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Paul Reimers



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Since you are reading this, you are in the right place at the right time.

We have been living a dream of separation, feeling separate from others as well as alienated from ourselves. When we collectively fell in consciousness from our hearts to our heads, we entered polarity consciousness. We then viewed ourselves and others through this polarity and have only been able to create our lives from this same place of polarity.

The Awakening the Illuminated Heart workshop lasts 4 days and offers another alternative, one where we can move our consciousness from our head back into our heart and connect the two so that they can work together beautifully and powerfully. From this place we can wake up and remember our unity with ourselves and others and create our lives from unity consciousness as well.

I have been pursuing the expansion of consciousness for the last 24 years. In high school I was fascinated by hypnosis and meditation as ways to expand consciousness. When I went to college in Boston, I pursued my core classes during the day and practiced meditation and Qi Gong as well as studying everything I could find on Eastern Philosophy, levels and states of consciousness as well as healing modalities. I have been blessed by studying with some truly remarkable teachers. The most significant experience I have had as a student has been through studying under Drunvalo Melchizedek both as a workshop participant as well as a teacher in training, seeking to share his work. Today I am grateful to be one of his Licensed Facilitators who share his life’s work.

What I love most about Drunvalo and his body of work is that it is a beautiful blend of masculine and feminine energies. He has a profound understanding of human consciousness, science, sacred geometry and lives completely in his heart. Drunvalo has himself studied with many amazing teachers that run the span from various shaman to leading brain scientists like Dr. James Hardt, who study the brain and human consciousness. I have never seen one teacher who has a body of work that covers this much material and integrates this much into it and creates a unified whole.

The Awakening the Illuminated Heart workshop is a 4 day experience that is the culmination of Drunvalo’s life’s work.

In this 4 day workshop you will learn how to:

Connect with your higher self and continue to work with them. This alone is extremely powerful. This workshop is only a the beginning of the work you can accomplish with this powerful connection. It’s like having constant access to a spiritual master who knows you intimately and is always focused on your growth and highest good.

Heal past emotional trauma

Work with imagery in exercises from the Blue School of Images that has its roots in Kabbalah

Work with the 13 Chakra system and how to use it to balance your body and energy

Enter the Sacred Space of the Heart – Where the Akashic Records of your Soul reside

Enter the Tiny Space of the Heart – Where the Universal Akashic Records reside – this is the place of unity that we all share, there is only one Tiny Space of the Heat and we all share it.

Open the 3rd Eye

Connect the heart and the 3rd eye and see with the “Single Eye of the Heart”

Move your consciousness around in your body for better self knowledge

Tap into an unlimited source of energy and healing for yourself and others

Create from the Tiny Space of the Heart from a place of Unity (create only what you desire) rather than through the polarity of the brain (always creates what you want as well as what you don’t want)

Live in the Tiny Space of the Heart

Activate energy centers in the head that increase intuition and trigger creation of the Human Halo

Activate the Merkaba (Human Lightbody) organically and permanently through the Heart Creation Process

Generate your own dream imagery from within your heart and use it to create from

Program the Merkaba

Take the next steps in the Ascension process

In addition to this, you will understand the intimate relationship of sacred geometry to creation, human consciousness and the heart.

We will focus on remembering who you are, how everything was created and how the creation process relates to ascension.

I am deeply grateful to be sharing this work with you. I am always amazed at the amount of transformation that is possible in only 4 days!

Tuition is $444 for the 4 day workshop

If you live outside of the Los Angeles area and would be interested in my traveling to where you are, contact me through one of the means below.

With Love and Light,


Professional Website

Awakening the Illuminated Heart 4-Day Workshop

2024-07-11 / Private Residence

The core of this event is showing participants how to access and create from their heart and generate a very high level of joy within themselves (high levels of alpha brain waves) as well as connect to their Higher Self, Personal and Universal Akashic Records as well as activating their MerKaBa and ...


ONLINE Awakening the Illuminated Heart Workshop

2024-07-25 / Online Through Zoom

Join us Thursday July 25th through Sunday the 28th for this immersive and interactive Awakening the Illuminated Heart Workshop shared Online through Zoom.
Here's a video I did on what's powerful about the online version of the ATIH Workshop https://youtu.be/zTHvDpKn4Fk
The workshop will be from 9a...


