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Peter Maas at Sep 14, 2021

Lu Ka - as young as he still is - teaches like master. With his knowledge and experience as a teacher as well as awakened heart brother, he gives a very good roadmap/perspective for us students to develop our own "abilities" and progress on our spiritual awakening path.

A DUNN at Apr 30, 2021

It was an incredible 5 days with LU KA. It’s more than words to said. So much LOVE, So much LIGHT. I can’t wait to do it again. LOVE!!!!!!




Alma Osmic at Jan 13, 2021

Thank you Lu Ka for the wonderful 5 day workshop. This was my first workshop with you and I absolutely loved it. Okay it was also because I love the topic but I really think you are a wonderful teacher and I hope to attend your other workshops!

Also, I was a bit sceptic at first having it online but after an hour or two I realised it's even better, because my home is where i feel most relaxed and safe :)

Thank you again for everything!

Kamila Smith at Jan 08, 2021

The ATIH workshop was absolutely amazing. The quality and quantity of the content was beyond my expectations! And Lu Ka, our teacher, did an excellent, heart-felt job of delivering the material in ways we all could understand. He is very patient and he really internalized the information. It is obvious that he makes everything he was teaching us part of his regular personal practice because he can explain it so well and in different ways. This was my first workshop and I am so glad I decided to do it with Lu Ka. I had no clue how his teaching style would be and it turned out so great. I was so worried about the cost being high for me at this time in my life and not getting value. Being from New York, I learned quickly that you don't get much value for your money, so I was really hesitant to sign up. Honestly, it was the best money I've ever invested in my spiritual journey. Thank you Lu Ka!

Kathaleen Yurchesyn at Jan 01, 2021


This course did not meet my expectations and in other ways exceeded my expectations.

Let s start with did not meet expectations: Based on the website, I was expecting 5 or 6 participants, and English language Only. Imagine my surprise when there are 39 participants and most don t speak English. I bring no judgement, this was not what I signed up for. I signed up for a small group format in English. The Korean participants were great, don t get me wrong. The problem is a lack of integrity in informing students the nature of the group one is joining.

I am a professional psychologist by trade and people need to work through process, it is through working through process that we can release our issues.

For example moving into the healings with an intent, an intent shared with a small group and having enough time afterwards to discuss in this regard with the small group. The groups was too big and the time to debrief was too short. I believe I commented “where s the fire?.’

For me, It was the ‘ best and worst’ for the reasons I have Outlined. The meditations were amazing. I see you as gifted but you know little about process.

Love you and I hope you will accept my feedback in the spirit in which it was sent, feedback for learning and growth.

Blessings RaSchel (K athaleen)

Yujie Jiang at Dec 30, 2020

Amazing lifechanging experience

Ashlee Reed Reed at Aug 15, 2020

It was a great experience and I learned and healed more than could have ever expected!!. Excellent teacher!

min ah kim at Jul 28, 2020

저를 깨어나게 이끌어주셔서 모두 감사드립니다. 제삶이 통합되는 경험이 지금까지 이어져 오고 있습니다.사랑합니다♡

martin kolatek at Jul 10, 2020

Ich bin so wunderbar in meinem Herzen angekommen. Seit dem Workshop nehme ich die Umwelt anders wahr. Wenn mein Verstand wieder etwas bewerten will, übernimmt mein Herz. Ich liebe die Meditationen und die Verbindung zu allem.

Herzlichen Dank für diese Erfahrungen,


Jacqueline Ping YU at May 27, 2020

This is an amazing course that I ever had in my life, I enjoyed very much and the experiences that I had over the course were tremendous that is very difficult to use words to describe. I strongly recommond this course and Luka who is such a warm hearted person, his teaching and personality is very sincere and loving.

Miyoung Moon at May 24, 2020

Luka gave me an good explanation of unfamiliar concepts. His detail guidance

made me very comfortable to follow meditation. It was a wonderful time

Jasmin Erinya Schuler at May 19, 2020

I am deeply grateful for these wonderful, life-changing, profoundly precious days in the ATIH online workshop. I highly appreciate Lu Ka as a teacher and human being. It was a true pleasure. Highly recommended!

Maria Jose Pautaso at May 18, 2020

I can't express with world how wonderful this workshop was. A life changing, A new beginning,

Youda Bleyd at May 18, 2020

Luka, is a teacher who made me live things that I never thought I would feel, he is clear, kind, and has a huge heart, people must go learn with him, my experience was powerful and very magical, and I will have it recorded in my soul forever, thanks to him, to his angel who I always perceived guiding us towards the best. Claps and more claps in honor to such a good human being and teacher!!

