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April Morel


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Hello fellow Space travellers!!
I have travelled around the world in the pursuit of expanding my own knowledge and connecting on a deeper meaningful level with the people and energies of different lands.
I have always had a curious fascination with the occult and with wanting to know the TRUTH!
This question 'the pursuit of truth' has opened many fascinating doors and has sometimes lead me down some weird and wacky rabbit holes!
But wherever life has pointed me in this pursuit, I have endeavoured to the best of my abilities to answer that call and to follow. No matter how deep that rabbit hole seems to go!

It is this pursuit and passion of gaining a better understanding of my-self and of this world that has lead me to have many wonderous Re-awakening and Remembering experiences and has lead me to the work of Drunvalo. It is through Drunvalos work that I have been able to take the next step in expanding and evolving my own consciousness and gain a greater understanding of the Creation process and how creation can create from no-thing, from within the tiny space of the heart,
which lives inside us all.

I feel we truly are SO blessed to be alive right now and experiencing and remembering our interconnected-ness with each other and within the cosmic dream of creation.

Let us continue to spiral and weave ourselves back into the unity consciousness grids of Love, Compassion and Togetherness.
Now is that time. Together we can dream a new dream..

Trainings, lectures and Events I have been honoured to be a part of:

Hyderabad, India - December 2010
Trained in Rebirthing breath-work under Leonard Orr, founder of Rebirthing International

Sydney, Australia - May 2010
Attended the original Flower of Life Workshop (originally created by Drunvalo Melchizedek)

Auckland, New Zealand - November 2011
Attended David Ickes 'The Moon Matrix' lecture/seminar. David Icke Former BBC presenter turned occult researcher, truth/consciousness researcher, author of numerous books, and world wide public speaker

Christchurch, New Zealand 2012
Completion in Crystal Healing Certification with Phyllis Brown,

Perth, Australia - Dec 2011
Attended Michael Tsarions lecture in occult research. He is an author and worldwide lecturer in occult research also creator of 'Architects of Control' dvd.

Takaka, New Zealand - Feb 2012.
Attended Jamie Janover's presentation, ambassador of Nassim Harameins work and his 'Unified Field Theory'

USA - October 2012
Transformational Tours Sacred sites with Jeremy Ball, earth healing pilgrimage including
Mt Shasta, Grand Canyon, Rainbow Bridge, Lake tahoe, Sedona, Hopi mesa

Lake Atitlan, Guatemala - December 2013
Studied at Las Pyramides for a month in occult studies and energy healing.

Awakening the Illuminated Heart Workshop by Drunvalo Melchizedek
Attended workshops in: Sedona, Arizona, USA 2012 / San Juan, Costa Rica 2013

Chapala, Guadalajara, Mexico 2013
Completed Teachers Training for the Awakening the Illuminated Heart Workshop
in Drunvalo Melchizedeks School of Remembering

Lexton, Australia - January 2014
Lectured at Rainbow Serpent Festival in the Lifestyles Village

Chang Mai, Thailand, March 2014
Studied with spiritual teacher and breathetarian Jasmuheen in a 9day Dark room Retreat at
Man Tak Chias Resort in Nthern Thailand.

Koh Panang, Thailand April 2014
Certified 200hr RYT Yoga Teacher training course


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Jill Jardine at Jun 12, 2014

Drunvalo's teachings and the ATIH workshop have made a huge impact on my spiritual experiences. We were so fortunate to have such a nurturing and supportive environment while we explored our spirit and higher levels of consciousness. Thank you to April and Linda for your passion, commitment and beautiful hearts.

David Baillie at Mar 07, 2014

April takes real care to provide a very supportive space and uses many additional teaching props she has made herself to make the learning easier. She is passionate and enthusiastic teacher committed to this subject who knows and studies her material and likes to build personal relationship with her students. I recommend her class above all others because it worked well for me, I am planning to repeat ATIH with her soon and am keen to see her one day bring a super divine feminine workshop called something like \"How To Do is To Be\" to New Zealand with the input from Claudette we have long prepared for.

debbie morel at Mar 03, 2014

This was a truely amazing workshop. I cannot put into words all the wonderful experiences, joy, sadness, laughter, and so so much love that everyone gave freely and openly to assist each other on their spiritual life journey. I feel an unbelievable calm, stillness & so much love inside myself and from others II never knew was possible. I cannot thank our wonderful teacher April enough for all her love, guidance, patience and assistance. Much Love, gratitude, and thanks from my heart goes out to April & all the beautiful enlighten beings on course and throughout the universe.

Diane Lowe at Mar 03, 2014

April was the perfect teacher: non judgmental, able to hold our attention and interest, always patient, loving and kind. I am so grateful to her and I will always hold her dear in my heart for who she is and the information she imparted to us so professionally. Each of us in this workshop felt we had known each other before and that we had a higher purpose in being here together again. Personally, I wanted to realease the blocks that held me back from being who I really am and to have peace in my heart, so I can give love truly from my heart to others in life and in my work. This release happened gently and quietly during the Om healing meditation, where I felt the changes taking place. I have gained priceless knowledge on living in the heart and how I can create my life and help to bring love, peace and harmony to the world. I feel eternally grateful to Drunvalo for bringing this precious knowledge to us.

Stephen Cross at Feb 28, 2014

this information is profound, to be creating consciously from your heart is world altering.While in your tiny space of the heart you are strongly connected to everything and no-thing, what an oppert-UNITY.

john grater at Feb 28, 2014

The process over the 4 days created a very loving space. This really helped build a space that felt safe,and nurturing,facilitating the opening of the heart. April held the space beautifully and made me (and I know some of the others attending) feel welcome and supported.I was very pleased and surprised to hear that this was April's first workshop. This time together with such a lovely group of people was very special and uplifting for me and I look forward to connecting with everyone again.