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Awakening the Illuminated Heart

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Dmitry Glukhov


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I will travel to any part of the world to do a workshop, just let me know!

The reason life is getting tougher, is because reality wants us to grow up and make the next step in our evolution, it is a beautiful process! We need certain tools and understanding to continue to fully participate. If we don't know the rules of the game, then the game is playing us and yes, it does feel like we don't have control over our lives, because we really don't. We cannot play the game without knowing the rules, it's like driving a car through the red light without knowing that you cannot do that and the consequences will not be desirable. I also made many mistakes from which I learned a great deal. I accumulated a lot of life experience since I started teaching in 2015. The more you learn about how this reality works the more exciting life gets, instead of never-ending Groundhog day. I will share my knowledge about activating feminine and masculine energies, share about the the 4 elements and their great importance. How to see and take charge of your ego, which is a very interesting process. Have lots of tools how to make our bodies more functional, to help us grow and be able to handle higher vibrations. How to deal with fears is especially important in current times, fear is a vibration and with some effort can be transformed and you will amazed that you didn't do it sooner! There will be lots and lots more knowledge that can be applied in your everyday life, rather than gathering information that is not applicable in our life and simply taking up space and creating an illusion that we are evolving, making us feel smart, but not wise. Come to the workshop where we always have joy of remembering who we are and you will not be the same afterwords.

During the four days of the workshop you will receive both information and have direct experience of which in the past would take 20-40 years of study, meditation, and practice.
You will remember and experience your connection to the Mother-Earth and Father-Sky through The Unity Breath Meditation; open your heart and enter the Sacred Space and the Tiny Space of the Heart; remember your connection to your Higher Self and be able to receive all answers directly from this connection.
You will also experience unconditional love sound healing; and the feminine aspect of this knowledge through the Sufi blessing dance meditation, dancing in the dark meditation and The Blue School of Claudette Melchizedek meditations.
You will then remember and see the difference between living from Love versus from fear, creating from the heart versus from the brain. Then through the specific steps you will activate the Beams of Light that together with opening of 3rd eye and connecting brain to the heart will activate the halo around your head and naturally activate your light body the Mer-Ka-Ba which will become permanent.
You will then know and clearly understand how to create anything you desire from the Tiny Space of the Heart. You will remember that key point to the ascension is your Illuminated Heart.

To register for the 4 days ATIH workshop please complete following steps:
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Four days ATIH workshop Tuition: $444

Please call or e-mail me if you have any question about information or payment. I’m looking forward to assist you in any way I can.
Thank you for choosing to remember this profound knowledge. When we all awaken to our illuminated heart, we live once again in the state of unconditional love and know that Love is all there is.

Being my nature to more often than not, overthink things, I arrived at my Awakening the Illuminated Heart workshop pretty anxious, feeling it was an incredibly steep and massive mountain in front of me. However immediately my teacher, Dmitry Glukov, dispelled every one of my concerns with his insightful genuine and nurturing love, incredible kindness, and servicing patience. Our group was intimately small, which allowed for deep discussions and comprehension. In hindsight, the workshop was profoundly structured to create a pathway of success after success after success, supporting both the heart and intellect. To summarize there are no words, only pure love and appreciation to be gifted with this experiential sacred knowledge. With love and blessing to Dmitry and All, Debra

I love your peace and harmony combined with your joy, that made me feel like a very good friend who always has a wise word without judgments, where love is the only truth.

Thank you Drunvalo for all your hard work in getting this information for us to study and learn. Thank you Dmitry for your work in becoming a teacher and helping others nearby experience these teachings. I feel I have been searching this information my whole life, and am more complete now than I have ever been. I'm excited to see what else I can learn/remember from the School of Remembering.

Dmitry really helped me at a point in my life where I was feeling stuck. Would recommend him to anyone, great teacher and amazing workshop.

Greetings, this was my third time participating in the ATIH workshop within a year and still, I enjoyed a profound life changing experience. Catching details through repetition were ever so helpful for directing and redirecting my energies. It's difficult to fully express my appreciation and love towards Dmitry and his knowledgeable and gifted guidance through my exciting and amazing journey. Blessing to all . . .

Dmitry is just super. There are 1001 positive adjectives to describe him, but suffice it to say we feel he is family now. Do not hesitate to register for his session.