Lana Oliveiro at May 18, 2020

I'm most grateful to LuKa, who is a wonderful & passionate teacher and of course, Drunvalo, who came to save us mankind. Thank you so much :)

Salome Schori at Apr 14, 2017

Lu Ka is a wonderful teacher. He is leading the workshop with great authenticity and always speaks from the heart.

Astrid Kriech at Apr 02, 2017

four wonderful guided days, lot of remembering, lot of confirmation... Luka is an extraordinary teacher. Thanks a lot, again...

Peter Maas at Mar 29, 2017

Lu Ka is the young teacher with the wisdom of an old highly advanced master. He creates an open and relaxed atmosphere. The workshop is indeed a complete work of itself and enables me to live from the heart, however I feel this is not all there is to know. I'm waiting for the followup workshop where the Kundalini-part is integrated, as I have understood from several Drunvalo-interviews is necessary proceed to the ascension process.

Nevertheless, I'm a very happy person, with what I know and are able to do.

Many Thanks to You Lu Ka and - of course - Drunvalo, sharing this wisdom with me and showing me the way. Wishing You a smooth and happy Ascension.

With deep love from my heart,


Roland Studer at Mar 28, 2017

This workshop has been one of the most outstanding workshops I have ever attended. - The teachings from Drunvalo are extremley effectiv and indeed mind-boggling.

I can only recommend this workshop to every one at the bottom of my heart.

Namaste Drunvalo

Elvis Suljakovic at Mar 28, 2017

Thank you Luka for this workshop it was great.

Elvis Suljakovic at Mar 28, 2017

beautiful workshop ;)

Eva Shen at Oct 18, 2016

Love this workshop so much! Thank you Luka!!!

Jessica Wong Soi Leng at Oct 12, 2016

I heard about the ATIH course from my HK friends in June this year. I hardly knew neither the course nor Lu Ka. But I heard of Flower of Life. They highly recommend me to take the course. I told them I would consider next time When Lu Ka in HK. Two months later in August, my friends told me that Lu Ka would come to teach the ATIH in MACAU !!!

It was a miracle to have this course and Lu Ka in Macau. I sent my wish to the cosmic. When I least expected it happened. Lu Ka is an amazing teacher. He makes things so easy and simple that everyone can understand and follow. Imagine I have only read FOL book one three weeks ago and book two 1/3 only. I can't remember the last time I felt so much love and compassion

floating in a room. Of most importance, Mer Ka Ba is something we can make use of in our daily life. I actually can feel how my body and mind have changed and benefit.

Thank you SOR. Once again, amazing teacher and amazing team members.

Vicky Ngai at Oct 11, 2016

I highly recommend Mr. Lu Ka and his workshop. Mr. Lu Ka is definitely an excellent spiritual mentor.

Milan Bjelakovic at Sep 26, 2016

I would higly recomend Luka ATIH worshop for everyone even for people that dont feel energy or have experiences its amazing dont miss it.

Janja Sesek at Sep 03, 2016

I was very happy to be the parto of this event.

Jana Vodlan at Aug 15, 2016

Thank you Luka and Mateja <3

Riku Liimatta at Jun 24, 2016

This was the best thing so far happened to me! :)

Yvonne Yip at Jun 23, 2016

If there's only one spiritual workshop You could choose in this life, I would definitely recommend ATIH.

Feel so much love during & after the workshop.

Thank you so much Luka & all angels

Love You All !!!!!

Polly Lee at Jun 21, 2016

I really love this working and the way of Luka's teaching. Thank you very much for Universe and Luka which let us to meet each other again. I really found my answer!! So Awesome!!

Rebecca Cheng at Jun 21, 2016

It was a memorable experience to me. I enjoyed the workshop a lot. Our instructor, Luka, showed us the immense love, support, and knowledge that I will always remember and treasure. Thank you!

Dorothy Yip at Jun 21, 2016

Thank you Luka~

Kresimir Glavan at Jun 21, 2016

The love and dedication that Luka to every soul that comes is beautiful beyond words. With the presence of his beautiful angel Mateja I felt like home and the way they organise the workshop with food and little shop from the heart I wanted to stay there for much longer than 4 days. The love I now have for every single soul on this planet is also the love I am sending them both every day. Peace of I, Kresimir

Jemma Carruthers at Jun 08, 2016

Everything about this workshop was Divinely Sent and Organised, right down to every last person that attended including the Speaker. I couldn't be more grateful that I stumbled across this School Of Remembering and this Wonderful workshop. It was held at the right location and at the right space in time. The Energy Shift I got from this workshop will only keep getting stronger. I no longer feel alone within this Beautiful Awakening :-) Thankyou and much Love and Light to all the wonderful Organisers xo

Lam Lisa Yam at Jun 06, 2016

My instructor Luka and his wife/ assistance were very knowledgable, they have taught the course with love. Over the 4 days weekend course everyone in the group have great transformation, we were connected once again with our hearts.

