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Gabriel Alexander Seeking Eden Fallon at Aug 02, 2019

Beverley is the best, most integritous, greatest teacher I could ever recommend to someone desiring to attend ATIH. I mean that sincerely. She has no other agenda other than to lead you to the place where you need to be. If you are ever considering attending an ATIH Workshop, please, I urge you to attend one from her. She is quite possibly the best and most qualified to lead you toward where you need to go. Which is, your heart.

Michael Scheel at Jul 29, 2019

The workshop was a wonderful experience. BJ created a wonderful environment where everyone felt comfortable and connected with each other.

Bruce Phillips at Mar 07, 2019

I'm glad there were only 7 of us plus the instructor. I felt very comfortable and present. At times I felt we rushed too much on some of the material, but felt that I had gotten all that I needed to.

Paula Tilley at Sep 04, 2018

The ATIH Workshop is such a profound, spiritual, life-awakening experience.

Michael Gutierrez at Jul 26, 2018

Be was wonderful I've learned so much more with interaction and communication I'm a life coach and reiki Emery healer and I love this through coaching I help clients get out of there past and use reiki to helpthem heal them selves and I would love the opportunity to teach this as well I have found my true calling this class is amazing everyone needs this i know there is allot of people that frown on the teaching but through coaching I can reach them and it will help them find there heart and get out of the auto pilot f the mind. I would love to be a teacher of this.

William Owens at Apr 22, 2018

Loved the class. Love B.J. Her wisdom, knowledge and teaching skills!

Leslie Boland at Aug 30, 2017

I would have liked a hand out that listed step by step instructions for activating the beams of light, as well as the steps for creating. We were told about the copyright laws and where to find this information online, but it would be easier for me to have a printed copy to follow - just because of the way I learn. BJ is a fabulous and knowledgeable teacher and highly recommend her classes to anyone that has interest in attending this amazing and life changing course.

Mikal Wood at Aug 29, 2017

Very welcoming environment. From day one I knew I was right at home. What a profound experience, that will continue to ripple throughout my life forever. A true connection and experience, with love from the deepest part of my heart, Thank you!

James Bertrand at Jul 23, 2017

BJ was an excellent teacher. The space was sacred; Her energy, approach, and control of information was excellent. I'll recommend her to anyone who is interested this life changing course!!!

Andrea Johnston at Mar 02, 2017

Very rare are the profound experiences which define my life as "before" and "after". My first ATIH workshop is way high on this scale. Expectations were left behind in the Expansion of my heart. Def planning to take this again with more of my loved ones. Love love love my Teacher!! Perfect!

Glenn Lincoln at Feb 27, 2017

BJ was very, very thorough and supportive. She was beyond excellent because she relentlessly put her heart and soul into it.

Janet Smith at Oct 27, 2016

I thoroughly enjoyed the class and Beverly. Beverly was completely dedicated to the students assuring each of understood the concepts before advancing to the next topic. The atmosphere was warm, thoughtful and engaging.

Terence Smith at Oct 25, 2016

BJ was a wonderful and enjoyable teacher. She relayed the information clearly and concisely and kept the class entertaining. I began with the FOL in the mid 90's and as life takes unexpected turns this class helped me get back on the path. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.


Willie Ingram at Sep 02, 2016

BJ is a wonderful teacher and explains opening your tiny space effortlessly!

Alana Mackenthun at Jun 27, 2016

<3 BJ!!!! She is so warm and kind. She made the weekend unforgettable!

Mindy Stockman at Apr 28, 2016

Thank you for this amazing workshop!

Dorothy Marshall at Apr 27, 2016

BJ did a very clear, organized presentation as outlined in the teacher's manual.

Rachel Flanary at Apr 20, 2016

This was my third time doing the workshop with Beverly. This time I brought my boyfriend along.

I've been doing these meditations since I was 16 and first attended the workshop. I love and have such a powerful experience on the healing day. The dances are so fun! I love Beverly and how she teaches.

Julie Barr at Apr 19, 2016

I can't believe how powerful this workshop was. I didn't expect to feel such a huge shift and I am truly grateful for the experience and to have had BJ as a teacher.

David Cook at Apr 18, 2016

I walked in with no exact expectations. All I was seeking was an expansion of the material I've already reviewed. I received a transformation I can still hardly put in to words! I recommend anyone even considering attending do so ASAP, not only will it benefit you more than I can describe with words but it will benefit your immediate family and the world to a degree yet to be measured. I plan to become a teacher as I see this being the most important message to be shared with humanity at this time in our existence!

