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Linda Satchell

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Linda Satchell


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Linda Purcell Satchell, MA, MFT
Certified Teacher of "Awakening the Illuminated Heart" of The School of Remembering

It is an honor and with deep gratitude that I am now teaching this material. Having access to Drunvalo, and this information, has validated many memories and my sense of "remembering".

As a life long artist, I have always had the ability to explore internal areas not readily traveled by peers. I stumbled into, and have had access to, many internal portals and alternate realities. Due to sensitivities, I have had many "extra sensory experiences" throughout my life and have had a strong sense of remembering certain information that did not fit the schema of the world I grew up in.

As a Creative Process and Art Therapist, I have been exploring and teaching creative process for all of my adult life. This exploration naturally led me into the heart. I have been leading heart based meditations since the 1970's. I began with Shakti Gwain's book "Creative Visualization" which eventually led me to Drunvalo and practicing how to create from the Tiny Space of the Heart!

Creating from the heart is how to begin the bridge to the 4th dimension . I like to think of it as "training wheels" to higher consciousness. I am ever grateful to Drunvalo and with joy and love I share it with you.

Since Nature is my church, I have always lived in beautiful natural areas. I now live on the Big Island of Hawaii on an organic farm. In addition to farming, I swim with wild dolphins in the Sacred Bays near my home. I welcome and enjoy hosting amazing people from all over the world.

I received a BA in Creative Arts and MA in Clinical Psychology with Specialization in Expressive Art Therapy. I am a licensed MFT in Hawaii, and California and teach Art Therapy at John F Kennedy University. I enjoy my private practice in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, located 2 blocks from the beach!

I welcome you to join me in experiencing the exploration of our higher consciousness.
From my heart to yours,

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Terri Kirby at Aug 22, 2020

The missing piece for me is printed instructions for the processes and meditations, along with an audio recording of same. In trying to do the meditations after the class ended, I find it difficult to stay focused on being in the heart as I'm trying to remember all the the steps in the correct order. It would be AWESOME to have a recording of the processes and meditations we did in the class so I could be led through them until I know them well and can do them on my own. Short of that, printed instructions that I could then read and record for my own personal use would also be helpful.

Lucie Jean at Jun 30, 2017

Merci belle Linda! Je t'aime de tout mon cœur! Fantastique! Lucie XXX

Lucie Jean at Jun 30, 2017

Absolument merveilleux! Merci de tout cœur à Linda! C'est une femme extraordinaire qui vit pleinement cet enseignement! Merci de la compter parmi mes amies! Lucie Jean

Linda Hawes at Sep 04, 2016

Thank you Linda for your compassion and your teaching and for your individual help. Linda Russell-Hawes

Anne Leblanc at Aug 23, 2016

I highly recommend this workshop with Linda if you are ready to open your heart to change, to pure consciousness of your being, to live from the Heart and the Love of creation. Linda is always available to answer your questions and to continue her teachings after the workshop. Thank you so much, Linda! I learned so much... Can't wait to see you again! Light and blessings! xxx

Micheline Ouellet at Jul 20, 2016

Merci Linda d'avoir répondu à notre appel encore une fois. On est vraiment chanceux et heureux de pouvoir bénéficier de cette belle enseignement. Chacun y trouve quelque chose de précieux. On sort de cette atelier grandit dans tout cet amour partagé et cette ouverture du cœur dans notre espace sacré. Merci de tout cœur à l'être que tu es. Pour tout ce que tu apporte à tes groupes. Merci, merci, merci. On t'aime Linda xxx :)

Celine Chamard at Jun 29, 2016

I wish I could support the teaching of this knowledge to make it available to as many people as possible ...

Mrs Linda Satchell, our certified teacher is the embodyment of this precious knowledge and she inspires me to consider to become a teacher...

All my Gratitude to Drunvalo with the «guides» and the team...

Celine Chamard at Jun 29, 2016

This is such a great gift of Life... Thank you so much ! xxx

Celine Chamard at Jun 29, 2016

I am so much Grateful... Thank you ... xxx

Colleen Choi at Jan 27, 2016

Linda is a wonderful teacher. She holds a very gentle and open space for people to explore with her support and guidance.