembering started long ago, I can say from the day I was born, because Great Spirit already knew what my mission will be and prepared me well for this moment.
Every turn of the road of life has brought me insights and precious gifts. In 2002 I went through major sickness and life changes, and it was then, when I awoke to the Light I am. I healed and transformed myself and my life. During that time I learned so much about myself, about principles of energy, intuitive healings, communications with crystals and the Higher Spiritual world.
I was deeply called to offer my services to those who were ready to change their life as well. Everything that I needed to know was shown to me – I just followed the guidance. It brought me to Korea’s Buddhist Temples, Sedona for Dhan Healing School, Peru to work with shamans, Yucatan to meet the Serpent of Light of the new Female Cycle of Times.
I was greatly inspired from the work of Zi Gang Sha, Osho, Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle, and all the wisdom coming from the native people.
For me, each journey was a confirmation that
Love is the one that heals,
Love is the one that inspire us with its power,
Love is the one that brings peace,
Love is the one that renews us,
Love is the one that makes us certain without a doubt,
Love is the one that harmonizes our differences
Love is coming only from the Heart. 

Still something was missing - how do we create the New World of Love, Beauty and Harmony? How do we enter into ascension together and create the reality of One United Consciousness? I am deeply grateful that in that time of questioning Great Spirit presented Drunvalo Melchizedek and his teachings! In a brief time, many doors opened and the "impossible" become easy flow. Becoming a Certified Teacher for Awakening the Illuminated Heart fulfills my heart with so much joy, bliss and deep gratitude!
My dream has become true! I feel that this work offers a beautiful, profound and yet simple way to truly open the heart and connect with the energy of Ascension. 


Since I became a Certified Teacher of Drunvalo’s School of  Remembering , I hosted more than a hundred workshops internationally, touching the hearts of hundreds of people and igniting the spark of Melchizedek Consciousness of Light! The Light of Love, that naturally unite us in One Living Being and prepare us for Ascension.  

Let's together share the Light we are, the Love we are! Let's be together in all our differences, embrace them in harmony and create from our dreaming hearts the beautiful New World!

With deep gratitude to Spirit and all Creation!




Awakening The Illuminated Heart

2024-01-18 / Planet Earth

💜 This workshop is the final confirmation, that you mastered your physical life on the third dimensional level and you are ready to exist in higher realms. Once you remember your Light Body - Merkaba, it automatically speeds up your spiritual evolution. Open Heart is the gateway to higher conscio...


Wistaria Jo at Oct 07, 2023

This was my second event with Camellia. She is very precise in teaching the knowledge without distraction. I value the work and effort she puts into her workshops and will join her again in the future.

Avery Roswell at Sep 23, 2023

Camellia is filled with Love, patience and wisdom. All the qualities you would want a person to have who you entrust with such an important role of supporting a life changing shift that will lead to your remembering. Thank you so much Camellia for the work you have done and continue to do. Thank you for your unconditional love.

Kandice Mascotti at Sep 04, 2023

My true heart thanks you Camellia for you are love and light. Your kindness opened my heart to a whole new adventure. Thank you for your unconditional love!

Teresa Sorska at Sep 03, 2023

The first two days of shared information started with the basics of esoteric knowledge and I felt eager to speed up the process. 3rd and 4th days made me participate with my deep intentions. Results are beyond expectations! Thank you Camillia for your grace and compassion. The workshop ending with a sweat lodge was transformational and met my spiritual goal of connecting.

Marcus Knecht at May 23, 2023

What an intensive and fun experience Camellia hosted and guided us through. Highly recommend and cannot thank her enough for the care and attention to detail about everything. Very exciting stuff! Thank you Camellia!

Divina Porlares at Apr 02, 2023

This is one of the best and most uplifting experiences ever. I can't help to wish that every single awakening person take this course to help humanity remember of that precious illuminated heart we all were gifted with at birth.

Love and gratitude to Camellia, the School of Remembering and Drunvalo & Thoth, of course.

Katia Voltolin at Mar 31, 2023

It has been a life changing course, loved the work.

Thank you to Camellia for her great ability to carry us through all the teachings. I would highly recommend this course to all.

Christiane Niccolini Niccolini at Mar 30, 2023

I am lost for words at how much compassion and love I experienced through Camelia's teaching. She truly is an angelic being, absolutely devoted to being of service and was able to take us all on such a deep journey with extreme patience and kindness. Camelia speaks from her Heart, her words are both simple and transparent and yet they are deeply felt. She extends her compassion to all, judges none and her crystalline joy and light ripple into the lives she touches.

It was an honour to go on this journey with her, and will forever be grateful.

In Truth, Christiane

Tammy Marsico at Aug 23, 2022

This course has completely changed who I am inside. My heart has opened to a place I never knew possible and to be in the frequency of unconditional love daily is such a gift. Not only has this course opened my heart, but it brought together and made clear so much of my spiritual journey. It connected so many of the dots of what had occurred on my spiritual path in the past. Camellia is such a beautiful soul and I am grateful to have had her lead me in this beautiful process.

Neelima Kalani Kalani at Aug 22, 2022

I attended the ATIH workshop with Camellia Val. It was a profound experience with beautifully designed fun exercises to open the heart and fill it with unconditional love which led to deep connections in the meditations. Also, the feeling of gratitude and bliss for receiving such precious knowledge is invaluable and surreal. May this divine knowledge reach and bless countless beings in their ascension journey!