Kyler Richmeier at Dec 11, 2015

Felt like the end was a little too wrapped up, but that's the program, not the teacher. Overall, I feel I made some profound discoveries with the way I think. I learned some very great methods of boosting my mood! Is our imagination more than we think?

Ray Burgess at Dec 10, 2015

Excellant!! Highly recommended!! Bj really care and showed great love for the knowledge and all in her class. Thank you Bj!!

chew burgess at Dec 09, 2015

Bj was exceptional!! Her love, knowledge and patience were remarkable! She made sure to give us the personal guidance we needed during training. It was an unforgettable time!! Thanks Drunvalo and Bj!!

Franca Smith at Nov 07, 2015

I think the class is very valuable and I would benefit from taking the class again.

Franca Smith at Nov 07, 2015

I think the class is very valuable and I would benefit from taking the class again.

Patrick West at Oct 20, 2015

Profound healing and beginning the process of remembering oneself is a true gift.

Carol Farley at Aug 23, 2015

I really felt like I had gained a deeper understanding of the meditation exercises and how to remain in the heart. BJ is amazing! I highly recommend her frequently!

Michael Cooper at Aug 19, 2015

BJ Hambleton is a wonderful teacher and human being. She is very loving and provides a productive environment for spiritual growth. The ATIH workshop as changed my life and is now leading it in a new direction. I thank everyone for all the work they have put into this program, not just the instructor, but the people and angels who put this altogether for us to understand.

Thank you with love

Eric Roberts at Aug 18, 2015

A wonderful and caring teacher and great course!

James Ittner at May 29, 2015

Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you, Bj. Thank for opening up the awareness of my connection to the universe.

Carol Farley at May 12, 2015

BJ did an awesome job at explaining in practical terms everything that we needed to do. I was confused before coming to the workshop, but she cleared it up for me. Our class was the first ones for her that everyone paid in advance, and everyone got it the first time around in all the exercises! I've made some life long friends! Thank you! Namaste!

Mary Jo Drye at May 04, 2015

Bj, taught with the exquisite grace and wisdom from her heart ~ four day's of magic, transforming and transporting me to another dimension. My heart is full of love and gratitude for Bj, the journey ...and the mandala of the twelve of us who heard the call and answered.

Y Lynott at May 04, 2015

BJ is a superb teacher. Her instructions were always clear and concise. Her hospitality and inviting manner made the 4-day experience both enjoyable and enlightening. Thank you, BJ!

Joanne Cormier at May 04, 2015

BJ is so welcoming, and her home is energetically comfortable and connecting for her students. Our 12 bodies in the work shop filled her space, and we all moved together into receiving these teachings in harmony. Her teaching style humorously kept us on track, as well as curious and interested in the material. Thank you BJ!

Kimberley Evangelista at Feb 16, 2015

Mindy Wolff at Feb 10, 2015

This class was amazing and I felt complete bliss and love for days after, including being speechless as to how to even describe it to others, other than mind blowing. I feel like I've been given the most precious secret about humanity.

jason harvey at Feb 09, 2015

By the 4th day I was pretty tired and was having a tough time finding and entering the sacred space let alone the tiny space. (did not experience the same "sensation" as the day before). As a result I was not confident that my Mer-ka-ba was activated. Overall the course was above and beyond my expectations. BJ was just lovely and exhibited never ending love and patience. The best 4 days of my existence in this particular life time. Thank you all for your hard work and dedication.

lacey james at Feb 09, 2015

Bj is an amazing teacher. I couldn't have asked for a warmer place to begin this phase of my journey. Thank you. It has been a blessed experiance.