I am a reconnection healing practitioner, after the session I noticed that by connecting to the heart the healing has taken on a different dimension.

Thank you Luka and Majela

Dalibor Romcevic at Jun 04, 2016


Suncica Dolusic at Jun 02, 2016

It is a BIG privilege to have an open heart these days. Thank you, unique teacher Luka and angelic helper Mateja for this powerfull and magnificient workshop. My heart is singing and dancing now and i can fly on its wings all over Universe. VIVA LA FREEDOM !See you all around stars and galaxies. A huge hug to Luka, Mateja,my group and all open hearted people everywhere!

Zdenka Pavalic at Jun 02, 2016

I am so grateful for coming Luka in my life and for knowledge and experience he gave to me. Luka has the most pure unconditional love what I have been seen. Thank you Luka and thank you Mateja. With love, Zdenka

Nicholas Patulny at May 31, 2016

This workshop was really amazing! It was presented in such a professional and easy to understand manner. living in the heart is truly a life changing experience!


Gurtej Singh Jabbal at May 30, 2016

Luka did a great job :-)

Zorica Volarevic Mihetec at May 18, 2016

Beautiful workshop! Beautiful peoples! Beautiful angels!

Thank you! Changed my life!!! <3

Marin Vidov at May 17, 2016

Luka is realy patient. He is kind and warm hearted. You can see that he has a lot of information and knowledge, and most importantly, he is living what he is teaching and is a great rolemodel for this. His teaching method is very light but packed with info and your interest is constantly peaked. Even though it's a lot to take in in souch a short time, Luka makes it easy. And also he is accompanied by Mateja, who is nothing short of an angel, and whoa lso contributes to the fullness of the workshop.

Thank you both.

Branko Antunovic at May 16, 2016

Thank You Luka and Drunvalo; for everything!

Rouven Will at May 02, 2016

The work and process is ongoing and the experience beyond 1-10. I feel so much gratitude in such depth of my being. Thank You.

Jessica Lai at May 01, 2016

Thank you Luka deliver such a great class. It's open my mind, connect my soul and clearing some old stuff that's always block my daily life. Thank you.

Margrit Werwinski at Apr 15, 2016

It was wonderful!

Benjamin Al Jarmakani at Apr 13, 2016

It was a very very intensiv and wonderful time with Luca and everyone else. Words cant describe this moments. I never believed it would change my way of living and feeling, but it did so with every one else as well. Im so thankful for this incredible days. So many thanks and love to every body that i met this days in the ATIH.

Brigitte Saladin at Apr 12, 2016

This was the most powerful, grateful and helpful workshop I have ever been to. Luka is just a great, loving and charming person with great knoledge and profound experience. It was neither one second bouring nor hard to follow. A deep experience which I wouldn't miss! It has changed my live in a very good way.

Thank you so much, Luka, for this wonderful 4 days! And thanks to Drunvalo Melchizedek for this great work.

Julian Muller at Apr 12, 2016

Luka is a very good being, stable in his heart, share his knowledge percise, he speaks a realy nice and understandable english. He keps a realy good balance in concentration and relaxation.

When one opens to the things which one can get, and give, during the course nothing can goes wrong and the feeling is just wunderful.

To all, which are/and will be involved in sharing this informations, awaken those experiences in others, thank you so mutch.

Humanity done, and will do together, a GREAT JOB :-)))

Elvis Suljakovic at Apr 12, 2016

Beautiful time,beautiful people ;)

Suet Yee Cheng at Mar 31, 2016

Thank you Luka for the teaching! This ATIH course is amazing and deeply touched my heart. I'm very glad that I actually feel my heart is opened and awakened afterwards! Will definitely recommend this course to those who have suppressed their true feeling for long time, and long time acting the true self and feel the peace at heart again!

Kenneth Choi at Mar 19, 2016

Thanks to Luka. I like the workshop very much and will recommend it to my friends.

Milos Vukotic at Mar 07, 2016

Luka is a wonderful teacher of the School of remembering. The selected venue was an excellent choice and the host was exceeding expectations. Remarkable experience which I recommend to anyone longing to expand their knowledge and look at the world from an entirely new perspective.

Irena Serjak at Feb 06, 2016

Luka and Mateja are outstanding people, I am very grateful for experience.

Oliver Stankovic at Feb 04, 2016


Andrea Ritter at Feb 03, 2016

Dear Luka,

it was a great experience your ATIH workshop at a great place in Belgrade

Thank you very much - Love Andrea

Oliver Stankovic at Feb 03, 2016

Comment on the organiser:

The overall organisation of the workshop by the organizer Marius was not as one would expect it, or better as was said in emails prior to the workshop. In one word it was unprofessional. It all started with the last minute change of the venue from Konstanz, Germany, Bodensee to Pizol, Switzerland and ended with my food poisoning due to not respecting my special nutrition needs that were prior to the workshop expliciedly communicated to the organizer and the Teacher who confirmed this to me in written. Lesson for the future: It is very important who the local organizer is.

