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Elena Burton


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My name is Elena Burton. I like helping people to find their path, to live their best life by sharing amazing techniques and methods. I will show you how to put things in order in your head and in your businesses efficiently and carefully.

I provide people with psychological consulting, hypnotherapy, coach sessions, conduct workshops and seminars.

We can interact with you on a short-term basis, or I can take you on a long-term contract, mentoring.

Originally from Russia, I moved to Australia in 2007 and have what people often describe as a diverse

professional background, prior to moving into the world of coaching and psychology, I become an engineer

and graduated from Aerospace University, also received bachelor degrees in Economics and Management.

For more than 20 years I have been developing in psychology and other disciplines that help to unleash human potential, studying from Russian, American and Australian mentors and schools.

I have trained in a broad spectrum of inner healing techniques.

I have conducted more than 70 workshops and seminars in different countries, more than 1200 hours

of individual consultations. More than 1500 people went through the group and individual work.

I conducted seminars, workshops and consulted people in Australia, Russia, Israel, New Zealand, Ecuador, Kazakhstan, Armenia, the USA, United Arab Emirates, Czech Republic, South Africa, India, Thailand.

My diverse range of life experience has seen me interact with people, across a range of socio-economic backgrounds, different cultures and nationalities. These experiences have equipped me to work with

and relate well to people, from all walks of life, no matter their background.

Over the years, I have continued to acquire and develop an eclectic range of skills, focusing mainly

on those therapies which help you achieve the best outcomes in the shortest possible time.

Professionally I help to go through life transitions, get rid of negative attitudes, emotional blocks,

overcome fear and phobias, control your anxiety, increase self-esteem, boost self-confidence,

improve relationships, release stress and emotional blocks, find your calling, understand where to move on,

to name just a few. I employ a range of techniques and skills to facilitate your recovery, bearing in mind that ultimately it is you, the client, who does the healing from "within", with my help, from "without".

By sharing effective techniques and methods, I am able to help people to find their path,

discover their life purpose, improve their relationships and live their best life. This is something I really enjoy.

I relate to my clients with warmth, attentiveness, and openness, and I treat each person who walks into

my office with dignity. Together, we will process complex relationships with family members, partners, and self.

I invite you to join one of ATIH workshops. It is a greatest gift, which you can give to yourself is returning your consciousness from your mind into your heart, and allow your heart to lead you through your life.

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TWO DAY FOLLOW-UP WORKSHOP for previous attendees of Awakening the Illuminated Heart Workshops

2022-02-19 / Australia


Refresh the knowledge
Gather with likeminded people

Practice with your group
Access your inner powers

Bring more harmony into your life
Balance yourself...


Awakening the Illuminated Heart

2022-02-25 / Australia

??Being in love, not in fear, is the primary key to higher consciousness.
It is the Heart that contains the original instructions of life,
and when the Heart is again in control of a persons life,
Life responds with joy and power.?
- Drunvalo Melchizedek...


Troy Lenord at Jan 23, 2022

Absolutely the best retreat I have ever attended.

Thanks so much Elana.

Fiona McDonald Baylis at Jan 23, 2022

What an awakening of the heart course! I have been asking to go deeper into the heart and this course popped up serendipitously ! It was a magical mix of science, biology and practical exercises where you activate your third eye, your MerKaBa and learn a creation process after two days of fun and yet deep preparation.

Elena Burton is a brilliant facilitator who guides these four days with kindness, potency and her divine knowing. She is a shining inspiration for she truly walks her talk. I would encourage anyone who would like to dive deeper in their life to attend these magical four days. The property where the retreat was held was marvellous, out in the country with beautiful hosts. Dee Kynoch provided a peaceful space, delicious food and drinks. All given with an open heart. A delight! Thank you ! Fiona

Sarah Smyth at Jan 23, 2022

Elena was an incredible instructor, clear, confident and patient. The venue was beyond magical, comfortable, clean and felt like a sacred place in itself. I look forward to continue using these techniques to help moving forward with healing myself. Thank you so so much.

Leeanne Spencer at Jan 23, 2022

What an amazing profound experience. I feel lighter, more present and powerful. I feel like I can do anything.

Elana Kiss at Jan 23, 2022

Elena is a beautiful and professional teacher. Thank you Elena this workshop has changed me and my life. The venue was amazing. Thank you beautiful Dee. An amazing beautiful experience!

Melissa Newman at Oct 24, 2021

I would have benefited from a printout on the day of the course with the instructions on how to activate beams.

Sandra Fox at Oct 21, 2021

The structure of the course was logically laid out, the theory was well defined, with lots of fun activities that provide opportunities to practice. This enables the clearing of the mental, emotional & physical bodies of patterns that no longer serve to increase open heart centered spiritual awareness. Elena is a patient, polite & loving facilitator with a wealth of experience, shared through examples, advice, & demonstrations. My life is profoundly changed from the heart connection that I established and have maintained from ATIH & I would recommend this workshop to all who are seeking to find, know & love themselves more deeply.

Tracey McNab at Jul 24, 2021

Profound experience. Fabulous presenter.

Helen Reynolds at Jul 23, 2021

I came to this workshop by a series of unexpected synchronicities, and source always knows what it's doing! This workshop finished things I started many years earlier. plus, I made wonderful new friends, I had many experiences of channeling that I've never had before and I learnt skills that I can use everyday for the rest of my life. Thankyou Elena for delivering this workshop effortlessly yet powerfully.

Irma McDonald at Jul 21, 2021

The workshop was amazing! I want to go back and live in that space forever!