Colby Young at Feb 09, 2015

I am blown away with the experience that I had with BJ during the Feb 5-8 during Golden, CO workshop. Both instructors were loving, kind, sincere, honest, and fun :) It will likely take a bit of time to process, but I would like to extend the highest thanks to all involved in this work from my heart to yours. I can not think of a kinder gift possible than to help others open their hearts with love and oneness and how that changes everything for everyone. My trip out of polarity consciousness is exhilarating!! I was given the Flower of Life Volume 1 book only a few weeks prior to the workshop and I was completely astounded that I had NEVER heard, seen, or could even conceptualize that this work has been going on my entire life!!!! I was then on the edge of my seat day and night devouring as much information possible (from the You-Tube videos, to joining the School of Remembering, to ordering all of the books, ect). I felt a intimidated during some of the initial meditation work as my fellow students were off flying and meeting Metatron while I simply adjusted to doing a basic contemplative practice with breath in the darkness. But BJ was a loving guide, and she put me at ease and told me over and over "just make it up!! have fun with it!!!" I think I might have left after the first day with a misplaced feeling that the workshop was 4 days full of enlightened being talent show spectating while I would never be included (the ego telling me that I know nothing and do not belong there). She really helped with her support and heart to just love and accept me- that kindness is what kept me there, and I had a lot of fun- and connected to other human beings in ways that I have never imagined experiencing! Not only the heart (as if that isn't everything) but she has fantastic teaching skills and having a trained professor presenting this information was very satisfying for my brain that really needed it. In particular I would express that her articulation, delivery, tone and an openness to feedback are all phenomenal. She is great with spontaneity and really made an effort to invite each of us into a presence of mind and genuine empathy and sensitivity that is necessary in that type of environment. I am ecstatic to know that this community of humans exist and my happy soul sings "row row row your boat, gently down the stream... merrily merrily merrily merrily.. life is but a dream :)

I now look forward and backward and see perfection.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Juliet Lyndle at Feb 03, 2015

This was a beautiful workshop and I personally benefitted even more for having Koruna there in addition to Bj. Both Bj and Koruna brought their own gifts/personal energy to the group and I felt that they gave more than 100%. The support material was excellent. Thank You!

Olive Lowell at Dec 11, 2014

I am a bit slow to get this new and very impotent information class moves a bit fast for me making it important to take the class a second time for me.

I am one who want s to be accurate because the process is important

Looking to experience more of this program


Olive Lowell at Dec 11, 2014

To much to fast or take in in the time allotted to the class.

jeffrey glaves at Dec 08, 2014

Please allow for handouts and copies of a guided meditation to be available to take with us. Several diagrams and the final meditation would be very helpful and should be included in the class.

Wendy Starr at Dec 08, 2014

I experienced this workshop with Bj Hambleton to be presented and conducted with vast knowledge, clarity and understanding of the subject area . I feel that she connected well to myself and to each one in their place of learning. Her ability to make sure that each attained the correct information was done with patience and love. Also, the workshop was comfortable and fun , and I feel that all of us there became very connected in the Love of our Tiny Heart Spaces together. I would highly recommend this workshop to others. Much Love Bj , Wendy Starr

Donna Payge at Sep 29, 2014

Bj is a wonderful teacher.

Narinder Singh at Sep 23, 2014

Fantastic course and a great teacher

S Amatt at Sep 23, 2014

BJ is a warm, inspirational and excellent teacher. My experience on this workshop has been immeasurable and profound.

Anne Whitehouse at Sep 21, 2014

This workshop exceeded my expectations. BJ was excellent throughout. She has a lovely teaching style: engaging, interesting, meticulous and approachable. Just one point, I would have found it helpful if we had received a handout with the basic information - enabling us to concentrate on listening rather than trying to write things down. Overall the experience was life-changing and very rewarding. Highly recommended!

Clair Taylor-Powell at Sep 19, 2014

Bj Hambleton is an inspirational and highly skilled teacher, who was able to present the material and guide students in such a way as to ensure their success. I highly recommend her to anyone wishing to complete this training.

B Dhogga at Sep 17, 2014

The last four days have been amazing. BJ and Aruna are full of joy and wisdom and truely embody what they teach. I love BJ's teaching style and I loved all the practical exercises. Big thank you from my tiny space :XXXXX

Kim Mallas at Sep 16, 2014

BJ's teachings were very clear and understandable and most of all, I felt her warmth and love for all of us in the class. I would highly recommend this class and my teacher, BJ, to others.

Teri Turley at Jul 28, 2014

BJ is a wonderful teacher. She is so compassionate and caring, and has a great sense of humor. She is a great mixture of a light-hearted child and a sage wise-woman, and I felt very safe in her world. I would love to take many more classes from her.

Rachel Flanary at Jul 24, 2014

Wonderful!!! I definitely needed to do the workshop a second time! :)

Jonathan M Gettier at Jul 22, 2014

This was a wonderful experience! Thank You!!

Cheri Head at May 27, 2014

Bj Hambleton is a wonderful teacher. She welcomes you into her home and you immediately feel at ease. Very understanding and loving throughout the whole process. I highly recommend her to anyone interested in taking this class.

Roni Antonio-Boisits at Jan 04, 2014

I absolutely loved this workshop and would love to do more workshops with the School of Remembering. It has changed my life in many ways. I am still experiencing a cleaning and clearing of my life a year later. BJ was awesome. Thank you so much

Brian Higginbotham at Dec 10, 2013

Thank you Drunvalo and Bj!