Danijela Markovic at Feb 03, 2016

Thank you for all good vibes!

Sandra Grube at Feb 03, 2016

Very high energie and extraordinary feeling of LUKA.

Thank you very much from my heart!

Bojan Klacar at Feb 02, 2016

No words can truly describe this experience. Its value was inestimable. I am so grateful to have been part of it.

Thank you Luka.

Andreja Ivanovski at Feb 02, 2016

I love you all so much.

Peter Maas at Feb 02, 2016

Luka is a born teacher, as young as he still is, but wise like an old master.

Bostjan Grum at Jan 10, 2016

I am grateful that Luka and Mateja are from our country

Mirjam Gartner at Jan 10, 2016

This was the most beautiful experience till now. Luka is simply wonderful with his leading, knowledge and heart. He led us to the divine Love.

Timotej Trinko at Jan 10, 2016

In this workshop I was born again. I have met real angels in my heart. This feeling gives me freedom, love and a lot more. Luka and Mateja you are Super stars!

Nina Cestnik at Jan 10, 2016

Great workshop and a great teacher.

Marija Sonce at Jan 10, 2016

Everything perfect, thank you

Tina Cvelbar at Jan 10, 2016

This workshop was a most beautiful gift to myself. Luka and Mateja are one big heart. THANK YOU!

Ksenija Skok at Jan 10, 2016

If I would be able to describe the feelings with words, there wouldn't be enough space here to write it down. Luka is an angel in a human form in around him there is Love shining. Thank you Luka and Mateya fo taking care of us.

Janja Poje at Jan 10, 2016

I suggest the workshop to everyone.

Nina Zabukovnik at Jan 10, 2016

Great teacher and great workshop

Harina Lo at Dec 13, 2015

The speaker is very sincere and nice, and able to let me open my heart! The workshop also helps me to find answer all of my life.

Sabina Djokic at Nov 06, 2015

Delavnica ima program, ki je primeren za vse starosti, je zelo prijetna, tam veliko izves in se tudi naucis.

Za ucitelja lahko recem same pohvale, ker se res potrudi za vse, da bi to kar dobijo na delavnici lahko uporabili tudi doma ali kjerkoli in kadarkoli.

Luka je tapravsnja oseba za to vrsto delavnice Sole prebujanja, je veliko potoval, se ucil od najboljsih uciteljev, zato lahko predaja to znanje naprej drugim.

Cel cas delavnice se obcuti prisotnost ljubezni in mislim da so to zacutili tudi ostali.

Med delavnico sem se pocutila kot doma, imela sem obcutek kot da smo res vsi eno, kar tudi smo. :)

Po delavnici sem bila kar malce zalostna, ko smo se morali posloviti.

kar je pa se bolj fajn je to, da nam je Luka dal vse odgovore na zastavljena vprasanja.

Solo prebujanja bi seveda priporocila tudi drugim kateri se mogoce rabijo prebuditi tako kot smo se mi na tej delavnici.

za Matejo, Lukovo asistentko lahko recem enako same pohvale.

Oba sta tapravsnji osebi za to vrsto delavnice, ker imata in predajata veliko ljubezni vsem in ne delata razlik med ucenci. Respect!

Delavnica je ceni primerna in sem vesela, da sem se lahko udelezila taksne vrste delavnice. Toliko pozornosti in ljubezni na enem mestu. :)

Linda Ordonez at Nov 03, 2015

The seminar is an unique experience, I strongly recommend for everyone that want to know more about who we really are...

Hatty Chu at Oct 23, 2015

it is the best workshop that i have been attended.

Kevin Leong at Oct 21, 2015

AITH course changed my life, I enjoy so such for every minutes during in these 4 days workshop.

Barry Suen at Oct 18, 2015

Luka is a friendly speaker.And this work shop was change me a lot.In day 4 it is my great time in my life.I dont know how to explain this feeling.I just know it was very amazing.

Finally i got my heart back and i am back!

Faat Chan at Oct 18, 2015

Luka is a very good teacher. He can explain clearly all the information. I am so glad to be one of the student in the class. Hope that we can all meet in the higher dimension!

Nastja Spasojevic at Sep 09, 2015

The workshop and Luka were amazing, helpful and inspiring. I felt full of light and love. <3 Lovely experience.

