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Irene Viglia Atton

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Irene Viglia Atton


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Irene Viglia Atton, bringing the Heart to the World
Awakening the Illuminated Heart Teacher
HeartMath certified trainer

I was born in Ivrea a small town in the North-West part of Italy. I came to this life with a very strong sense of being at Service and helping others.

My adventurous and passionate Soul always had a burning desire to know and discover the Truth about Life. Since very young I felt there was so much more than simply what we were taught in our Societies. I had to follow my heart and discover why I was truly here and what Life was all about

In 1999 I moved to London UK, that has been my base and from here I have been venturing in the world.
I studied a degree in International business followed by a career in the publishing industry. Thanks to this I traveled the world extensively. I had blessed opportunities to meet amazing people and masters, I learn more about their culture and different traditions.
For part of my time away from italy I lived in Spain and Peru. In the Sacred Valley of Peru I worked closely with Shamans and natives there, that with their simplicity taught me the power of the heart.

Throughout my life I have practised different types of meditations and healing methods. I am a Life and Spiritual Coach, a Reiki Master, a Healer and a Spiritual Teacher.
Out of all the Journeys I took in my life, I must say that the most profound and life changing I experienced was MY CONSCIOUS JOURNEY TO THE HEART

Since August 2011 I am a certified Teacher and a Mentor for the New School of Remembering, introduced by Drunvalo. I am also a certified Trainer for the HeartMath scientific Institute.

From my humble heart I offer my time to share these sacred and ancient teachings to those who are ready to learn the truth, to live in beauty, harmony, love and trust
The Sacred Space of the heart truly is the only space where we can be at peace and live with joy the life we came to experience and deserve to have: A Conscious and Enlightened Life.

May your path be filled with Peace and Love

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Kanae Croft at May 06, 2020

Most powerful 4days of my life. I am very pleased to take this course at this time to equip myself to cope with everything which is going on in the world. Thank you for this amazing experience.

Pavel Kocanda at Nov 06, 2019

I have nothing to add except that it was one of the most profound experiences of my life. What a great time to be alive.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Pavel

Lisa Lorelli at Nov 05, 2019

This was a powerfully transformative experience, conducted with excellence by Irene. She demonstrated a depth of experience that I think made a huge difference on what we, the students, were able to absorb and utilize. The only thing I didn't rate a 10 was concerning videos, handouts, and other aids.Even thought the course description is a very good overview, I felt that I could've benefitted from a written outline/syllabus at the start of the course. I very much cherish the notes I took as this was an incredible experience, one that was truly transformational.

Martha King at May 17, 2019

Such a wonderful journey.... Life long experience and huge eye opening course in such a great way lead all those days. Thank you would not be enough. Blessings.....

Marianne Hill Hill at May 13, 2019

Amazing 4 days. Everything thereafter is up to me and my day to day environment is challenging BUT two weeks after I am still effecting change upon which I can continue. Gracious Appreciation!

Stephen George Turner at May 09, 2019

I highly recommend Irene her guidance has a refinement &generousness of heart with accurate host coaching. iam now requesting a link for completing the certificate feedback as it's not responding on the page to give the evaluations

Charlie Homer at Jan 31, 2019

It was so refreshing to take the ATIH workshop, the information was well organised and easy to follow. The value of the content is profound, having all the knowledge and understanding condensed into a 4 day period is true a blessing. Thank you Irene & thank you Drunvalo.

Dariusz Szul at Sep 18, 2018

The most powerful experience I have ever had so far.

Flavio Noronha at Oct 12, 2017

Irene is a very gentle soul. Passionate and very knowledgeable. Her training and experience was well intertwined and came through beautifully when delivering this course.

I will definitely recommend Irene and the course for anyone who asks.

Bobby Jhita Jhita at Jul 31, 2017

Irene is a very special teacher who really connects the whole group. I really enjoyed her class.