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Viola Rose

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Viola Rose


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Greetings from the heart. I am currently offering Awakening The Illuminated Heart workshops regularly in The Sedona Arizona Area and am willing to travel to nearby states as well. I also offer the workshop ONLINE monthly for global participation. 

See my full schedule here: https://dreamthenewdream.blogspot.com/p/awakening-illuminated-heart.html

I completed my Teacher training with Drunvalo Melchizedek's School Of Remembering in 2012. Since then I have taught about 100 4-day Awakening The Illuminated Heart workshops to many hundreds of participants. 

I am here to be in service to Love, Ascension, opening the Heart, all things beautiful and to joyfully play whatever part I can in the process of Spiritual Remembering at this amazing and transitional time in our world. I am in my mid 50's, and all my life I have been answering the call to go deeper. I have spent my years pursuing truth, clarity, service, musicianship and performance art, the healing arts, healthy living, Reiki, Sound Healing, 
Metaphysical and Consciousness research and exploring every path that would bring me to the next level of Heart opening and understanding. Every turn of the road has brought me insights and precious gifts. I am constantly seeking out new and accessible ways to learn to live fully in our hearts and to connect with the energies of Ascension.

As well as being a certified teacher for Drunvalo Melchizedek's School of Remembering, I am also a certified Gong Practitioner (through Gong Master Metab Bentons school), a certified Holistic Health coach, a Certified Laughter Yoga teacher, a Musician and Sound Healer.

I love inspiring and supporting people who are ready to shift, whether with their health, nutrition, spiritual landscape or into living more fully from the heart. I am motivated by the fact that millions of people are in real pain and experiencing real challenges in their lives.

I strive to offer beautiful, profound and yet simple ways to truly embody higher understandings, and open the heart. I bring my lively spirit, my joy, my reverence for all life and my love for all to the work I offer to the world.

If you have already attended the ATIH workshop with me or any other teacher, and would like a refresher in any part of the material, or meditations, or to ask questions, or receive personalized instruction, or guided meditations at your own pace, you can set up a private phone or zoom session with me. I am also available for those who have not yet attended the ATIH workshop but want more personal guidance on these subjects. 

My rates are $50 for the first 30 minutes, then $1 per minute after that. 

I also offer ATIH "refresher" gatherings online 4 times per year for anyone who has previously attended the full "Awakening The Illuminated Heart" workshop with myslef or any other teacher. These gatherings are well loved and offered simply by donation. I Truly LOVE this works and want to help keep it alive for people.

If you find yourself in the spiritual wonderland that is the Sedona area, you are welcome to come see me for an appointment, or Sound-Healing session in person!

To receive my once--per-month newsletter with my offerings and interesting updates, just copy this link into a new tab  to sign up:  https://stats.sender.net/forms/aOoyEa/view

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ONLINE Awakening The Illuminated Heart workshop

2023-06-16 / ONLINE

Come join us Friday-Monday June 16-19 , 2023
(9am-3:30pm) Pacific time zone PDT
This workshop will be held online through Zoom, and in English language only.
This workshop is limited to 12 people to ensure an intimate, personal and connected experience for all.
Tuition is $350 USD


Online 2 hour INTRODUCTION of the Awakening the Illuminated Heart workshop

2023-07-11 / ONLINE

Are you interested in the work of Drunvalo Melchizedek and would like to experience a shorter 2 hour online introduction before committing to a multi day workshop? Come learn about the power of living in your heart, activating your heart based Merkaba (Lightbody), and connecting to your Higher Self...