Nusa Miklavec at Sep 05, 2015

A powerful journey, a lot of memories and remembering. Powerful, spontaneous activations. Still present in my everyday life. From Egypt forward I am fully aware of the fact that the past, present and future are all merged in one point: here and now.

Tamara Soleil at Sep 04, 2015

The teacher is very kind, well-educated, willing to explain and assist. The atmosphere and people were great. It was easy to follow the program and exercises. I'm happy to be in this course!

Peter Maas at Sep 01, 2015

Thanks to Luka to hold the seminar for such a small group, which -

for us - was very personal and enabled us to ask many questions and become

very much personal "care" from Luka , our very knowledgeable, experienced and

hearty teacher. Although Luka is still very young - compared to us - his

teachings felt like getting them from an "old wise man".

Peter Maas at Sep 01, 2015

Thanks to Luka to hold the seminar for such a small group, which -

for us - resulted in a very personal seminar and enabled us to ask many questions and become very much personal "care" from Luka, our very knowledgeable, experienced and hearty teacher. Although Luka is still very young, his teachings felt like getting them from an "old wise man".

Maja Kure at Aug 22, 2015

This workshop in itself is amazing and all the information came at the right time. Lu-Ka is perfect as a speaker on this topic... You can feel the energy and "higher" vibrations resonating...all the time :)

Thank you to all of You :)

Zlatko Petranovic at Aug 18, 2015

Great teacher, workshop and everything connected to it

Olga Kusar at Aug 18, 2015

The workshop was one of the kind, it can not be repeated. So much love and heart energy which was present in these 4 days I didn't receive in my 62 years of life. I have felt this in all the hugs. Thank you heart Luka...

Cvetka Kolbl at Aug 17, 2015

Very strong,deep experience, lifechanging.

Marta Sekolonik at Aug 17, 2015

The atmosphere was relaxed from the first moment to the last. Feelings of freedom, comitment, acceptance, love, gratitude will be with me every day of my life. Thank you and a big hug, Marta

Bojan Klancnik at Aug 17, 2015

Everything we hear or done at this workshop, was conducted very professionally and presented with much love. Love to us, as well to the issue, which was the essence of this workshop.

Thank you for knowledge and enlightenment!

Edna Tsang at Jul 20, 2015

I love this workshop!!!!! Luka is full of love inside his heart and this make me feel so touching. I believed that this is only the start of my new journey. Namaste!!!!

Polly Chu at Jul 20, 2015

wonderful workshop, everyone should join this workshop.

Natasa Pajic at Jun 03, 2015

Luka Klancnik did an amazing job leading us through the workshop. The energy grew day by day. All doubts have vanished, the true essence could shine through in all its glory. Deep gratitude.

Franci Stupar at May 25, 2015

Luka is such a wonderful teacher. His way of teaching is loving and intense at the same time. The four day workshop was packed with knowledge and meditations but at the end I've felt really relaxed and positive.

During the four days we've really came together as a group and there was such a loving atmosphere.

Out of my heart I can recommend Luka and the ATIH workshop to everyone.

Simon Grdadolnik at May 25, 2015

The workshop was great and also very well performed. The teacher is perfect, I enjoyed all 4 days. Thank you.

Darja Sulc at May 20, 2015

I received more that i expected. Finally i managed to get really calm and to actually feel my heart getting bigger, wider, on ease. Thank you, both. :)Huuuuug. Darja

Maja Dominic at May 18, 2015

Hvala za Spomine.

Jozica Kranjc at May 16, 2015

Excellent workshop in an amazing place that perfectly supported the teachings. Luka was always available for the questions and what is the most important for me, he was in tune with what he was passing on to us. I could feel his peace, wholehearted connection with the universe, trust, loving presence...I'm very grateful for many incredible experiences.

With love, Jozica

Uros Ravbar Fajmut at May 16, 2015

Luka is very good teacher and person who live what he teach.

Uros Vovk at May 16, 2015

Very deep, strong and beautiful experience, which gave me hope and power for growth and work on myself. Luka has mentaly, spiritualy and in knowledge met with and went pass my expectations.

Gordana Bjelajac at May 14, 2015

Luka is a great,and I fully enjoyed all 4 days.Wish to be at workshop again.great expirience.very happy because I did it.

Martina Klodic at May 13, 2015

I have a lot of good thoughts and feelings about workshop, which I can't even express with words. Even though I have been meditating and I have visited the other, different workshops, that one was the best one. After all, this workshop had a best impact on my spiritual and personal growth. I am grateful for this experience and I am happy that I can share the fillings related with this workshop with others.

Marjan Hasaj at May 13, 2015

One of a kind experience

Annesa Leung at May 13, 2015

I loved the way Luka taught ATIH in both Hong Kong and Egypt. It was fantastic!!! He is very knowledgeable, gentle and loving as a great teacher. The bonding with him and other classemates are close too! I highly recommend this workshop to anyone who is interested!

