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Michael Margulis

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Michael Margulis



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L'Éveil du Coeur Illuminé

2023-10-06 / Montreal

Joignez-vous à nous pour cet atelier expérientiel qui est conçu pour élever la conscience en passant du mental au Cœur afin de vous aider à contacter votre véritable identité Divine. Cet atelier vise à ouvrir le cœur et vous permettra de trouver le chemin vers l’Espace Sacré du Cœur af...


Robert Charron at Nov 12, 2019

This course with Michael was totally amazing I highly recommand him for all my friends.

Thank you so much !!

Sylvie Pilon at Oct 19, 2016


Evanthia Gianopoulos at Jun 18, 2015

Michael is a warm and passionate teacher who is able to take high frequency and multidimensional knowledge and transmit it to the group in a very grounded and simple way that can be understood and practiced by just anyone who is ready for a leap in consciousness.


For me was a really blessing in my life , i really was in presence of my heavenly father ( the source ) .

Yuan Wen Cheng at Mar 09, 2015

Amazing, but the healing day was not as I had expected but I learnt from it because it made me realize what I have to work on.

Yuan Wen Cheng at Mar 09, 2015

Amazing workshop, I learnt so much about myself and am thoroughly excited to discover more by going into my tiny space!

Nancie Lepore at Mar 09, 2015

Michael Margulies is a wonderfully gifted and most generous and talented individual and teacher. We are all blessed for having his presence here on earth and having his guidance and instructions and support in the ATIH course is a gift.

I am grateful for having had the opportunity to work with Michael.

Thankful for his teachings

With gratitude and thankfulness and loving kindness

Nancie Lepore

Ruso Llanera at Apr 08, 2014

This knowledge and guidance has lead to a very high quality of meditation and a confirmation of connection to all, for me.

I humbly thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Joelle Hadaya at Apr 07, 2014

Re question #3, I did not watch Dru's video before the workshop.

marcel coulombe at Mar 23, 2014

namaste ! :)