Drunvalo Melchizedek presents The School of Remembering®

Awaking your Illuminated Heart and more: your Christ Consciousness field

beautiful loving and playful workshop

Jacqueline de Rond


0031 (0) 50 525 91 95


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To attend any Workshop or Event, all participants must enroll with the School of Remembering first, watch this video for instructions.

The workshop is beautiful created by Drunvalo. The first day there are heart opening exercises, the second day a strong heart healing for every participant, the third day everyone is able to enter their physical heart with love and the last day is the crown: we activate our Merkabas and our Christ Consciousness.
So: if you feel the call and the pull: be my guest, it is my pleasure to be able to present this ❤️

Natuurlijk is de voertaal Nederlands, als er alleen Nederlands sprekende deelnemers zijn, no worry

Graag opgeven via het aanmeldformulier op www.centrumderond.nl/workshops