Karmen Rus at May 13, 2015

Luka is an amazing teacher, his warmth and clarity of the knowledge he presented were great. The beautiful atmosphere and intimate enviroment and connection between the workshop attendants was a result of this.

Andreja Potocnik at May 13, 2015

I have applied for the workshop without any expectations or goals. I was just curious. The atmosphere, the teachings and the group exercises were more then great, relaxed and full of energy. I liked the leading of the workshop, organisation and time the teacher dedicated to individual students.

Sanja Budin at May 13, 2015

Luka is a very sensitive, caring, giving and authentic teacher. I felt extremely comfortable during the teachings as well as all excercises. It was a very powerful, impactful workshop, very, very content rich, while still never overloaded and always easy to follow. It was extremely intense, and full of advanced and important knowledge which melted together in one big "power-boost".

I loved every single hour of our intense and "long" days which were passing incredibly fast in spite of a ton of work we did! Thank you Luka & SOR for providing this super-powerful and certainly life changing experience for the World! - Sanja

Vivian Chan at May 12, 2015

After taking the class, I truely feel the amazing love from Mateja and Luka. Many thanks to Mateja and Luka. ^-^

Luka Obelic at May 11, 2015


Romualdas Voisiatas at May 03, 2015





Solveig Katrin Jonsdottir at Apr 24, 2015

I recommend this workshop for everyone who wants to move into higher consciousness and start living from the heart. It was truly deepening and heartfelt experience, I am deeply moved and touched. Thank you

Matej Skufca at Apr 09, 2015

Thank you Luka, thank you Drunvalo Melchizedek.

Neva Leposa at Apr 02, 2015

It was magical, the place and the experience:)

Karlheinz Schwer at Mar 09, 2015

Great Workshop.

Roger Andres at Mar 03, 2015

A wonderful experience I would not want to miss in my life, Luka was a wonderful teacher and coach, thank you very much for the beautiful days!

To the wonderful workshop itself: I would as the only thing I can think of as an improvement wish for some more practice with going into the tiny space and also some more practice runs with the merkaba. Being back home in busy live with nobody to buddy up for that, it would be helpful to have a bit more solid foundation to build on. otherwise it easily happens - at least to me - to fall out of routine and making it more difficult to progress.

Anyway, the most unpleasant part of the workshop was to end it, and let go of all the wonderful people met.

with love


Boban Matevski at Mar 02, 2015

I just finished the workshop. Im a new person now,knowing that im not alone in this world.Nothing can realy be described by worlds, so i fully recommend the Awakening the Illuminated Heart workshop.

Thank you.


Judith Obi at Mar 02, 2015

Luca has brought us wonderful and we have experienced true space adventure.

Marius Schumacher at Feb 24, 2015

I never experiences such a lovely and divine atmosphere. Thank you guys for all doing the great job helping humanity awakening. Namaste

Dejvid Rafajlovic at Feb 23, 2015

Luka is a great teacher and even more .

In the 4 days you could see how the whole Group grown togheter and had really fun and learn a lot.

ist one of the best things i did until now and i cant wait to learn more from the shool of remebering.

thank you, you are doing a incredible peace of art knowledge and love.

thank you LUKA


Elvis Suljakovic at Feb 23, 2015

Luka thank you for this beautiful time of remembering.

Blanka Medved at Feb 16, 2015

This workshop is lifesaving !!!

Ka Wai Ng at Feb 04, 2015

Here, I would say thank you to my teacher, Luke Klancnik, from my heart. It was a wonderful experience in my life. Namaste!

Phoebe Tang at Feb 03, 2015

Luka is really a good teacher, i can feel he really love each of us during the workshop (actually even after the workshop).

He don't mind to share all the experience that he had experienced.

And during the workshop, you may feel the history seems looks boring but he will always let us know in funny way.

i don't know how to say how good he is because u have u feel it your self when u join his lessons.

Love Luka always :-)

Meiling Chan at Feb 02, 2015

I feel the workshop is very useful especially I had been work on myself few years ,many things happen but I can fine the answer ,in this workshop it helps me ground myself ,and my intuition rise!

Cindy Tam at Jan 25, 2015

I started to recommend this class while I am taking it. Venue was wonderful and very cosy, Luka and his wife addressed our questions from different angles. They felt like family members to me.

Sasa Krusnik at Jan 15, 2015

It was the great experience!

Darinka Krizan Krajnc at Jan 12, 2015

I am very happy and grateful, that I listened myself and applied to this workshop. The workshop was simply great. I lived 4 days in time without time and in divine energies. THANK YOU Luka and Mateya for a great organisation and unconditional love. Thank you, thank you, Thank you. With love. D

Maja Trbeznik at Jan 12, 2015

Dear teacher Drunvalo and other teachers,

Iam very glad to be present in this workshop with this amazing souls. I definitely recommend this workshop that ones, who is looking for something deeper in their mind and soul to help making the critical mass, to change the world.

