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Terri Kirby at Aug 22, 2020

The missing piece for me is printed instructions for the processes and meditations, along with an audio recording of same. In trying to do the meditations after the class ended, I find it difficult to stay focused on being in the heart as I'm trying to remember all the the steps in the correct order. It would be AWESOME to have a recording of the processes and meditations we did in the class so I could be led through them until I know them well and can do them on my own. Short of that, printed instructions that I could then read and record for my own personal use would also be helpful.

Linda Hawes at Sep 04, 2016

Thank you Linda for your compassion and your teaching and for your individual help. Linda Russell-Hawes

Anne Leblanc at Aug 23, 2016

I highly recommend this workshop with Linda if you are ready to open your heart to change, to pure consciousness of your being, to live from the Heart and the Love of creation. Linda is always available to answer your questions and to continue her teachings after the workshop. Thank you so much, Linda! I learned so much... Can't wait to see you again! Light and blessings! xxx

Celine Chamard at Jun 29, 2016

This is such a great gift of Life... Thank you so much ! xxx

Celine Chamard at Jun 29, 2016

I am so much Grateful... Thank you ... xxx

Colleen Choi at Jan 27, 2016

Linda is a wonderful teacher. She holds a very gentle and open space for people to explore with her support and guidance.

Benjamin Keil at Jan 27, 2016

This is and was a life changing event, compleatly change the way I see this reality.

Aline Lebel at Dec 03, 2015

I really love my experience!!!

Brigitte Pineau at Nov 11, 2015

I don't able to listen questions, sorry!

Claude Provencher at Oct 02, 2015

I could'nt belief this was so easy, first the proper words with excellent illustrations and also the answers given by our host to all issues related to the presentation made me feel in confidence throughout the entire course and so with the entire group.

I personnally feel that Linda brought our group to a higher level in energy, we all felt this tremendous energy among us during each exercice.

Linda also made sure to answer all questions that arrose after each exercice. It was like having a private Master at our disposal.

Finallly, I will strongly recommend this course to everyone I know and Linda will be included with my recommendation.

Am looking forward to new course, meanwhile I will practice every day this new technic of meditation.

Thank You Drunvallo for showing us the tremendous opportunity of knowledge within each of us.

Celine Chamard at Jul 02, 2015

I'd like to express my great appreciation for this amazing event transforming my Life and the Life of mankind... with the magnificence of a dignify teacher who walks her talks, spreading Love & Light in a such graceful way. At the very first day, we could already feel at ease and enjoy deeply the new technics to apply in our daily practice to create everything we want from Love. The assistance and the results of our experiences create confidence in the process. This is a very unique gift for Life ! I am so grateful to Drunvalo for his teaching and the teacher who came from so far to deliver this pure knowledge of Life in our area with such wisdom ... Gratitude with Love & Light to all !

Martine Tardif at Jul 01, 2015


Casey Chikuma at Feb 28, 2015

Thank you so much, Linda..

Lise Roy at Nov 10, 2014

Linda Satchell did a very good teaching, I could feel the energy during the courses.

Kristen Cosmi at Sep 10, 2014

Amazing experience!

Pamela Radosevich at Aug 24, 2014

I had a wonderful experience in this workshop. Linda was heart centered and present allowing me and the rest of the participants to easily enter into that space too. I especially liked the experiential parts that allowed us to bond as a group. Linda's home in Hawaii is such a beautiful space, with an ocean view, and lots of beautiful gardens, it set the tone for the sacred space we created as a group. It was an all round five star experience for me. Can't wait to do more....