ONLINE Awakening The Illuminated Heart workshop

2023-07-15 / ONLINE

Come join us Saturday - Tuesday July15-18 , 2023
(9am-3:30pm) Pacific time zone PDT
This workshop will be held online through Zoom, and in English language only.
This workshop is limited to 12 people to ensure an intimate, personal and connected experience for all.
Tuition is $350 USD


Online half-day REFRESHER follow-up class for former ATIH participants

2023-07-16 / ONLINE

This 4 hour workshop/gathering is exclusively for former attendees of the full 4 or 5-day Awakening the Illuminated heart workshop. Anyone who has attended this FULL workshop with Drunvalo Melchizedek or any other certified teacher is welcome to attend this gathering Sunday July 16, 3-7pm (PDT)


Sedona Arizona area (Rimrock) In Person Awakening The Illuminated Heart workshop

2023-08-19 / private residence

It is time to open our hearts and to Dream the New Dream together!

Come join us Saturday - Tuesday August 19-22 2023
at a private residence in Rimrock, Arizona - 20 miles south of Sedona.

Visit my teacher profile here: https://theschoolofremembering.com/teacher/ViolaRose
For ...


ONLINE Awakening The Illuminated Heart workshop

2023-09-15 / ONLINE

Come join us Friday-Monday Sept 15-18 , 2023
(9am-3:30pm) Pacific time zone PDT
This workshop will be held online through Zoom, and in English language only.
This workshop is limited to 12 people to ensure an intimate, personal and connected experience for all.
Tuition is $350 USD


Myrna Dotti at May 22, 2023

The workshop was PROFOUND!

It is difficult for me to put into words the feelings I have right now after finishing this life-changing experience.

I realized I even started getting the teachings since I sign in the workshop... prior starting it and reading the books.

Getting into the space of my heart, specially the first time was a Unique experience I will always remember, just a basic learning but at the same time so advanced.

Viola is an incredible person... she is very kind, has always answered to our questions, listened to us, being at the same time in a neutral position to give us the teachings directly as Drunvalo has taught them. It's more than highly recommended! I did the Online workshop with Viola :)

Pamela Bilodeau at Mar 02, 2023

Our facilitator, Viola Rose, created a sacred space that was welcoming and safe. It was a joy to arrive there each day. She exudes warmth and has a generous and engaging approach to teaching this material that is often dense and complex. As a practitioner, Viola teaches from a place of knowing and experience. As she is also a sound healer, parts of the workshop included her live use of instruments that augmented recordings to the level of magical. I learned many new skills and gained so many new insights to apply going forward.

Lane Spradlin at Mar 01, 2023

Viola's beautiful home and the space she held was so conducive to the meditations. It was very cozy there. Her live music performance to conclude the healing ceremony was beautiful I get tingles in my scalp thinking about it. She leads you into the meditations at the perfect pace to really feel the energies before you move on to the next step. I'd recommend her to anybody she's amazing

Pamela Rubio at Feb 23, 2023

The class was very informative by an amazing teacher and all classmates were wonderful.

Shelle Crow at Jan 20, 2023

such a great course and dramatic changes immediately

Jeanne Inamuco at Jan 01, 2023

As expected, the experience was and is life-changing. It will be an intrinsic and ongoing part of my life Many thanks to Drunvalo and ViolaRose for offering these teachings.

Frederick E (Fred) Harris at Dec 20, 2022

I feel especially blessed to have participated in this online workshop facilitated by Viola Rose. Her inner presence, vast experience and delightfully generous yet focused teaching style made it easy to become familiar with the course's content. I most appreciate and am very grateful to have been provided this opportunity to explore and begin to master this information and subtle technologies. Thank you.

Lisa Morrissey at Dec 20, 2022

This course was by far the most important information I have ever received and it makes so much sense to me, really resonated. I greatly appreciate the value for money and that the course is made so affordable. Viola, my guide and teacher through the event really made it, she is so knowledgeable and clear in her teaching while being a bundle of joy all the way. I'm hugely grateful for the experience and the very valuable knowledge. It was information I had been seeking and even entering the course never in my wildest dreams imagined the course would be so full. Thank you.

Edith Margaret Gruber at Oct 08, 2022

I really appreciated the personal attention from Violet. She created a great space for our small online group to experience and share throughout the workshop. Highly recommended!

Therese Dietiker at Sep 26, 2022

Thanks a lot it was amazing!!