I feel very thankful and blessed to be that one, who was called from that energy.

From the deepest part of my soul to your soul,

Strudent Maja

Ivana Radovcic at Dec 19, 2014

I am really thankfull for Drunvalo s work and happy that Luka brought it to us in Croatia. Luka is a good representative of Drunvalos teaching, we could really feel spiritual energy of the source during the workshop

Jasmina Putnikovic Delalle at Dec 10, 2014

Pure pleasure and immense connectivity. I've been three times and would like to go again. The feeling can not be described, must be experienced. I am very grateful to Luka that comes in Belgrade. I am very grateful to all of You for helping us to remember all that we are. Thank you for your existence.

Marijana Kuduz at Dec 09, 2014

This was the best workshop I have ever attended. It changed my life and gave me the knowledge so that i can continue to work on it and transmit the love to others. The teacher was wonderful, full of love and affection for all of us. I felt safe, with a lot of confidence because he led us and was with us every step of this amazing journey back into the heart. Love, Marijana

Danijel Pavic at Dec 08, 2014

I highly recommend, it is life changing expirience.

Thank you!

Slobodan Rakovic at Dec 04, 2014

This was my third workshop with Luka. An amazing experience once again. Travelling within the Merkaba was the most spectacular thing I've witnessed in this life.

Much love,


Uroa Brezava ek at Nov 16, 2014

This was my third workshop and Luka really knows how to make it special. I loved every second and I wish it never ended. I'm really greatful for the way that this experience was offered to me

Marusa Malec at Nov 15, 2014

I found a missing piece of me. I now understand and value myself a lot more. Thank you for showing me the path to the Universe and letting me go there in my own special way. Thank you for making all this journeys possible.

Vinko Vodopivec at Nov 12, 2014

The teacher Luka Klancnik with the glow of his charisma made a great presentation and a very deep explanation, which had by my opinion reflected Drunvalo's original workshop. I had a strog feeling that Luka did his best to give us a quallity and and exact knowledge which Drunvalo is giving. And he with a great generosity and in relaxed mood with a great energy but not forcingly gave all the knowledge to us. He brought me into a totaly new world. A big thanks to Luka, to my-our teacher for making a one in a lifetime and a very quality workshop, on a very high level. For me till now the most quality workshop of all. My only suggestion is, that this seminar could be 8 days long. So that the knowledge would be given on one day and practical things on the second. So we would go home with even more knowledge and confidence into our practices. I would also be willing to attend any extra exercises after the workshop, for those who would like to get even more into depths of the meditations and knowledge, for ongoing personal development.

Neja Sekolonik at Nov 03, 2014

Received much much love & hugs & healing <3

Amazing teacher & organization <3

Felt like home the whole time <3


Mateja Skofljanec at Oct 26, 2014

To attend this workshop was one of the best decissions in my life!

Louise Pang at Oct 25, 2014

This is one of the most heart warming workshop I have ever been! I will definitely recommend to others.

Armin Alibegovic at Oct 03, 2014

First off all sorry for my delay, since I had to take some time off to absorb everything.. Its hard to find enough sufficent words for Luka`s work and energy that he so generously shared, one of the nicest people I have ever met and had a chance to exchange energies with.. His lectures were surprisingly so deep and fluid that for all 4 days I felt like in some beautiful peaceful vortex.. Nicely connecting the dots, without any pressure, communicating an taking some time for every one of us, great foundation and a leader all through the workshop.. His heart is enormous and wide open for everyone! Hopefully we meet someday again my dear friend.. Namaste

Ziva Okorn at Sep 24, 2014

I loved the workshop. It was a 100 times better than I expected. I haven't felt so much love and bliss in a very long time.

Darija Huzimec at Sep 22, 2014

The workshop was simply fantastic. The expirience was really lifechanging! Thank you!

Peter Vukovic at Sep 19, 2014


Nusa Miklavec at Sep 16, 2014

The most honest, profound, divine, heartful, awakening and back-to-roots experience ever. And it has no end. Namaste <3

Sonja Dobnikar at Sep 16, 2014

Zelo ganljivo, precudovito...neskoncnokrat hvala...sem presrecna in zelim, da te energije trajajo in trajajo..

Ni besed, s katerimi bi se zahvalila obema...naj vesolje poskrbi, da se se srecamo fizicno, v srcu smo tako nelocljivi.

