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My story. A point of view.
There are so many path's one may take to tell a person's life. So this is just one of these stories that run through me.
On my way home, when I was 5 years old I suddenly realized that we, people, did not understand anything that surrounded us. I told my parents: "Why do we call certain things by the specific names? You see a bread or a window and you have a name for it. Who named it? People know the names but forgot the meaning of everything". For me it made perfect sense although I could not express it the way they would understand me.
When I came home I struggled not to forget. But somehow this flash of insight was leaving me and then I told myself "It's better to forget for the time being".
Several years later, I was 9 or 10, I came across Tibetan book of the dead and a book by russian author speaking about human origins from Atlantis and Lemuria. These people were speaking my language.
On my way home from music school I looked at the sky and said out loud that in my lifetime I will be serving light . I had no idea of connotations of what I said, the words sprang out from me.
I lived in my world and my universe and for many years I liked to walk and look at nature, at trees, leaves, at play of light, at all colours in the sky, I was breathing them in and when the first stars appeared in the sky it gave me sense of freedom. Everytime I was searching how to return to this experience and almost every time I had to invent another way to come to this place of spontaneous joy that led me to tears. I had no idea what was happening but somehow these feelings were a guideline in my life. I knew it was most important. For me this reality I was experiencing had sense and purpose. At dusk I watched the forms disappear, the colours deepen and could feel myself expanding, streching further and further. I stayed watching the sky for hours. That was my happyness. I did not have names for what I was feeling, but I started to notice different tastes of what was coming to me. Only many years later I realized that perhaps, that is what they call spiritual experiences.

So to make it short my story led me to many countries meeting wonderful people around the world, touching many traditions. I love eastern philosophies and practicies from these great traditions. I love western world and the mysteries it has to offer us. I traveled to mayan people in Guatemala, Mexico, El Salvador, to hopi in US, to maori and waitaha in New Zealand, Easter Island and Moorea, to shamanic people of Altai in Russia and etc. and I was looking at different views at the same reality we all live in.

I do not believe our journey ever ends and we study continously different expressions of Life. I've studied and practiced many ways of meditation and inner practicies and spent years traveling the world studying everything I was attracted to. Whatever changes we want to make inside and outside of ourselves it needs to come from deep within us which is beyond the reach of our social " I am".

I am also a musician with classical training and a composer. At the moment I am studying and experiencing how the universal laws through imagery, sacred geometry, music shape our inner and outer reality are applied in architecture, music, arts, financial markets, our emotions and our subtle bodies. My aim is to connect imagery, geometry, music and practically apply these universal principles in our daily lives, in transformation of our consciousness.

If you are interested in organizing ATIH workshop in your country/city I am open to travel anywhere in the world and do this workshop for you.
Thank you,
Sincerely, Vladimir

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