Drunvalo Melchizedek presents The School of Remembering®

School of Remembering Workshops

Choose from Six Exciting Life Changing Subjects

Awakening the Illuminated Heart Workshop

Over 300 Workshops presented by over 200 globally positioned Certified Teachers. The information, training and meditations presented during this wonderful 4 or 5 day experience is the ancient yet long forgotten process to automatically and permanently activate the Heart Merkaba around your body to connect your heart with your brain and open the Third Eye allowing the Beams of Light to activate creating a Halo.
When all of these are again engaged, one's Merkaba is naturally activated and one completely remembers and knows how to fulfill one's potential of creation using love here on Earth…a “New Body, New World, New Life!”

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Drunvalo Melckizedek's Workshop Schedule

Drunvalo's advanced workshops are completely experiential, leading you from ordinary dowsing for water and seeing human auras and human prana fields to seeing 4th dimensional beings who will become your friends to assist you even further. There will be moments in your experience that you will think that what is being asked of you is impossible, only to find that you are more than you now know

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Sacred Travel & Events

Sacred Travel and Events are events hosted by Certified Teachers and Participants in the School of Remembering. All Events have been approved by the School to support our Members. Through these models, workshops and travel events, we can learn to tangibly understand our own divine nature and creation while experiencing new and exciting understandings, locations and peoples.

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HeartMath Workshops & Mini Camps

HeartMath workshops are dedicated to empowering people through the intelligence of their hearts in order to better navigate these changing times. HeartMath programs and technology enables people to live from the heart for more rewarding, healthy, productive lives personally, professionally and in benefit to the world.

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Blue School of Imagery Workshops

Blue School Guided Imagery sessions aim to explore and experience in rapid succession many different aspects of life in an imaginal and sensory mode. As images unfold they speak for themselves and serve as both the diagnosis and the healing helping the dreamer find a resolution through a deeper understanding of oneself and of the world.

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School of Remembering Workshops & Certification Classes

The School of Remembering workshops and events include teacher training programs, special online events and continuing education programs for both students and teachers. The School Offers comprehensive online and on location training and certification courses for Teachers focused on teaching skills, delivery methodology, creating rapport within the classroom and offers an environment of instruction for success for our upcoming teacher candidates. 

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