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iliana dima



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A few years ago I was “guided” to visit Egypt to participate in a seminar related to Drunvalo Melchizedek's work. My life changed completely since. I felt that all this work was a gift from God. It felt reconnected in a way to remember a language that was known to me but not spoken for several years and lives….
All the material shared in this divine workshop is information given by my great teachers Drunvalo Melhisedeck and Claudette Melhisedeck.
In the Illuminated Heart workshop you wil receive Information that you shall never forget as they shall change your life forever. It’s knowledge that is written deep inside your cells and waits for you to use the key to open yourself into a new reality. A reality, that is true for you, your heart, the universe and your total being.
You are all welcomed to my workshops!!!

About me:
At a young age I realized that one of my purposes on Earth was to remind people of life in harmony with oneself, with nature and with the Earth within the Universe. I envisioned "temples" that everyone could visit and release any concerns, find solutions and connect better with oneself. I could see me, mediating, for people to gain release from convictions and harmonizing with one’s inner God. After having completed high school, I was guided to studying psychology; while parallel working and studying dance and music in a State College. Along with my studies in psychology, I also began working in various voluntary organizations in Greece as well as in the US. Finishing my degree in general psychology, in 1999, I was guided to join the graduate programme at the University of Indianapolis in Clinical Psychology. This deepened my knowledge, while also performing practical work.
In 2003 after completion of my studies, full of dreams and positive energy I decided to embody these dreams in a therapeutic center in Athens, Greece. I currently maintain a therapeutic center in Glyfada (Athens), where I have created the "healing temple" of which I always dreamt of. Here the client has the ability to choose the appropriate treatment they deserve: treatment through psychology, bioresonance method, meditation, natural treatment, metaphysical or supplementary treatment, with an ultimate aim to releasing anything which is not in their bright purpose!

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Victoria Vellopoulou at Jan 30, 2023

Thank you Iliana once again for the wonderful workshop. each time deeper, each time a rebirth experience in many levels. thank you! so grateful


Alexandra Vranopoulou at Jan 22, 2023

Hello everyone,

I would like to share with you my thoughts and feelings on the seminar and the speaker that i chose to guide me through it.

Without any doubt it was a life changing experience and there are no words that could match and describe what i learned, felt and received.

It is a transformative seminar that each and everyone experiences it in a unique and personal way. Drunvalo has gifted us with a very powerful sacred gift and i feel honoured to have been able to receive it.

Although each individual has a different experience, there is a common thread that links us all which is a personal rebirth that takes place and we all start seeing what we called ''reality'' through different lenses in way that could and does affect the collective consciousness.

I feel very blessed and grateful for having Iliana as a mentor and teacher on my spiritual path and awakening as she is a very kind, wise soul filled with unconditional love and respect towards everyone.

She handled everything with grace creating a safe space for all the participants. She is gifted in many ways and one of those is understanding the people that she is surrounded by and what their needs are and adapts all the information in ways for everyone to comprehend.

She guided and supported us through our awakening triggering our memories and cells to remember what most of us had forgotten.

I am looking forward to the next time she is going to share with us this sacred knowledge.



Victoria Vellopoulou at Mar 14, 2022

every time is a new experience, a complete reconstruction and a deeper reboot. Thank you Iliana and thank you Drunvalo for keep having this privilege to experience rebirth. thank you

IOULIANNA DOUKA at Apr 01, 2021

It was an amazing experience, very deep and invigorating. Iliana Dima is an excellent teacher full of light. In fact she has been my teacher for many years and I guess for life and I am very lucky to have met her.

Victoria Vellopoulou at Mar 16, 2021

amazing experience, very deep workshop, thank you once again Iliana, thank you Drumvalo

Victoria Vellopoulou at May 05, 2020

feeling grateful for this workshop. One of the most complete and unique experience in my life. thank you Iliana Dima, thank you Drunvalo Melchizedek!!!

Afroditi Vlachava at Oct 22, 2019

My beloved Iliana this is the third time attending the illuminated heart seminar, and every time I realize that the revelation being made has something to do with the stage we are in.

This time I had a profound awareness of mischievous behaviors punishments and revenge that sparked health and relationships problems for me and my children. I am deeply grateful that with your deep faith and dedication to what you are doing so consciously you were a catalyst for breaking this abscess that has been a disaster for many generations and past lives with disastrous results as I mentioned above. I have already seen the first results in my behavior towards my children and I felt my bravery and my strength as I mentioned in the seminar that with your help I participated in the restoration and the respect in life that will give the fruits of love in life and the future of mine and of my children.

with deep appreciation and love

Konstantinos Stathis at Oct 11, 2019

Melchizedek's teaching was conveyed to all students at all levels of their consciousness, from the transcendental fields of consciousness, from the divine flow through the teachers, to the qualities that will implant the seed that will help and as always, Melchizedek's Order through the discipline of the spiritual path in the depths of the ages. Teacher Iliana Melchizedek is always in the highest vibration of the universal Melchizedek consciousness - apprenticeship. Delivering in a simple way and speaking directly to the students' higher selves, thus activating all of their Solar - Galactic and Universal qualities where they will also become auxiliary to change in the earth .....

Many blessings Sambala.


Anna Bielas-Radoszewska at Oct 11, 2019

The workshop was amazing. Thank u ❤️

Andrea Zurlini at Jun 11, 2019

Iliana is wonderful!