Lena Servin at May 07, 2024

This workshop exceeded ALL of my expectations . It’s hard to describe how truly magical and aligned this workshop was. Every single detail was curated to optimize the teachings , the embodiment of the practices and in ways that were not even fully realized until after workshop itself ! The amount of love felt from the food prepared to the heart centered meditations , the location , everything was perfectly crafted in such a way that it made it easy to receive . If you are even considering coming to this workshop with Paul and Michelle , do it ! Their land , the love, the food , the knowledge was just life altering on all the best ways . I feel so grateful to have met them and experienced the beauty of their land, their wisdom and their outpouring of love .

Michele Korpos at Mar 17, 2024

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Paul - I felt completely welcome in his home (also enjoyed meeting his wife, Michelle); he is methodical in his teaching; and he reiterates import concepts to ensure each person understands processes. I found some of the energy shifts to be quite subtle, and after a week of practice, I'm finding the energies building. I'm so happy to have had this experience and look forward to learning more.

Thank you Paul and MIchelle for opening your home for this important work. I look forward to seeing the two of you again.

Be well,


Marta del Pozo Ortea at Mar 08, 2024

The 4 days spent being part of The Illuminated Heart Workshop with Paul Reimers have been of the utmost spiritual significance for me, a true rebirth. I arrived at Joshua Tree in a state of inner disarray after personal tragic circumstances. I left reconnected with myself and the All, feeling at home in the world again.

Paul’s teachings, accompanied by innumerable sources of enlightened information, analogies and examples, have all given a much-needed context for my spiritual evolution. The guided meditations, the Merkaba activation and the most powerful healing session I have ever experienced, have all managed to open my heart and my mind to the experience of Unity and remembrance, one to which I am still able to return thanks to the tools provided during the workshop. Reverberation is still strong and heartfelt...

This would have not happened under any other circumstances that the ones experienced with this most devoted teacher, his loving partner, and the amazing group of souls with whom I had the blessing to share this time with. Thank you, Paul, for helping us create our reality again. Thank you, Michelle, for nurturing us with you generosity and culinary gifts, and thank you, Jane, for mothering us all.

May you all continue to dispense experiences of UNITY.

Love and light,


James Aitken at Feb 21, 2024

This workshop with Paul is a life-changing experience. From the moment I arrived, I felt genuinely supported and cared for. Paul guides us through the process and mediations with clarity and grace. I felt so comfortable diving into the depths of my heart, knowing Paul was there to help me process any emotions or questions that arose. I learned so much about myself and the world. The workshop environment is heart-opening with the gorgeous landscape of Joshua Tree. By the end of the four days, I felt so connected with my fellow attendees. My heart is activated and I feel my light shining through!

Diana Malone at Oct 18, 2023


The workshop was super amazing. Paul is very generous with his knowledge, time, heart and spirit. My husband and I are very grateful for the experience and the heartfelt welcome given to us by Paul and his lovely wife. We both feel the shift.

I am recommending this workshop with Paul to my family and friends. Much gratitude to Paul, Michelle, and Drunvalo for this amazing information and experience:)

Paula Goodspeed at Oct 17, 2023

It was a great workshop! I loved it. I recommend to anyone that is interested in this subject. Awakening the Illuminated Heart

Richard Jacques at Aug 18, 2023

Paul was an incredibly generous teacher. He was very patient and clearly passionate about the work. I would highly recommend him.

Joshua John Hodson at Aug 16, 2023

Paul was a great host, considering the depth of the subject and how much there is to cover in such a short time and all via zoom was incredible. The first 3 days there is alot to take in, lots of separate topics that need to be covered and the 4th brings everything together and makes it all make sense. I thoroughly enjoyed the process and physically feel the benefits. Thank you everyone involved for your service. You have brought me back to my heart and journey

Karina Rodriguez at Mar 20, 2023

Paul was amazing!!! He was very detailed and all of us were able to understand the material. I have continued with the teachings and I do want to say that 4 days after the class I wanted extra cash to take another class so I practiced the creation process. 4 days later my mom gifted me $800, I had been trying to manifest $400. I did notice that I feel happier every day, I don't have problems sleeping or need to take supplements to sleep. My moods are lighter, and at times I have felt my vibration to be higher than when I did a cacao opening of the heart ceremony. This can be done in a few minutes, does not alter the mind in the way that I cant drive. Things in my life are flowing. I will continue to take Paul's other classes because spirit told me It had to be him the one I took the class from, but not only that he's truly passionate about teaching, about Drunvalo's teachings; remaining true to them. His heart is full of light! I did take the class via zoom and it was great!!!

Matthew Webster at Jan 17, 2023

Great workshop, only thing would be reinforcing the connection to guardian angel as that connection seems key to time after. Helping the continued rise in vibration