Brian Higginbotham at Dec 10, 2013

Truly amazing and Life altering!

Rachel Flanary at Dec 09, 2013

My experience was amazing. Being so young(16) i felt very honored to be able to experience all of this!!! I'm so excited for all this new information i learned! I knew after reading the books i needed to attend a workshop and it all came together perfectly. Bj's home was so amazing and beautiful, i didnt want to leave. Everyone made me feel so wonderful. I rated 4 on question 9 because when i got home last night, after the forth day i was a little worried of doing it on my own without instruction or people around me. So i played the CD from Living in the heart and it helped and once i had the unity breath meditation done i was okay to continue. The money part would have been difficult if i had to pay the full 400, but we worked out a plan so i can pay a little with each of my paychecks. I feel like i have a full understanding of this information and i feel complete and very very happy :) I will recommend BJ to a few people i know and i want to attend more workshops. I will continue for the rest of my life. Also, im excited to create from the tiny space in my heart! :) Thank you guys so so so much!!! Also, it was easy for me to register but others in our group had difficulties with the websight!

Rex Gray at Oct 23, 2013

Overall I really enjoyed the workshop, the variety of the group was a blessing to experience. The instructor was very heartfelt in every action and response and would recommend her workshops to anyone. One concern I have is the amount the workshop costs.. Being that the class involves opening the heart there are many people who would benefit from this workshop that wouldn't be able to afford it... We should be interacting in this way as a community everyday: healing, singing, discussing, creating, dancing and Loving should be essentials to our conscious growth as One. Money shouldn't be the reason why some can't experience this and it makes me sad, but driven to derive a better way. So thank you but check in with your higher self to feel if the process as it stands now, is resonating.... Feel free to send feedback if you have the time:)

Carolyn Cozzette at Oct 22, 2013

BJ is a wonderful teacher and full of Heart! It was an absolutely amazing experience, especially the meditations and the rebirthing process. On the last meditation, as we were developing our natural Merkaba, I wasn't able to see all the amazing animals and colors that everyone else saw. As I got deep into the little space of my heart, I saw an incredible field of stars. I thought that was quite amazing! Thank you for this amazing experience, as we move fearlessly on into the 4th dimension!

James Cozzette at Oct 19, 2013

BJ was and is and outstanding facilitator/teacher! The ATIH workshop was incredible. The exercises bonded us all together, and made us a loving group. I have never felt more love and energy in a group! BJ was part of our group too, as well as our teacher! I am so thankful for the experience and much appreciation to BJ and Drunvalo for being the wonderful beings of light that they are!! Namaste.

Vladimir Fleurima at Oct 15, 2013

Teacher had a tendency to make up answers when asked questions. Seemed to have a heavy reliance on the curriculum. Don't feel like the information about the creation process was covered as well as it could it have been on the 4th day, especially how to manifest one's own images using the heart-based method. This is the main reason I attended the workshop, so this was more than a little disappointing.

Teacher was gentle, articulate and had a good disposition.

Eileen Fredricks at Oct 15, 2013

I needed information from the 4th day, an update so to speak, as I have attended numerous Drunvalo workshops and trips. But this is the day the teacher lost focus. However it did not affect my ability to complete the meditations. I am satisfied with the course information that was presented.

James Cozzette at Oct 14, 2013

BJ was a wonderful teacher of Drunvalo's work! She loved us and did everything she could to help us achieve success. All ten of us in her class bonded into a very harmonious group and I think we all experienced wonderful changes. I am very grateful for the chance to have attended, and would HIGHLY recommend BJ's class to everyone. Thank you so much too Drunvalo for sharing with us all!!

Nancy Ashley at Aug 27, 2013

Life changing experience for me - very sacred and I felt blessed to attend.

Mila Sherman at Jun 08, 2013

Bj is a very loving and passionate soul with open and giving heart to everyone participated in the workshop. Also, I truly appreciate her generosity she extended toward me to accommodate my financial needs by offering me flexible payment plan.

My deepest appreciation and love. Namaste.

david fritz at Jun 08, 2013

BJ is amazing. She is truly a unique soul and her love for us was immense.

Denise Brown at Jun 07, 2013

BJ is a wonderful teacher! She is very professional and highly organized. Her classes are carefully structured and she stays on time with her format. She creates a lovely environment and she is very giving! I took my 2nd class with Bj last December 2012 to qualify for the Teachers Training. I wanted to work with Bj again to learn from her again and to hone in on my teaching skills. So I just took my second class with her last week. (May 30th).