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Claudia Sternberg at Oct 21, 2020

Liebe Renate und Riccardo, es war ein ganz besonderer Workshop für mich, der mir die Tür zu meinem Herzen geöffnet hat. Vielen Dank euch beiden.

Karl Mayer at Feb 07, 2020

The workshop ATIH was a very great gift, more than I've expected!

Jos Ricardo Araiza at Nov 29, 2016

Thank you so much! I love this work and I am looking forward to continue :)

Jos Ricardo Araiza at Nov 29, 2016

Always a pleasure to work with such an experienced and great teacher ,->

Jos Ricardo Araiza at Nov 29, 2016

Great experience. I love your work :)

Jos Ricardo Araiza at Mar 02, 2015

Wonderful experience. Thank you so much!

Stephanie Runde at May 04, 2014

Deep experience in a loving heartwarming atmosphere at a nice place.

I felt like being taken through the workshop. Everything was good explained and easy to follow. Sometimes there were too many discussions and too much arguing going on during the workshop which was very confusing for me.

But I absolutely recommend to do the ATIH Workshop with Renate.

Renate Vadana-Odhiambo at Apr 18, 2014

again a wonderful workshop and it was pure fun!Thank you so much ,dear Renate, to make it possible!

I loved to come to Sedona; hope to go there soon, and meet Drunvalo, and all these awesome people there...

Renate Vadana-Odhiambo at Apr 18, 2014

I only can confirm what Dru said in his last ATIH workshop: he mentioned better not to install the beams on light on others,because that could cause a lot of harm!

I remember when in Renate`s workshop we came about to install the beams of light on others I immediately felt very incomfortable and even more highly nervous cause I shortly after the placement I felt very drowned, with headache and very upset in my solarplexus,; it took me a while to get right back to "normal",at least till the next morning ,only with great effort of cleansing and healing of myself! What the reason was , that the partner had been standing on the wrong side ,and that caused almost a super-gau for me!

So I can dearly recommend installing the beams by your own.

Thanks for all the love and wisdom to share with...

Christoph Schneider at Dec 21, 2013

intense, compact, presented by a master

Barbel Muller at Nov 07, 2013

I think the result of 8,9 an 10 is in my responsibilitiy

Erika Lauth at Oct 13, 2013

bevor i went to the first workshop i have seen drunvalos announcement-video. Or maybe it was a sentence in any of his videos im not sure about that.. in which i still remember the sentence " the ordinary guy from the street will be able to do all this." for me the beams of light i have installed, but was not really sure, if they were working now, allthough i am sure, that i did everthing right and understood the explanations to do it from the film and renates explanation. but i couldnt see and feel them goog enough to fell sure about them.( i still do the meditation and assume that they are installed)

in opening the 3rd eye im sure i havent done it yet. ive never seen anything greenish in front of my head. thats one reason why i went to a second workshop later. i suspected, i did anything wrong. and maby this is true, idont know. but i must say that it hurts very much to feel so incompetent. i read a few times all of the books and saw many interviews of drunvalo. i did in the last ten years lots of meditation and believe from myself that i got nearer to - im not sure really how to call it even in my motherlanguage- my ghost maby. but the high procentage of which drunvalo spoke, from the ordinary guy from the street, who will understand it and be able to do it after the workshop makes me feel like a looser.Renate is a very nice person i adore her VERY MUCH. i fell like you controll her with this questions and i dont like it very much. still i want to thank SO MUCH for all the work drunvalo has done in his life to save the world. i think any reason seems to be that i cant do it still...

Thomas Magnago at Sep 17, 2013

Dear Teachers Team,

Congratulation to this great workshop :-)

I would like to remark just two personal points. One is that for me it felt like the last day is very very compressed. All days before it was in a perfect speed except the last day which was somehow getting too short. The other point is that I did not got the green light during the third eye connection...

However I am grateful to all the work and what it created in me.

From my heart to yours


Karl-Hermann Freybe at Sep 17, 2013

good, profound tools, inviting to be used and continously experienced.

Looking forward with all of this.

Thank you,

love, Karl

JENS GLENDE at Jun 13, 2013

I thank Renate from the bottom of my heart for making this special ATIH Workshop at this beautiful location possible!

Maximilian Hauptmann at Jun 05, 2013

This was a blessing for my life! Thank you so much!