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Susanne Prabhuta


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Dear Hearts,

Welcome to this life changing workshop:

? How to manifest your heart dreams
? Why the subtle physiology in your skull is so important
? How to activate your endocrine system, for joy and bliss
? How to activate the Mer-Ka-Ba, the natural Light Body
? Remembering ancient knowledge before we got lost in our logical brain.
? Understanding ascension
* Experience a definite shift in your life to a new level

Together we can flow through the beautiful and subtle waves of the heart and tap into the creation process. Where science and spirituality meet.

"As you will see in these ascension workshops, love has a power that has long been forgotten. A power so strong that it created the universe that we live and move around in. "It is our heart that contains the original instructions of life, and when our heart is again back in control of our life, Life responds with joy and power".* Drunvalo

Howard Martin of HeartMath shares his experience of being in the sacred space of the heart:
"It is like watching a movie, and my life is on the screen. When I enter the Heart Space, it becomes just light emitting from the projector with colours and movement that take place on the screen. I know when I am there that the things I thought were real are not - that I am the Light and not the movie."

Being in the Heart space changes everything. Your entire perspective changes. The disharmony falls away when you achieve it. It feels familiar, you know this place, like a long forgotten dream that is so real. Then you understand how creation really happens.

I am international teacher of Tibetan Pulsing Healing for over 20 years, running trainings/workshops in Russia and Europe. The ??pulse?? comes from the Tiny Space where all healing happens. In my life journey I have been blessed with over 12 wonderful years in India with Enlightened Master Osho, also with Taoist Tai Chi Master Ni Hau Ching in USA, and later Ratu Bagus, Shaking Bio Energy Master in Bali. In 1980 I trained with Sw. Shantam Dheeraj, creator of Tibetan Pulsing Healing and we went to India and set up the TPH Institute in Osho??s Ashram, in the marble pyramids. Together we created many programmes and I also initiated the very powerful women's work, Taras of the Blue Moon.

In 2000, I returned to the UK and came in contact with Drunvalo??s books and videos. I loved Drunvalo??s scientific approach, the sacred geometry and history of humanity.

My experience of ATIH is life changing and a shift in level, an upgrading and alignment with the ascension. More empowerment in the real world where I am able to stay mostly 24/7 in my heart. Colours are brighter, feelings are powerful, nature even more alive and beautiful. I was immediately drawn to train with Drunvalo in Mexico. It is now my honour and privilege to share this amazing journey where hearts are one.

loving embrace


JANUARY 5th to 8th..............Avebury Social Centre, SN8 1RF

FEBRUARY 2nd to 4th ..........Parimal Retreat Zentrum, Hubenthal, Witzenhausen D37218, Germany

APRIL 27th to 30th .............Avebury Social Centre

JULY 8th............................Heart Day

SEPTEMBER 7th to 10th ......Avebury Social Centre

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Darren Alexander at Jun 03, 2018

This is a truly profound personal journey where Susanne from day 1 to day 4 enabled me to go to places I never knew existed.

alan easter at Jun 01, 2018

Life changing

Piret Rass at May 31, 2018

I loved the calm and peaceful way with which Susanne gave the seminar. It was all clear and I had amazing experiences in the Sacred and Tiny Spaces of the Heart! I definitely recommend this workshop to those who are considering to attend: afterwards, life is going to be very different, at least that is what happened to me!

Ageha Prem (A.M.) Lorentzen at Jan 18, 2018

Excellent facilitation. Susanne is an extremely capable facilitator of extraordinary experience and abilities.

Andy Orchard at Jan 18, 2018

Heart-felt and heart-led, Susanne delivered this workshop wonderfully.

Liz Cowdrey at Jan 08, 2018


Rebecca Pearson at Sep 19, 2017

Susanne is a beautiful soul and held space for everybody over the four days. The information given was informative, and clear and was delivered in a loving and caring way. I would highly recommend Susanne , and the energies of Avebury added to the event were amazing . ????

joseph pritchard at Sep 14, 2017

Fantastic four days. Susanne delivered. Magical location in Avebury.

Dave Orrey at Mar 05, 2017

It was a great 4 days of learning with like minded souls, the practical exercises and meditations were an absolute pleasure and joy to do and created a very nice loving vibration amongst the group. I would highly recommend the course and Susanne who has a really lovely energy and calmness about her.

Chris Lewis at Mar 03, 2017

This course is absolutely amazing, fantastic teaching methods for me, amazing results, way above what I expected. For me the course answered a lot of questions I had and taught me to experience the energy of love. this course gave me a lot of brilliant tools to take home eg: how to calm my busy mind (never been done before with me / many times tried) I cannot praise Susanne enough this also includes other graduates who were incredibly helpful to me. Words cannot describe this experience properly as it was full of wonderful emotions that have moved me forward in life, my heartfelt thanks to all involved love Chris