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Andrea Geresdi

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Andrea Geresdi


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I believe somewhere in the 1900's I realized I wanted to go back to school to work on myself a little more. I needed a vehicle to fully experience my journey; therefore I was born as Andrea in 1970. I had a great childhood growing up in Hungary with my twin brother.
When I graduated from high school I thought I knew it all... But a near-death experience reminded me that the true learning was just about to begin.
All of the sudden my life had changed. That moment, looking at my body from above in the hospital changed everything. I needed to understand where I was, what part of me was lifted out of my body. Why did I see everything, if I was supposed to be dead? Why did I hear the doctors' conversation if I no longer was alive? Or was I?
I didn't understand how and what had happened, but I had an inner urge to find out. Reading books about near-death experiences still did not give me all the answers, but at least it kept me going. Not long after, I left Hungary and came to the United States, being unaware of the hardship foreign people have to face.
Dealing with building a new life from scratch and later on another detour - nesting a family and 3 years later having my son - was keeping me away from my search and kept my focus on other aspects of my journey for a while. But in every little still moment of my daily life I had the desire to start with my real learning.
As life went on, new paths opened up for me and new opportunities arose - all leading me back to learning and searching for answers. At the beginning I was watching different videos online and read books as my time permitted. Then I stumbled across Drunvalo's teachings and his information moved me very deeply. It was not a question about right or wrong answers anymore; it felt like nothing before. I would find myself watching, reading, and listening to everything that was connected to him for hours at nights. The more I learned from him the more I wanted to know. I went to Sedona for the first time in 2010 and by the end of the first day I knew I had to be back. After the fourth time of different workshops with Drunvalo, I thought everybody had to know about his teachings.
Being the owner of an alternative healing center has been keeping my days full, but I truly believe I have to pass on the knowledge from Drunvalo to others. This is why I decided to complete my teacher training and to help more people to remember who we are.


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