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Beverly (Bj) Hambleton



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Once upon a time in July of 1999, a dear friend and spiritual counselor called and asked if I had heard of Drunvalo Melchizadek and the Flower of Life. I admitted my ignorance. Helen knew I had been on the spiritual journey since 1973 when shortly after getting married, my husband and I used about every penny we had and enrolled in the EST training. This was truly a wake up experience for me. And I have never been the same since! My friend excitedly told me that one of her students had recommended the 28 hours of video by Drunvalo. Since her TV was on the blink, she strongly suggested, or requested (!) that we rent each two hour segment and watch them together on my TV.

We sat on the edge of our seats and attempted to absorb the amazing presence of this remarkable man and the incredible information he presented. Helen has been a spiritual teacher for over 50 years and much of this was still all new information to her. We laughed and giggled and wept together. Immediately, afterwards, we arranged for a Flower of Life facilitator to come to Denver and to present the workshop at my house. I continued to be the hostess of these workshops for several years and attended 3 Earth Sky and the early Living in the Heart workshops with Drunvalo. You can see I fell head over heels for this.

Now, I want you to know, I had tried for years and years to meditate, without any success. My excuse is my Gemini mind just keeps running and running. Oh well. When I found the Merkaba meditation, I figured I could sit still (difficult for me!) for 4 minutes. Yes, it took me all of four minutes! Gradually, this time has increased and expanded and has become one of the best and most necessary parts of my day. It gives me a chance to connect with the deepest core of my being, the Divine Spark, the space where we are All One.

I have been involved in alternative health for over 30 years and am presently a licensed practitioner of Quantum Biofeedback using the SCIO. I love the shifts which I see happening with my clients. Previously, I was a college professor teaching sociology for 12 years at local colleges here in Colorado.

When the opportunity arose for this teacher training with Drunvalo and his new “Awakening the Illuminated Heart” I was honored and thrilled. And yet, it took the constant encouragement from my Inner Guidance, before I proceeded with the training. After taking the teacher training course in July of 2011, it has taken me several months to begin to integrate what happened with me and with all the teachers as a group. It was an incredibly powerful and heart activating experience.

This new meditation presented in the “Awakening the Illuminated Heart” immediately, automatically and permanently activates the Merkaba field. When we connect to the tiny sacred space in the heart, activate the beams of light and connect with the third eye, we are able truly to create from Oneness, rather than from duality. It is a remarkable experience, a palatable and visual experience of having this powerful living field surrounding you. Be prepared for your life to shift and for wondrous experiences to envelope you. The word Divinity has taken on whole new meaning and experience for me.

In the spring of 2012 I was asked by the ATIH council if I would serve as a Teacher Mentor. What a privilege to work with aspiring teachers to help them fulfill their requirements to become another fully qualified distributor of this amazing experience. Again, I am honored.

I am in deep gratitude and am honored to have the privilege of passing this sacred knowledge and experience to others at this amazing time in the history of the Universe.

Thank you. I love you -

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Gabriel Alexander Seeking Eden Fallon at Aug 02, 2019

Beverley is the best, most integritous, greatest teacher I could ever recommend to someone desiring to attend ATIH. I mean that sincerely. She has no other agenda other than to lead you to the place where you need to be. If you are ever considering attending an ATIH Workshop, please, I urge you to attend one from her. She is quite possibly the best and most qualified to lead you toward where you need to go. Which is, your heart.

Michael Scheel at Jul 29, 2019

The workshop was a wonderful experience. BJ created a wonderful environment where everyone felt comfortable and connected with each other.

Bruce Phillips at Mar 07, 2019

I'm glad there were only 7 of us plus the instructor. I felt very comfortable and present. At times I felt we rushed too much on some of the material, but felt that I had gotten all that I needed to.

Paula Tilley at Sep 04, 2018

The ATIH Workshop is such a profound, spiritual, life-awakening experience.

Michael Gutierrez at Jul 26, 2018

Be was wonderful I've learned so much more with interaction and communication I'm a life coach and reiki Emery healer and I love this through coaching I help clients get out of there past and use reiki to helpthem heal them selves and I would love the opportunity to teach this as well I have found my true calling this class is amazing everyone needs this i know there is allot of people that frown on the teaching but through coaching I can reach them and it will help them find there heart and get out of the auto pilot f the mind. I would love to be a teacher of this.

William Owens at Apr 22, 2018

Loved the class. Love B.J. Her wisdom, knowledge and teaching skills!

Leslie Boland at Aug 30, 2017

I would have liked a hand out that listed step by step instructions for activating the beams of light, as well as the steps for creating. We were told about the copyright laws and where to find this information online, but it would be easier for me to have a printed copy to follow - just because of the way I learn. BJ is a fabulous and knowledgeable teacher and highly recommend her classes to anyone that has interest in attending this amazing and life changing course.

Mikal Wood at Aug 29, 2017

Very welcoming environment. From day one I knew I was right at home. What a profound experience, that will continue to ripple throughout my life forever. A true connection and experience, with love from the deepest part of my heart, Thank you!

James Bertrand at Jul 23, 2017

BJ was an excellent teacher. The space was sacred; Her energy, approach, and control of information was excellent. I'll recommend her to anyone who is interested this life changing course!!!

Andrea Johnston at Mar 02, 2017

Very rare are the profound experiences which define my life as "before" and "after". My first ATIH workshop is way high on this scale. Expectations were left behind in the Expansion of my heart. Def planning to take this again with more of my loved ones. Love love love my Teacher!! Perfect!