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iliana dima



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A few years ago I was ??guided? to visit Egypt to participate in a seminar related to Drunvalo Melchizedek's work. My life changed completely since. I felt that all this work was a gift from God. It felt reconnected in a way to remember a language that was known to me but not spoken for several years and lives?.
All the material shared in this divine workshop is information given by my great teachers Drunvalo Melhisedeck and Claudette Melhisedeck.
In the Illuminated Heart workshop you wil receive Information that you shall never forget as they shall change your life forever. It??s knowledge that is written deep inside your cells and waits for you to use the key to open yourself into a new reality. A reality, that is true for you, your heart, the universe and your total being.
You are all welcomed to my workshops!!!

About me:
At a young age I realized that one of my purposes on Earth was to remind people of life in harmony with oneself, with nature and with the Earth within the Universe. I envisioned "temples" that everyone could visit and release any concerns, find solutions and connect better with oneself. I could see me, mediating, for people to gain release from convictions and harmonizing with one??s inner God. After having completed high school, I was guided to studying psychology; while parallel working and studying dance and music in a State College. Along with my studies in psychology, I also began working in various voluntary organizations in Greece as well as in the US. Finishing my degree in general psychology, in 1999, I was guided to join the graduate programme at the University of Indianapolis in Clinical Psychology. This deepened my knowledge, while also performing practical work.
In 2003 after completion of my studies, full of dreams and positive energy I decided to embody these dreams in a therapeutic center in Athens, Greece. I currently maintain a therapeutic center in Glyfada (Athens), where I have created the "healing temple" of which I always dreamt of. Here the client has the ability to choose the appropriate treatment they deserve: treatment through psychology, bioresonance method, meditation, natural treatment, metaphysical or supplementary treatment, with an ultimate aim to releasing anything which is not in their bright purpose!

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The Illuminated Heart seminar in Greece, in ENGLISH ONLY

2019-06-06 / Glyfada, Athens.

This Seminar will be held in English

A few years ago I was ??guided? to visit Egypt to participate in a seminar related to Drunvalo Melchizedek's work. My life changed completely since. I felt that all this work was a gift from God. It felt reconnected in a way to remember a language that was...


Victoria Vellopoulou at Jun 04, 2018

it was the 7th time i participated in this workshop and i felt going even deeper than any other time. i feel blessed to have participated one more time at this workshop and to have Iliana in my life. i feel the highest gratitude for this opportunity, for Iliana and for Drunvalo.

Konstantitos Stathis at May 30, 2018

Yet another of Ms Iliana Dima’s seminars provided me, all her students and Greece on a whole, with heavenly energy just as spiritual teachers know and serve… The teacher and energy, beyond dimensions… With Melhisedek’s presence during Iliana’s consciousness assisted further for the change in our planet, the adjustment to the 5th dimensional change of energy… this is the work of Drumvalo Mehisedek. There are simply no words to describe such a teaching – initiation just as much as many more. A push for the intuitive person just as much as for the simpler individual in the entrance toward learning and serving humanity into the future. I would like to thank the whole class and Melhisedek hierarchy. As I know from Shambhala learning…

Irini Christoforaki at May 22, 2018

‘Two days after the completion of this wonderful seminar conducted by my beloved Mentor & practitioner, Ms. Iliana Dima, I feel like I went through an actual transmission ‘from the old to the new me’ experience. Still trying to figure out what I actually felt and saw. It was fun but challenging, weird but magical, even tiring but definitely worth the effort. Iliana, stood there for all of us attending the seminar and guided us with utmost care, step by step, unfolding one by one all those values and natural capabilities, we humans have forgotten through the ages, to a ‘new’ path. I wish & pray all people on the earth to remember and start living, thinking & acting from the heart where is the truth of all that is out there. Warm & Special thanks to Iliana; I feel so lucky and blessed for having met her in this life and now attended this seminar given by her ????????’

Elpiniki Drivalou at May 22, 2018

I felt rejuvenated, it was exactly what I had asked for. I received many tools for my everyday life. I thank you from my heart and wish, you will always have the power, strength and courage to give to the world whatever one needs in their life. I wish you all the best.

Konstantitos Stathis at Nov 20, 2017

Beautiful teachings from our Global teacher Drunvalo Melchizedek delivered through the universal love of Iliana Dima, our exceptional Angelic teacher, shared with love as teachers understand and service form the divine intellect to the humans. I thank God in the heart of Drunvalo Melhisedek and Iliana Dima.


It is a blessing from God to have Iliana as a teacher in the school of remembering. She is a teacher who guides you every time you feel you are out of your path!!! Also an inspirer of earthly survival and spiritual reconstruction !!!! It is a pleasure to talk to her!!! Every time I participate in The Illuminated Heart Workshop I feel the greatness of my soul and absolutely empowered !!! Every time I feel lighter, warmer more informative!!!! I can tirelessly attend the lesson!!! I really thank you for the warmth, care, love and knowledge!!!!!

Afroditi Vlachava at Nov 19, 2017

My beloved Iliana, the experience of the seminar was revealing to me even though it was the second time I participated in the workshop with you Iliana. I sensed as if I undertook the workshop from the beginning. I was curious like a young child. Probably because I was liberated in relation to the first time, now I experienced it with all of my heart. I felt happy! My heart opened to heal itself again and I am still in a process of change. Thank you for standing next to me through the whole workshop and with your support and the synchronicity I moved into a new transformation. My body is trying to let go of the past and proceed with faith, hope and forgiveness to my next step in life. My heart is still opening, I feel the change and I am grateful for that. I am thankful for your contribution to my life.

Patris Vitsaxi at Nov 12, 2017

I would like to thank all the people that worked , so that this seminar can reach Greece. I was very grateful to do this work with Iliana, who is not only very good at what she does, , but also a very gentle person, full of kindness and respect which helped a lot to trust the whole process and go through this seminar easily. This has been a key point in my life. Thank you!

Victoria Vellopoulou at Nov 08, 2017

there are no words to describe how much gratefull i am to have Iliana Dima in my life, to participate to this workshop for the 6th time and have the opportunity to live this deep experience of inner change and remembering thank you Iliana, thank you Drunvalo thank you all Viktoria

Mary Kiraki at Jun 09, 2017

Thank you my super loved teacher for these special 2nd time experience!!! You will always have my love and I will always find you in the tiny space of my heart! You belong there, with all my Angles! Thank you!