Namaste, Sonja

Maja Lackovic at Sep 16, 2014

I really like the workshop and teacher Luka, and I would highly recommend them. I'm not very sensitive person in connection to seing/experiencing/feeling energies, rays etc. and I also had difficulty visualizing during some meditations, but nevertheless I'm happy and thankfull I have been on the workshop and I hope I will go again, and maybe to other workshops as well.

Sincerely yours, Maja

Suzana Jurisevic at Sep 10, 2014

I received a wonderful experience

Elvis Suljakovic at Sep 09, 2014

the workshop was a meeting of the heavenly family,i can not describe this,just feel ,it was beautiful and amazing time...thank you Luka

Andreja Bovha at Jul 31, 2014

Zahvaljujem se.

Slobodan Rakovic at Jul 23, 2014

This was the second time I attended ATIH workshop and I was amazing once again. Can't wait for another one! :)

Jasmina Oslaj at Jul 23, 2014

Luka je izjemen ucitelj, ki je z vsem srcem predan svojemu poslanstvu.

Marja Zapusek at Jul 21, 2014

My experience of this workshop was very profound as I was for the first time really able to connect to my heart space and sacred heart. I have never before been so deeply in touch with myself as a being. I am deeply grateful to Luka and Mateja for their contribution to my life, as well for this workshop and Drunvalo for bringing this to exsistance. With love and gratitude, Marja

Andreja Sesko Stern at Jul 15, 2014

The workshop is confirmed by certain views in life and at the same time changed the views on life. Luka as a teacher has a wonderful peaceful energy that trainee performance in its entirety prepares to listen and follow the workshop.

Bojana Razem at Jul 08, 2014

In one word, unforgettable.

Mojca Feren?ek - Sinaya at Apr 15, 2014

Beautiful workshop, nice meditations, loving and peaceful energies, safe space, clear instructions, powerful exercises, great informations, well organized, strong experience.

Filip Perkovi? at Apr 13, 2014

From this teacher and from this workshop I have got exacty what I wanted and needed. Thank you Luka, and thank you Drunvalo :)

about answer 9. : feeling is too abstract and I am too logical. In time...

Igor M at Apr 08, 2014

I would probably look at my life before and after attending SOR seminar. It was a very positive and powerful experience. I really couldn't compare to anything similar...

Andreja Lavicki at Mar 18, 2014

In those 4 days at the workshop I recieved such a large number of hugs which I have the feeling didn't get in my whole life. From my teacher Luka I got the wibe of true love for all beings which moved me immensley, I cried and i am touched. The meditations i don't know how well i will be able to perform due to loss of concentration - in the midst of a meditation i floate off to somewhere... but i hope in doing this exersises it will improve, I can do the beams...Thx.

Love, Andreja Lavicki

Sandra Jurela at Mar 13, 2014

In Lak'ech.

This workshop was a real gift to me.

I never saw the sun shining so bright,

Never saw things going so right.

Thank you my teachers, masters, angels.

Thank you Luka and Drunvalo.

From Zagreb with love,

Sandra Jurela

Tamara Rus at Mar 07, 2014

Everything is ok.

Nikola Corni at Feb 26, 2014

This workshop produces to me so deep and beautiful feelings, like nothing before !

I'm very grateful to Drunvalo for developing this school, and to my teacher Luka Klancnik who presented me this awesome knowlegde. Also, big thanks to all people who working on this school system and bring this beautiful informations to people around the world.

Slobodan Rakovic at Feb 25, 2014

Luka is an amazing soul and I cannot put it into words how much I appreciate him being the one to lead me into remembering. Support and guidance I received from him and our little group of four was amazing. Even when I wasn't convinced that I have actually entered sacred space of heart and tiny space of heart, Luka found the right words to say to me and I knew that I have made it. For that, I thank him from the bottom of my heart <3

David Ekart at Nov 21, 2013

I realy enjoyed the class, the meditacions and I realy enjoy my new sacred connection with my heart.. Luka did an excelent workshop! And also Drunvalo thanks for the teachings..

Irena Griljc at Nov 04, 2013

It was an amazing blessing expirience for me an Luka is really heart based dedicated, sincere and fully living in the heart. He gave us everything and even moree. We were amazing group of 13 people all together with Luka and his lovely wife Mateja and stayed trully connected in the heart all of us. I would recomend these workshop and him as a teacher to every people in Slovenia.It already changed my life completelly and we just finished it yesterday <3. Many thaanks to Drunvalo and all team in Sedona and Luka for such beatiful experience and for helping us remember again.<3<3<3 Blessings and Love from sLOVEnia, love you guys all of you, Irena

Maja Kukec at Nov 03, 2013

It was amazing and wonderful experience. I still have to work on my ability to create rays from my pineal gland, but I'm happy :)

Luka teaches with integrity and dedication to Drunvalo.