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The Way out of This Mess

Dr. Judith Long




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Dr. Judith Long has been a teacher with the School of Remembering since its' inception in 2011.
She dedicated the year 2012 and 2013 to opening Drunvalo's teachings in the Republic of China. She was asked by Drunvalo and a representative of China to enter this massive country with these teachings in August of 2012. From this request dreams opened. Judith fell in love with the Chinese people and continues to this day to support them in any way she can. Dr. Judith recently completed a successful Chinese Teachers Training in Sedona, Arizona where she had the privelege of being the lead host teacher with Drunvalo of 70 students. It was a wonderful experience to welcome so many Chinese students to her home city. Dr. Judith is excited that this teaching is now being taught throughout the Republic of China by the new Chinese teachers..
She is now teaching more in her home city of Sedona with the occasional trip to China and Canada and the east coast of the United States.
She welcomes you to her workshops and is eager to continue the quest to reach as many people as possible with Drunvalo's teachings. Dr. Judith is sure that these teachings are the most profound on our planet today. They will assist us in expanding our consciousness to reach the next dimensional level.
The workshop fee is $555.
Below is a letter that Judith's received from one student who attended a workshop during her first trip to China in November 2012.

Dear Judith,
How are you doing?
This is Siyan (Carmen) Zhao, I am one of the lucky students that participated in the Shanghai workshop in November.
It's been one and half months since the workshop, I am still very grateful for your teaching and love to me, to us. I think I am so lucky to meet you in the workshop which is first workshop in my life (this life :-) ), and it is life changing or mind changing to me. Before the workshop, i have never experienced anything special physically. I was reading all the books however was so disconnected. During the workshop, I just could not be more real about myself and my experience, and so amazing to have the deep love and scenes in the sacred space and the tiny space. All the meditations were so powerful to me, and dear Judith, you gave me the confidence to move on :).
That's not only about all my personal feelings, it's so fruitful that i could meet so many friends and "families" in the workshop. We were strangers to each other, but now, we are all connected via the chatting tool, social network and we are sharing the personal lives and stories to each other frankly. It was so hard to find a person who could talk about spiritual stuff, and now it's like effortless to have sisters and brothers....
I want to thank you and your daughter Julie for coming over to China and bringing the magic to us, I think it's changed many people's life indeed :). I heard that the MerKaba activation rate was 100% in other 2 workshops, so glad to hear that, congrats to the sisters and brothers!
Siyan (Carmen)

Thank you for your interest in learning this great work. I look forward to assisting you in any way I can.
Warm Blessings,
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